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Nick Green

Financial crime prevention: Credit provider's cutting-edge approaches

Credit providers understand the critical challenge with the rise of complex financial crimes, from cyber theft to money laundering. Criminals are using advanced technologies—the same ones that make di...

19 Mar 2024
Chris Brown

What Fund Management Boards Need to Know about Cybersecurity

Fund management executives and board directors play a crucial role in helping asset management firms navigate cybersecurity. As the financial, operational and reputational costs of cyber risk continue...

18 Mar 2024
Information Security
Richard White

What benefits could ISO 20022 bring to trade finance?

A continued push for digitisation, transparency and automation in trade finance prompts the question about the impact a migration of Swift messaging from MT to an ISO 20022 standard (MX) would have on...

18 Mar 2024
Innovation in Financial Services
Richard Bennett

Exploring the Global Impact of the 2023 US Banking Crisis

It is around a year since Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic failed, and while its effects were by no means as far reaching as those in the global financial crisis over 15 years a...

18 Mar 2024
Financial Risk Management
Joris Lochy

Safeguarding Finance: The Crucial Role of Sanction Screening

Financial crime continues to be a major issue, undermining the trust and safety of global financial systems. The United Nations estimates that a staggering 2 to 5% of global GDP, or between EUR 715 bi...

18 Mar 2024
Banking Regulations
John Bertrand

By delaying instant payments, if suspicious, be effective?

At UK first Global Fraud Summit, HM Treasury plans to introduce legislation, only to apply to suspicious Authorised Push Payments executed within the UK in sterling. The proposed statutory instrument ...

15 Mar 2024
Innovation in Financial Services
Steve Morgan

How is the EU AI Act Going to Affect Banks’ AI Adoption Ambitions?

As we steam ahead into 2024, while banks experiment with generative AI, they also need to be aware of how regulators will scrutinise how they use AI. Of specific concern is how the impact of the EU’s ...

15 Mar 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Robert Houghton

Three steps to ensure accurate compliance evaluation

Remaining compliant in today’s financial landscape is no easy feat. Every call, message, communication and snippet of information shared between employees, customers and trading partners must be captu...

15 Mar 2024
Financial Services Regulation
Farnoush Mirmoeini

The EU AI Act - What Are The Implications For Banking and Fintech?

Yesterday’s European Parliament's final vote on the AI Act, set to take effect this May, heralds the world's most comprehensive AI legislation. Just Like GDPR, it will have global implications beyond ...

14 Mar 2024
Artificial Intelligence
John Pearce

What are the biggest compliance challenges for payroll professionals?

It should go without saying that the management of sensitive information has, and always will be, central to the roles of payroll professionals. However, in recent years the payroll industry, like alm...

14 Mar 2024
Shahzaib Muhammad Feroz

Understanding Regulatory Frameworks for Trade-Based Money Laundering (TBML) Compliance

Trade-based money laundering (TBML) poses significant risks to the global financial system, requiring robust regulatory frameworks and international standards to combat this illicit activity. Complian...

14 Mar 2024
Joe Rodriguez

How can data analytics impact decision-making in the fintech industry?

Data has become an essential driver for new monetisation initiatives in the fintech industry. Vast amounts of data are collected from customers, transactions, and market movements, among other sources...

13 Mar 2024
Analytics in Banking

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