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Nadja Van Der Veer

Taking a chance on TPPs: a road banks cannot afford to follow

Despite all the new and varying financial players in today’s market, banks still hold a vital position in society. Firstly, they play a huge part in ensuring the stability and the integrity of the fin...

20 Sep 2019
Banking Regulations
Ward Hagenaar

Innovation in the checkout process of physical retail stores has been slow, or not?

Building on the huge success of contactless payments we gradually experience next steps in development of the checkout process. The battle to convert cash into electronic payments enters the final sta...

20 Sep 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Heather Lee

How can compliance keep pace with real-time payments?

As the demands of international businesses for speedier cross-border payments continue to grow, banks are under increased pressure to keep these payments compliant and secure. At the same time, regula...

19 Sep 2019
Paul Shumsky

Top 10 Mobile White-Label Wallet Solution Providers In 2019

In the next few years, strong growth in the Asian mobile wallet industry is expected to be replicated in the US, as consumers come to appreciate the full scope of financial capabilities that mobile wa...

18 Sep 2019
James Stickland

Financial sector granted life-line extension to PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication

Regulators put little trust in the strength of the current payment authentication system and rightly so, as fraud levels have hit an all-time high. In the last year, over 2.6 million UK accounts have ...

17 Sep 2019
Banking Regulations
Saqib Sheikh

A journey towards better, richer, payment data

The global payments industry is changing rapidly as technology and innovation reduce friction and increase the speed at which value moves across borders. In order to keep pace and prepare for the futu...

16 Sep 2019
Iain McDougall

Strong Customer Authentication - a Litmus Test for Europe

For most of the past century, globalisation has been driven by large businesses. The very term multinational conjures the image of a giant corporation whose far flung units touch every corner of the w...

13 Sep 2019
Mikael Sedera

A legacy mindset is your burning platform

For a while we have seen a divide in the banking industry between the new digital challenger banks and incumbent banks, but a sub-divide between the traditional banks is increasingly becoming apparent...

12 Sep 2019
Paul Shumsky

Company-Branded Payroll Wallets Primed To Become A Powerful Employee Experience Portal

Employers are coming to understand that if they want to keep — and retain — the best talent they need to prioritise the experience they offer their employees as much as they do their customers. And ju...

11 Sep 2019
Finextra site news
Bo Harald

Demise of cash speeding up in Finland

A population of 5,5m (and some tourists) produced the following ATM volumes: Million times/billion €s: 2014: 145,1 million times/14,4billion € 2015: 137,1m/13,9bn 2016: 124,3m/13,0bn 2017: 12,1bn€ 201...

11 Sep 2019
Digital Banking Trends
Paul Shumsky

Blockchain Use Cases For Banks In 2020

The bank industry is one of the most attackable fields. It requires high security and there were invented many solutions striving to solve this problem (for example, Microservices). But maybe we are ...

10 Sep 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Richard Ransom

Five Things Banks Need to Keep in Mind While Leveraging APIs for Their Payments System

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in payment processing are gaining traction globally. In addition to open banking, they are now being used end to end in the payment value chain – linking inte...

10 Sep 2019