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Domenico Scaffidi

ISO 20022 Migration: Why Banks Need To Move Fast

SWIFT’s decision to delay migration of cross-border payments to ISO 20022 by 12 months has important strategic implications for the industry. With multiple market infrastructures moving to ISO 20022 o...

11 h
Standards Forum
Felix Kronabetter

Lucky 13 as MPE tackles change on multiple fronts

The 13th edition of Merchant Payment Ecosystem (MPE) had a lucky break, being one of the last large‑scale conferences to take place before the COVID‑19 virus spread in earnest. The show took place fro...

12 h
5G Payments Schemes and Strategies 2020 - 2035
Carlo R.W. De Meijer

Blockchain and European payments: banks in the defensive mode

The European Banking Federation (EBF), the European Association of Co-operative Banks (EACB) and the European Savings and Retail Banking Group (ESBG) point out that the crisis has brought to the fore ...

08 Apr 2020
Blockchain Observations
Eli Taranto

Covid-19 and the rush to Digital banks

Umberto Eco once wrote “Everything is repeated, in a circle. History is a master because it teaches us that it doesn't exist. It's the permutations that matter.” In addition to the effects on the sup...

07 Apr 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Joris Lochy

A frictionless check-out experience, what does that actually mean?

In today’s design of (software) solutions, providing a frictionless user experience is (and should be) a top priority within every organization. While payments have already gone through a major evolut...

06 Apr 2020
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Andy Schmidt

SWIFT’s major announcement slips under the radar

On March 12th, the SWIFT board of directors quietly issued a huge announcement about the future direction of the business. An announcement that is probably the most significant since the business was ...

01 Apr 2020
John Burgos

Overcoming anxiety around mobile payments & digital payments - In the South Asia Pacific

Innovation and technology usually go hand in hand. Therefore, for innovation to be fully realized, the technology that enables the innovation must be adopted as well. During the last 5 years, we hav...

01 Apr 2020
Digital Banking Trends
Richard Warren

Supporting Merchants with PSD2 SCA as the EBA Sticks To the Deadline

In a statement released on 25th March, the European Banking Authority (EBA) has confirmed that, for the moment, the December 31st 2020 enforcement deadline for PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SC...

31 Mar 2020
John Burgos

How to help your customers eliminate the go to the bank from their to-do list

When most people think about the term “Bank” they probably envision a retail branch with long queues, behind a rope waiting to seek the services of a teller or branch representative. Well those days a...

31 Mar 2020
Open Banking
Paul Butterworth

How security in the mPOS game is changing

Just over ten years ago, in 2009, Jack Dorsey of Twitter fame launched Square, changing the PoS industry as it existed. Square used a simple magnetic-stripe card-reading dongle that plugged into the ...

30 Mar 2020
Uri Rivner

Social distancing changes our digital behaviors

As the Coronavirus outbreak spreads globally, users are beginning to change their digital behaviors. One emerging trend, not surprisingly, is an increase in the use of Remote Access. Criminals conside...

26 Mar 2020
Online Banking
Barbara Matthews

Digital Dollar and Stablecoin Policy Moves Forward

Throughout the week, steady low level activity has been visible regarding digital currencies globally. It's only Tuesday, but the cross-border public policy arena has suddenly become much more welcom...

25 Mar 2020
Digital Asset Class (DAC)