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Vivek Dubey

The New FinTech Galaxy and Role of Embedded Finance

Inventing new concepts, ideas, technologies and utilizing them to an extent that has not been thought of earlier is the way forward. Embedded Finance is one example of human intelligence which has giv...

10 Apr 2021
Embedded Finance
Konstantin Rabin

Visa will support crypto transactions

The year 2020 has shown that many changes in the financial market are having the spillover effect and influence other industries as well. The fact that the popularity of bitcoins or other cryptocurren...

08 Apr 2021
Cyril Lalo


Although 2021 is just over three months old, we are getting data about payment card fraud in 2020 and it suggests some interesting trends. For example, the number of credit cards for sale on the da

06 Apr 2021
Dynamic Card Security Code, CNP & eCommerce Forum
Vivek Dubey

Top FinTech Companies that are redefining the Payment Domain

The financial community of the world has traversed into an era of electronic transactions. It is estimated that only about 8% of the world’s currencies exist in physical form, the rest is stored as di...

02 Apr 2021
Gabe McGloin

Dispute Management Mindset: Changing the disputes game

Merchants and sellers have considered disputes as part of doing business ever since chargebacks first came into being. Chargebacks, however, are no small inconvenience, and they can cost businesses an...

01 Apr 2021
Simon Wilson

Who are banks competing against in payments now?

For several decades, incumbent banks have held a comfortable leadership position in payments. But the rapid growth of digital payments has signalled opportunity for new market entrants to attack this ...

01 Apr 2021
Marten Nelson

Payments modernization before CBDC

Mainstream, tech, and fintech media is bubbling with central bank digital currency (CBDC) chatter. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is performing excellent research on the topic. They’re ...

30 Mar 2021
Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services
Ivan Soto-Wright

How cryptocurrency is democratising our financial system

In 2021 roughly a third of the entire global adult population remains unbanked — an estimated 1.7 billion people that have been left behind by the shortcomings of an outdated, inadequate, and ineffici...

26 Mar 2021
Cryptocurrency Insights
Sean Salloux

How APIs Are Driving Change and Creating Opportunities in Financial Services

APIs allow access to siloed data so businesses can offer personalized services to clients Financial services are evolving fast. According to recent research, 42 per cent of UK adults now use at least...

26 Mar 2021
Tom Greenwood

Short-term gain for Visa and Mastercard creates a silver lining for Open Banking

Whatever side you were on in the Brexit debate, it’s hard to imagine any merchant welcoming reports of the card schemes quintupling fees for cross-border payments between the UK and EU. No longer cons...

26 Mar 2021
Open Banking
Conchur Gill

FinTechs must spend investor funds wisely and choose the right strategic approach for growth

Investment in FinTechs is at record levels and they must scale in an ever complex and competitive marketplace Investment in FinTech businesses has been reaching new heights on a consistent basis for s...

24 Mar 2021
Yuliya Barabash

Experiences and Business Prospects for Fintech Projects in South East Asia

South East Asia has seen a Fintech boom and immense growth since 2016 but this market is still considered underpenetrated, and the reason is obvious: a limited availability of financial services creat...

23 Mar 2021
Fintech innovation and startups