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Heloise Walters

Top 3 Cyber Risks for Banking & Financial Services in 2021

Financial institutions are some of the most heavily targeted organizations by cyber criminals, and it’s easy to see why; financial institutions have the most to lose. Reputation is king in financial i...

09 Apr 2021
Information Security
Pooja Golakonda

Safety nets on the Cloud Highway

Safety nets on the Cloud Highway Whatever could be the reason, worldwide cloud enabled banking transformations has picked pace at an unprecedented speed. Evidence is everywhere like the raise of Opex ...

31 Mar 2021
Chris Ibbitson

UK Financial Services - Cyber Stress Test

On Friday the Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee (FPC) published their latest policy summary and record. As part of the summary, they shared an update on the plans for the next “cyber stre...

30 Mar 2021
René Hendrikse

Why the Zoom cat filter raises banking security questions

Since the onset of pandemic, digital tools have been a means of survival across many industries. Remote working, distance learning, online shopping, virtual GP appointments, and even digital court hea...

25 Mar 2021
Digital Identity Management
Victor Martin

How DevOps & Cloud Technology Ensures Mobile Fintech Apps Security?

According to several leading types of research, mobile banking users are continuously growing in number, and fintech apps are more frequently relied upon for investment decisions than ever before. As ...

22 Mar 2021
Steve Cook

Biometric liveness detection for digital onboarding and authentication

Today, there is key requirement for remote digital onboarding and authentication practices, and that is biometric liveness detection. Biometrics provide a secure method for matching a person's face, v...

11 Mar 2021
Baldeep Dogra

Artificial intelligence: better user experience and security for the financial sector

For over 50 years, a password and a username have been the fundamental and largely unchanged model for identifying and verifying users - both in the financial sector and beyond. Nevertheless, there ar...

10 Mar 2021
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Justin Pike

Payments in 2021 and beyond: Innovating in the new normal and why you should care about security

A quick Google search on the global payments landscape will serve up a myriad of articles ranging from how Covid has accelerated the adoption of contactless and the rise of digital technologies, but a...

23 Feb 2021
Tamas Kadar

How are crypto and blockchain being utilised in the gaming sector?

Bitcoin went mainstream in the last four years, and with it, many online casinos began to accept cryptocurrencies. The key advantage of blockchain technology being used in the online betting, gambling...

22 Feb 2021
Yaroslav Kuflinski

A Guide to Securing Enterprise Document Management Solutions

As paper documents continually become scarcer in the enterprise environment, willingness to trust digital document management solutions (DMS) is gradually overcoming security fears. However, while it’...

21 Feb 2021
Business Knowledge for IT
Heloise Walters

8 Tips for Reporting Cyber Metrics to the Board

As companies undertake their digital transformation, the risks in terms of cybersecurity are constantly increasing. As cybersecurity can be a very technical field, one may wonder – how should reportin...

17 Feb 2021
Information Security
Justin Pike

Software-based payment solutions will enter a boom, but a lack of security could tarnish the sector

Digital commerce will increase, and so will fraud In 2020 we saw many firsts, which affected every person on the planet. ‘Lockdown’ became part of our everyday language and as we acclimatised to being...

10 Feb 2021