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Paul Butterworth

How security in the mPOS game is changing

Just over ten years ago, in 2009, Jack Dorsey of Twitter fame launched Square, changing the PoS industry as it existed. Square used a simple magnetic-stripe card-reading dongle that plugged into the ...

30 Mar 2020
Konstantin Rabin

Why even use 2FA if we have a fingerprint ID?

The 21st century is the era of technological advancement and the dramatic digital transformation in almost every industry. An increasing number of people demand services online due to their efficiency...

24 Mar 2020
Robert Siciliano

Covid-19 Remote Desktop Has Significant Risks

Are you newly working from home? Or are you an old pro? Either way, it is likely you are using some form of remote desktop protocol. Those of us who have been working home as our primary means of earn...

24 Mar 2020
Scott Cutler

Putting a price on protection: the importance of cyber insurance

For almost as long as businesses have been subject to risk, some form of insurance has existed to mitigate their exposure. The first recorded commercial insurance policies date back to Babylonian tim...

23 Mar 2020
Information Security
Paul Hampton

Securing customer data in a digital world filled with threats

On New Year’s Eve 2019, hackers struck foreign exchange giant Travelex and held them to ransom. The London headquartered firm with a presence in more than 70 countries, were forced to take down all it...

10 Mar 2020
Information Security
Robert Siciliano

How to Prevent your Devices From Spying on You

You might not realize it, but your electronic devices may be tracking you. They know what you are doing, what you are reading, and the things you like to do. In almost every case, you give these devic...

27 Feb 2020
Joris Lochy

Digital signature - There is no such thing as THE digital signature

In the current digital world, we are continuously digitally transacting with companies all over the world. Each transaction leaves a digital trace, allowing the company (in case of litigation) to prov...

24 Feb 2020
Digital Identity Management
Robert Siciliano

What is Synthetic Identity Theft?

Identity theft is when a person steals another person’s private and personal information, generally to make money from it. You probably already knew this, but have you heard of synthetic identity thef...

20 Feb 2020
Paul Shumsky

Advancing Mobile Banking Security With GPS

Mobile-based fintech solutions are becoming the first port of call for many financial services, as people embrace the simplicity, cost-effectiveness and speed of mobile payments. Milennials and Gen-Ze...

18 Feb 2020
Kevin O'Neill

What does 2020 hold for Asset Management and Asset Servicing?

Looking ahead into 2020 we can expect to see continued geopolitical uncertainty, fee pressures, increasing regulatory demands and market volatility. The regulatory burden for Asset Managers and Asset ...

04 Feb 2020
Trends in Financial Services
Vivek Anand Jeyaraj

Security 2020 - Fixing the link that risks breaking the chain

In 2015, two hackers, albeit in a controlled environment, hacked into a Jeep Cherokee through the entertainment system and disabled the transmission. This led to a recall of over 1.4 million vehicles ...

31 Jan 2020
Information Security
James Stickland

Harnessing Behavioural Biometrics

According to UK Finance, over two-thirds of British adults now use online banking, and 48% use mobile banking. This means financial institutions are under pressure to implement the latest identity ver...

30 Jan 2020