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Rodrigo Zepeda

The ‘Bitcoin (Crypto) ETF’ Primer Series: PART II

By Rodrigo Zepeda, CEO, Storm-7 Consulting CRYPTO MARKET DEVELOPMENTS IN EUROPE AND THE UNITED STATES In Part I of this Blog Series, readers were introduced to underlying financial market fundamentals...

3 h
Cryptocurrency Insights
Yulia Gavrilova

The Impact of Fintech Revolution on Banking

Banks play a crucial role in the financial system, so it’s necessary to timely assess the risks and opportunities that Fintech solutions actually represent for them. The Fintech revolution is often s...

4 h
Rodrigo Zepeda

The ‘Bitcoin (Crypto) ETF’ Primer Series: PART I

By Rodrigo Zepeda, CEO, Storm-7 Consulting INTRODUCTION In recent years, terms such as ‘Crypto ETF’, ‘Bitcoin ETF’, ‘Bitcoin futures ETF’, and ‘Bitcoin spot ETF’, seem to have been widely featured in ...

28 Jun 2022
Cryptocurrency Insights
Konstantin Rabin

Does Crypto Put In Danger The Global Payment Systems?

Fast and simple payments are only two of the many advantages that crypto assets provide. Financial services that are cutting-edge in nature, access to previously "unbanked" regions of the gl...

23 Jun 2022
Arka Roy

The Top 5 Development Tips for Building a Metaverse

All eyes are glued toward the metaverse and its revolutionary uses. But, what are the creators thinking when developing one? The metaverse community is growing at a frantic pace. Market forecasts have...

23 Jun 2022
Blockchain Geek
Chris Harmse

Saving Money And Time With Crypto-Powered Global Payments

What's behind the boom in crypto payments? When it comes to cryptocurrencies, mainstream media and commentators seem to be fixated on the value of bitcoin, whether it’s soaring - or indeed slumping as...

08 Jun 2022
Cryptocurrency Insights
Carlo R.W. De Meijer

Unstable stable coins: how to regulate?

The crypto market was shocked by the sudden collapse of the third largest stablecoin TerraUSD early May. Long-time isolated from the falls in crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, stablecoins were d...

07 Jun 2022
Blockchain Observations
Mike Castiglione

Heading into Crypto Policy Summer

Market downturns are typically times when lawmakers and regulators focus their attention on novel or opaque financial instruments. Recent turbulence in crypto markets following a period of spectacular...

07 Jun 2022
Cryptocurrency Insights
Pavlo Farb

Application security in cryptocurrency ecosystem

You can often hear from me and my colleagues security engineers about the defense in depth approach to protecting the user data. Does this mean putting as many tools and security controls in your code...

07 Jun 2022
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Blockchain Loyalty Programs - Sizzling Or Fizzling?

I’ve been asked many times to share my take on the latest status of Rakuten Coin, an altcoin that I wrote about in How Blockchain Can Crack The Holy Grail Of Loyalty Programs four years ago. That is n...

06 Jun 2022
Ruslan Kolodyazhnyi

Why do institutions need to incorporate DeFi into their financial products?

Despite the collapse of the cryptocurrency market at the end of May 2022, DeFi services continue to be in demand among users in the long run. Financial institutions and banks need to prepare for the g...

02 Jun 2022
Paul Marcantonio

Why are crypto payments becoming so popular in the private aviation industry?

Despite cryptocurrencies surging in popularity in recent years, even the most vocal Bitcoin advocate would have to concede that few people regularly use their digital coins to purchase goods and servi...

31 May 2022

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