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Chris Principe

Sibos – the Olympics of Banking

Sibos – the Olympics of Banking For over four decades, SWIFT's Sibos event has been the premier annual gathering for the global financial industry. Sibos provides a platform for banks, financial insti...

19 h
SWIFT Matters
Janine Grainger

“Crypto is for everyone…” - but is it really?

We intrinsically know that crypto investment and participation should be for everyone, but just how realistic is this? Crypto has been positioned as a groundbreaking financial innovation, promising...

19 Sep 2023
Konstantin Rabin

The Essential Crypto Tools Every B2B Business Should Have

The realm of digital currencies has experienced significant growth in recent times, extending beyond individual investors. B2B enterprises are progressively acknowledging the possibilities that crypto...

15 Sep 2023
Angelina Smolko

Cryptocurrency Benefits for Businesses

The financial realm has witnessed groundbreaking changes in recent decades, primarily fueled by technological advancements. Amidst these evolutions, one innovation stands out prominently: cryptocurren...

12 Sep 2023
Konstantin Rabin

Tokenization of Business Assets: How Crypto Exchanges Enable Fractional Ownership and Liquidity

In the rapidly evolving landscape of finance and technology, a transformative concept has emerged, one that carries the potential to reshape the way businesses raise capital, manage assets, and partic...

07 Sep 2023
Amy Lane

Fraudulent chargebacks - a major problem for businesses

Chargebacks are a common issue, especially in the banking sector. It happens when any purchase or payment gets reversed, and the customers get their amount back because of the initiated dispute with t...

06 Sep 2023
Janine Grainger

Could your bitcoin soon be as green as your dollar bill?

Given a societal shift towards more sustainable business practices in recent years, the environmental impact of crypto - in particular Bitcoin - has sparked intense debates. Critics often point out th...

05 Sep 2023
Amy Lane

Bitcoin is more than just an investment

Despite being one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is often criticized for “not having any real-life use cases.” Well, nothing can be far from the truth. Millions of people are already us...

01 Sep 2023
Carlo R.W. De Meijer

BlackRock spot Bitcoin ETF application: a rocky way towards approval

BlackRock, the world largest asset manager, last June has applied at the SEC for a spot Bitcoin ETF for its American clients. According to Blackrock there is still large interest of their clients to h...

31 Aug 2023
Blockchain Observations
Konstantin Rabin

Cryptocurrency Taxation: Navigating Complexities for Businesses

In the rapidly evolving realm of cryptocurrencies, businesses are confronting a new frontier of challenges: taxation. As digital currencies gain traction, governments around the world are striving to ...

22 Aug 2023
Janine Grainger

There's a (crypto) solution for that!

In a world where technological advancements continually reshape the way we live, it's no surprise that traditional financial systems are starting to show their wrinkles. But what if I told you that ma...

20 Aug 2023
Konstantin Rabin

Indian crypto industry and top 10 crypto trading apps in India 2023-24

It might be difficult to completely understand the concept of cryptocurrencies in many ways. This becomes much more clear if you are new to trading cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is imperative that y...

18 Aug 2023

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