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Guy Melamed

How to Build an Institutional-Grade Digital Asset Exchange

Technology innovation has enabled the growth of digital asset classes. The tokenization of traditional and crypto trading was just the beginning. Everything is tradeable and tokenized now: Carbon cred...

7 h
Mahesh Pawal

From Chaos to Consistency: Unlocking the Potential of Digital Payments

"The only thing worse than no payment system is having too many payment systems." - David Marcus, Head of Facebook Financial Welcome to the world of digital payments, where transactions ar

22 h
Banking and Lending Solutions
Charles X

NFT Marketplace Development: Challenges and Solutions!

The NFT market has seen humongous growth in the last few months as people have realized the true potential of these tokens apart from their speculatory nature. Entrepreneurs have started seriously con...

25 Mar 2023
Crypto, DeFi & NFT Updates
Last Feremenga

ChatGPT and its successors still need a helping hand

Last November ChatGPT, a chatbot developed by the research lab OpenAI, reached the million-subscriber mark just a week after its launch. I could not resist the allure and signed up. When I asked the b...

24 Mar 2023
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Vall Hèrard

The illusion of explainability in machine learning models

In a global report issued by S&P, 95% of enterprises across various industries said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption is an important part of their digital transformation journey. We’re ...

24 Mar 2023
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Benny Boye Johansen

API Quality is more than meets the eye

As Saxo is working to create the vision for our next version of OpenAPI, we are looking for many sources of inspiration as to what needs to get improved. One initiative is a collaboration with the Dep...

24 Mar 2023
Open Banking
Arjeh Van Oijen

Is ‘Low Code’ the Secret to Payments Transformation?

It’s a transformative time for the payments industry. The development of innovative payments methods and technology has changed marketplace dynamics, pushing new players into the spotlight and shiftin...

24 Mar 2023
Mayank Sharma

Towards Purpose led Experiences — A Critical Role of Digital Accessibility in BFSI Sector

It’s like any other day for John. He is sitting in his living room, sipping that morning coffee, when his phone announces a notification “you’ve a new email from Kiti Bank”. Curiously, he asks the vo

24 Mar 2023
Marketing in Financial Services
Preeti Mishra

Hyper-personalization: A Holy Grail to Success in Wealth Management

The changing contours of the wealth management industry The wealth management industry is in the middle of a transformation. Contributing factors include the ever-growing expectations of a new genera...

23 Mar 2023
Finextra site news
Steve Sabin

Beyond compliance: the long-term meaning of ESG for lenders

As regulatory requirements for corporate responsibility, environmental, social and governance (ESG) continue to take shape around the world, commercial lenders are now turning their attention to the m...

23 Mar 2023
Banking and Lending Solutions
Nick Green

3 Emerging Data Challenges in Credit Management (According to McKinsey)

In recent years, financial institutions have increased their adoption of data and new technologies to manage credit portfolios. In fact, McKinsey’s recent survey of financial institutions says there ...

23 Mar 2023
Financial Risk Management
Nadeem Shamim

Why is it critical to have a robust intraday liquidity management system coupled with stress testing

It’s been a topic of discussion lately whether banks are conducting adequate stress tests on their liquidity, particularly when it comes to intraday liquidity. Many banks see these tests as a regulato...

23 Mar 2023
Treasury Management

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