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Rishi Chauhan

Customer and industry led approach to Open Finance

The Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and Open Banking regulations in the UK required financial institutions, on their customers’ request, to share their customer’s payment account data with th...

07 Aug 2020
John Bertrand

Addressing Payment Fraud and Bank Accounts in the new COVID 19 world

UKFinance reported fraud grew 28% in 2019 to £456 million with Faster Payments, 73% of that total, growing at 33%. UKFinance noted 76% of the fraud comes from the internet and the banking industry cov...

07 Aug 2020
UK Faster Payments
Barley Laing

eIDV essential as pandemic drives digitalisation

The world was already speeding into the digital age before Covid-19. However, the pandemic has supercharged the process prompting financial services companies to improve engagement with their customer...

07 Aug 2020
Digital Identity Management
Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier

How to stay future fit: Beyond survival

As the world emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown, enterprises of all sizes are exploring ways to stay resilient, adjusting their business strategies and operating models to achieve success within the ‘...

07 Aug 2020
Mark Gibson

How to overcome post-merger integration challenges

Mergers and acquisitions hold promise for owners and investors of combinatorial synergies to reduce costs, increase profit, extend market and product coverage, as well as accelerate innovation. Global...

06 Aug 2020
Shirish Netke

PPP - A Lifeline and Industry Threat ?

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) offers a case study in government activism. It’s vital: At a time when the economy is reeling from a global pandemic, PPP is designed to support a variety of busi...

06 Aug 2020
Banking Regulations
Matt Smith

Why Monitoring News to Detect Insider Trading is Now Essential

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, global regulators are warning financial services firms that they may need to enhance their trade surveillance activities to ensure they detect potential financial c...

06 Aug 2020
Financial Services Regulation
Konstantin Rabin

Russia bans cash deposits to anonymous online wallets

Illegal financial activities are some of the most common issues the governments of different countries have to face and that is why there are more and more new ways and methods of dealing with this is...

06 Aug 2020
Financial Inclusion
Andrew Beatty

Time to Take Your Shot - There’s a Revolution in Banking

“Every generation needs a new revolution,” Thomas Jefferson Digital banks are popping up everywhere. Many of these upstarts are the offspring of grown-up banks that may be careworn and lacking in a

06 Aug 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Alex Golbin

Vendor Assessments Meet Location Risk

As global supply chains become increasingly complex, it is more important than ever to incorporate location risk into your vendor risk assessment process. From the outset, it is critical to define ris...

06 Aug 2020
Kirston Winters

IBOR transition update: EuroSTR grabs a foothold?

In the latest development in the IBOR transition, on the weekend of July 25th, we saw the major CCPs perform the much-anticipated Euro discounting and price alignment transition from using EONIA to Eu...

06 Aug 2020
Financial Services Regulation
Eugene Rudenko

How Should Alternative Lenders Combat Emerging Forms of Fraud?

Among the lending firms that fall victim to hacker attacks, mid-large ones surprisingly become the primary targets. LexisNexis reports that only last year, 2,000 mid-large financial services firms and...

06 Aug 2020
Trends in Financial Services