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Priya Raj

Accelerate innovations and deployments by building your apps in a cloud-native environment

To keep up with tech-savvy competitors, accelerate business growth, and gain competitive advantage; forward-thinking enterprises are embracing modern deployment approaches like microservices, serverle...

20 Jan 2021
Business Knowledge for IT
Scott Cutler

Why cloud might not be a simple solution for your Financial Services business

As businesses scrambled to enable more flexible and remote working environments, embracing digital capabilities has become essential for all in 2020. The corporate world has been working around the cl...

18 Jan 2021
Information Security
Colin Fernandes

Thinking differently around fintech applications - looking at containers and serverless

Today, you need to know what’s happening in your business in real-time. Faced with pressure from legislation and the emergence of new digital ecosystems and partnerships, traditional banking incumbent...

14 Jan 2021
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Matthew Swendsen

Ready. Set. Accelerate: Health Insurers Look to the Cloud for Digital Inspiration

MP3 Players. Smart Phones. Social Media. These technologies have become so ubiquitous to our daily routine that it’s hard to remember life before them. Yet, all were introduced within the last 20 year...

13 Jan 2021
Digital Insurance Trends
Elliott Limb

2021 Fintech Predictions

A return to relationship banking The move away from customer-centric banking was so gradual that we barely noticed it. There was a time when having a personal relationship with your local branch mana...

08 Jan 2021
Innovation in Financial Services
James Tomaney

Payment Solution Architectures For The Post-Pandemic World

The surge in electronic transaction volumes in 2020 was driven by the switch to contactless card payments and the increase in e-commerce, triggered by the behavioural changes of consumers faced with t...

07 Jan 2021
The Payments Business
Paul Farrington

Banks are improving application security, so what’s next?

December is often a reflective month, when organisations take stock of what’s been achieved over the past year and outline their ambitions for the year ahead. It’s obvious that 2020 has been a year li...

21 Dec 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Laurent Descout

Reflections on Treasury in 2020

As we round off what has been a challenging and turbulent year, it is important to look back at the treasury industry changes that we experienced and the lessons and outcomes that we have learned. In ...

21 Dec 2020
Treasury Management
Richard Price

Twice as good. How digital twinning delivers for banks

Institutions from across the banking sector are turning to digital twinning to help them with a range of challenges. A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real-life entity or system, created...

16 Dec 2020
Keith Stonell

Lloyd’s of London Blueprint Two claims to show the way

At the beginning of the pandemic, there were perhaps few institutions that looked less well equipped to function under social distancing than Lloyd’s of London. Synonymous with antiquated practices an...

15 Dec 2020
Digital Insurance Trends
James Tomaney

Reliability, Scalability and Availability - The Architectural Pillars Of Payments Solutions

"In 2008 the hubris of the financial sector that we serve finally caught up with itself. Mountains of consumer debt that had been packaged, re-sold and deferred turned out to be unserviceable an...

14 Dec 2020
Banking Architecture
Darragh Pelly

How financial services companies can become change makers

Change is the only constant in the financial services sector. This has long been the case; however, the coronavirus crisis has put it on a level like nothing else we have ever seen before. The impli...

11 Dec 2020
Financial Services Regulation