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Alex Kreger

Digital Banking Customer Experience Trends Humanize the Industry

Many customers are used to seeing the banking industry as soulless, focused only on making a profit. However, inspired by new technological opportunities, financial companies have made significant pr...

16 Nov 2021
Digital Banking Trends
Salabh Kumar

About AWS Dev-Ops setup and practices

AWS provides a set of flexible services designed to enable organizations to build and deliver products faster and more reliably by implementing DevOps practices. These services simplify provisioning a...

08 Nov 2021
Fintech World
Leigh Brackley

Scaling DevOps and delivery with a platform

One of the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the increased urgency with which firms approach digital transformation. These initiatives aim to improve customer satisfaction, retention and acqui...

29 Oct 2021
Innovation in Financial Services
Ravi Vasantraj

NextOps or Out: Building the New Paradigm of Operating Models

Long before COVID-19, disruptive technologies had already made significant inroads into traditional enterprises, compelling them to evolve their operating models for the digital age. The pandemic only...

26 Oct 2021
Alex Kreger

How Human Values Implementation Can Improve Customer Experience in Financial Services

There are millions of digital products around us, but most of them do not have their own face, and have no story, all of which makes them boring and confusing. How can we change this situation? Unfort...

20 Oct 2021
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Sergei Artimenia

Project delivery: missed deadlines and what to do about it.

You've probably also come across a situation where you have everything you need to implement a project. However, you fail to deliver quality and timely software deliveries from sprint to sprint. Here'...

08 Oct 2021
IT Metrics
Alejandro Gutierrez

Asset-Backed Lending; The Future of Yield Farming

With the explosion of complex yield farming products, which move the risk to the next link in the chain, how can yield farmers prepare for a new harvesting season? DeFi asset-backed lending is the ans...

07 Oct 2021
Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services
Alejandro Gutierrez

Traditional lending is broken and a “quick fix” won’t do it for SMEs

According to the World Trade Organization, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent over 90% of the business population, 60–70% of employment and 55% of GDP in developed economies. Despit...

02 Oct 2021
Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services
A Finextra Member

Avoiding tech burnout from big transformations

Many companies take the ‘big bang approach’ to transformation and more often than not it fails. It also puts incredible pressure on tech teams and can lead to developer burn out in the long run. Ther...

20 Sep 2021
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
David Collins

It’s Only Cloud Computing (but I like it)

A rolling stone gathers no moss, and a half-hearted move to the cloud delivers no value; it can even increase costs. Moving to the cloud provides a catalyst for change and enables new possibilities in...

15 Sep 2021
Big Data
Terry Boyland

How Can FinTech Transform Investment Banking

The traditional investment banking industry has had a hard time adapting legacy technology – but as the digital revolution continues to sweep across finance, the time for transformation has come. FinT...

08 Sep 2021
Bhavesh Parmar

Examples of the use of big data in business

Contrary to what many might think, SMEs have an advantage over large companies which is their reactivity. Because of the simplified flow of information, which is both fast and flexible, it is actually...

25 Aug 2021
Big Data