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Guy Melamed

Fusing Market Infrastructure Technology: Exploring The ‘Buy, Build And Integrate’ Approach

Change is afoot when it comes to market infrastructure technology. The old arguments over “buy vs build” have been relegated. Instead, firms are touting a “buy, build and integrate” approach, combinin...

08 Feb 2024
Capital Markets Technology
Santosh Radhakrishnan

No 5. The Challenges of Core Banking Replacement

As we highlighted in the Evolution of Banking, the technology landscape has evolved over time. Each change has brought new capabilities that were not possible with previous versions. At the same time,...

05 Feb 2024
Banking Architecture
Alex Kreger

SME Banking: Customer-Centric Approach to Design the Next-Gen Service

SME owners often face the challenge of adapting business strategy to a highly dynamic environment while simultaneously managing day-to-day financial operations. It's like Formula 1 racers, where only ...

29 Jan 2024
Innovation in Financial Services
Rahul Kambli

AI Unlocks Primary Bond Market Opportunities for Asset Management Firms

For asset management firms investing in the primary market for corporate bonds, achieving a complete, real-time view of new deals coming to market and changes to deal terms is key to efficient credit ...

25 Jan 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Duncan Kreeger

Unlocking Business Potential: Navigating AI Integration

A few months ago, I asked my team, do you use AI? Once I had helped them to understand that I saw AI as a facilitator, not a shortcut, I was pleased to learn that almost everyone was using AI for some...

17 Jan 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Adam Lieberman

Which Gen AI use cases are emerging as the most popular?

Generative AI made a huge impact in 2023 – with the majority of financial services recognizing its potential to offer wide-ranging benefits and moving quickly to start exploring its implementation wit...

04 Jan 2024
Artificial Intelligence
Alex Kreger

Five Ways to Improve Customer Experience in Financial Services in 2024

According to Fenergo estimates “poor customer experience” is costing financial institutions $10 billion in revenue per year. 36% of financial institutions have lost customers due to inefficient or slo...

04 Jan 2024
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Steve Morgan

Generative AI in Banking: Future Promise or Present Hype?

The transformative potential of generative AI for the banking sector was a subject we keenly explored earlier in the year. With the whirlwind advancements in the technology sector, six months can feel...

12 Dec 2023
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Sameer Dubey

A look at the current state of BaaS: Opportunities for innovative banking infrastructure

Banking as a Service (BaaS) has changed the way banking products are built and offered. Consumers want to be able to access financial products when and where they need them, and BaaS platforms enable ...

01 Dec 2023
Rahul Kambli

A black-and-white solution to getting the most out of the grey market

Leading asset managers are working to develop technology solutions to help them overcome key challenges in primary markets for bonds to win more allocations and keep pace with automation deployed by s...

30 Nov 2023
Victor Martin

How Your Brand Can Benefit From The Metaverse

This innovative environment mirrors a virtual world where users seamlessly work, attend events, and acquire virtual items. It leverages cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmente...

30 Nov 2023
Business Knowledge for IT
Konrad Litwin

Struggling with compliance? Here’s how compliance-as-code (CaC) makes it easier to keep up with regu

PCI DSS, GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, the EU Cybersecurity Strategy and Cybersecurity Act, the recently revised Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS2)… the list of regulations that apply to financi...

21 Nov 2023

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