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Joris Lochy

Product Manager @ Monizze | Co-founder @ Capilever at Monizze | Capilever
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Bio Monizze is a young and dynamic Fintech in the payments space, more specifically it provides gift, eco and meal voucher one one card. I am responsible for: - Support the definition of the functional product roadmap - Support to the marketing and sales team - Business analysis for implementations of solutions - Working out new ideas and concepts Career History Active in the financial services industry, since 2003: - 8 years at Accenture - 3 years at CSC - 3 years at Deutsche Bank - 3.5 years at The Glue


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Calculation engines in Financial Services - A key differentiator in the business strategy

22 Feb 2021

All business processes in the banking industry contain quite some specific business logic. Rather than coding this aggregated in one business application, it is wise to setup separate components for this logic. These components we will refer to as financial engines in this blog. Usually these engines can be quite easily isolated, as they receive a...

Innovation in Financial Services

Gamification - A good idea for a serious topic like financial services?

17 Feb 2021

In today’s world, companies need to fight hard for consumer’s time and attention. For financial service companies this is no different. As financial services are often perceived as boring and complex, many banks and insurers have difficulties to engage with their customers (especially now that contacts have become more and more digital). Obviously...

Trends in Financial Services

Universal trends - Common over all industries?

27 Jan 2021

The last few years I have done quite some market studies for potential new business ideas, mainly in the Fintech, banking and insurance industry, but also in the IT, FoodTech, horeca and mobility sector. Such an exercise typically starts with identifying the trends in the market, i.e. how the market is evolving, as this is key to ensure your busine...

Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Can the digitalization of money provide more innovative monetary tools to governments?

18 Jan 2021

Due to the Covid crisis, we have arrived in a major global recession. Not only were there the enormous impacts on the economy of the (semi) lock-downs, but consumption dropped also enormously as consumers are worried of getting infected while shopping, don’t like the shopping experience due to the different sanitary measures or they prefer to incr...

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