Joris Lochy

Joris Lochy

Product Manager at Monizze
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Bio Monizze is a young and dynamic Fintech in the payments space, more specifically it provides gift, eco and meal voucher one one card. I am responsible for: - Support the definition of the functional product roadmap - Support to the marketing and sales team - Business analysis for implementations of solutions - Working out new ideas and concepts Career History Active in the financial services industry, since 2003: - 8 years at Accenture - 3 years at CSC - 3 years at Deutsche Bank - 3.5 years at The Glue


Banking Architecture

Abstraction in Financial IT - How far can and should we go?

06 Nov 2019

Abstraction is a fundamental concept in software engineering. An abstraction is a simplified version of something technical (with unwanted details omitted), which allows to hide away complexity via a simpler "interface" and is the main tool of a software engineer to cope with the ever-increasing complexity. Normally every programmer/user...

Innovation in Financial Services

IoT - Revolution or Evolution in the Financial Services Industry

22 Oct 2019

1. The IoT hype We have all heard about the "Internet of Things" (IoT) as this revolutionary new technology, which will radically change our lives. But is it really such a revolution and will it really have an impact on the Financial Services Industry? To refresh our memory, the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to any object, which is able...

Banking Architecture

Microservices - Yet another buzzword or a real innovation for the Financial Services Industry

07 Oct 2019

1. Introduction Microservices are the new hot trend in the application architecture landscape. Like SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and cloud a few years ago, "microservices" is the buzzword used by marketeers to position their solution as cutting-edge technology. The concept of microservices is however not new. Leading technology co...

The future of Payments in Europe

PSD2 - 10 questions I would like to see a clear answer on

24 Sep 2019

Hundreds of blogs and articles have been published about PSD2, all calling it a revolution in the banking and payment landscape. With the deadline of PSD2 roll-out (14th September) just passed, I am surprised however how much practical questions (specifically on how the PSD2 APIs can practically be used by TPPs) I can’t find an answer on, even whe...