Joris Lochy

Joris Lochy

Product Management Consultant | Co-founder at Capilever
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Bio Independent Product Management Consultant, helping customers in the Fintech space to innovate, i.e. from ideation to conceptualization to implementation, taking on different roles and responsibilities (business analysis, functional and technical design, solution architecture and project management). Career History Active in the financial services industry, since 2003: - 8 years at Accenture - 3 years at CSC - 3 years at Deutsche Bank - 3.5 years at The Glue - 3.5 years at Monizze


Financial Inclusion

Improving Financial Access for Refugees: How Fintechs Can Foster Inclusion

19 May 2023

As the world faces unprecedented numbers of refugees (from countries like Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Venezuela…​), it is more important than ever to find structural solutions to improve the financial inclusion of this group, helping them to rebuild their lives and integrate them into their new communities. Unfortunately, traditional fin...

Fintech, you get me!

Problematic debt - A big taboo in search for a Fintech solution

03 May 2023

Taking on debt is not necessarily a bad thing (as long as the debt is used for things to generate wealth), but in the current cost-of-living crisis debt can easily spiral out of control. With an ever-increasing number of people struggling to pay their bills and pay back their debts, problematic debt is a major concern. Unfortunately admitting to d...


Fintech, you get me!

Why Customer Centricity is Crucial for Fintech Success: Common Pitfalls to Avoid

26 Apr 2023

Fintech and customer-centricity go hand in hand. The Fintech movement originated from the observation that traditional incumbent banks insufficiently served their customers and focused too much on their own interests. This customer-first focus of the early Fintech pioneers is still at the heart of most Fintechs today, which means also that custome...

Fintech World

Changing market conditions will revolutionize the Fintech industry

06 Apr 2023

The rapid growth of the Fintech industry in recent years happened in a decade of exceptional economic climate, i.e. extremely low interest rates (close to 0% or even negative), exceptionally low inflation (less than 2%), a flooding of cash by central banks and an abundance of VC cash. This resulted in: Challenging times for incumbent financial p...

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