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Christian Ball

What, no banks in the future, are you insane?

This is the first of three discussion forums around this important subject. The consequences of the demise of a global financial services system that supports the needs of everyone on the planet will ...

13 Feb 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Alex Kreger

Creating Digital Financial Services with the Problem-Solution Cycle

We are living in a very competitive age. There are all kinds of digital financial services to choose from, and plenty of new ones enter the market every year. Customers are overwhelmed with the choice...

11 Feb 2020
Digital Banking Trends
Riaz Mohammed

Technology Driving Invisible Payments

Payments are taking a backseat and becoming more and more invisible, leaving us more time to ensure value and enjoy the purchase. Innovation in payments is progressing to the next level, from fast

07 Feb 2020
Bigger than Technology
James Follette

The Commercial, Business and Retail Banking Outlook for 2020 and Beyond

Over the past few years, interest has risen in digital-first banking, blockchain technology, automation and the concept of digital banking profiles. And as we head into the 2020s, we’ll see further tr...

05 Feb 2020
Disruption in Retail Banking
Martin Ellingham

A New Dawn for CMCs

What does the future holds for Claims Management Companies? The PPI mis-selling scandal saw the emergence of a new industry with the birth of Claims Management Companies (CMCs). Producing riches for C...

27 Jan 2020
Financial Services Regulation
Christian Ball

Cloud and the open banking opportunity

Although open banking has legislative origins - and is compulsory in some countries - it is also a major catalyst to bank transformation. In addition to the opportunity to generate new revenue streams...

21 Jan 2020
Matthew Phillips

Are we building the right foundations for banking innovation?

The future of banking could be closer than we think. As the industry continues to build the bridges between the financial services of today and the financial services of tomorrow, the pockets of innov...

21 Jan 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Matthew Key

2020 predictions for retail banking

The retail banking industry has undergone significant changes over the past few years, driven by technology advances and regulatory evolution, including the UK Open Banking rules as well as its Europe...

16 Jan 2020
Digital Banking Trends
Andrew Bud

2020 predictions for biometrics and digital identity

I think there are few more exciting sectors than biometrics and digital identity in 2020, and it's a privilege to be in the midst of it all. Many of the themes that we’ve talked about for years, from ...

16 Jan 2020
Ambrish Parmar

Customer Obsession: Looking for elephants and we found goldfish

Time to read: Five minutes to gain a different perspective My family and I recently embarked upon a tour of the Indian sub-continent—a continent that I am reasonably familiar with through my back-pack...

14 Jan 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Jalpa Shah

How should banks approach scalability, robustness and security expected by the Omni-Digital Customer

WeChat, Tencent’s super app has been adding 20 million users each quarter. Currently, it has over one billion monthly active users. Similarly, Kakao Bank, one of the first digital-only banks launched...

09 Jan 2020
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Why Banks Will Never Catch Up With Fintechs

Banks are way ahead of Fintechs in terms of revenues, profits and customer numbers. To that extent, the "catch up" in the context of this post refers solely to User Experience of websites, m...

08 Jan 2020