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Paul Fermor

Foundations for continuously improving customer experience

Like many industries pursuing innovation, banking and financial services often gravitate to hot topics such as decentralised and sustainable finance, super apps, or some aspect of the metaverse. While...

11 Aug 2022
Analytics in Banking
Andrew Beatty

Financial Wellbeing: Behavioral Economics at Work and Play

Like physical health, financial health is a very private matter – and both forms of wellbeing are closely intertwined. Unfortunately talking openly about personal money matters is often considered tab...

10 Aug 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Ekmel Cilingir

Fintech versus Banks: Time to Choose the Best Strategy.

The fintech industry is like an everlasting engine. Even in the most turbulent of times, when the world is beset by crises and hardships, its revs have hardly decremented. Well, and over time, this ex...

09 Aug 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Matthew Phillips

Are we ready for the age of hyper-personalisation?

We are truly in the era of the customer. Gone are the days when standard products sets and a one size fits all approach was possible, as technology and intelligence propels us into an ever increasingl...

09 Aug 2022
Trends in Financial Services
Maria Schuld

Developing a revenue strategy to counter fee income pressure

Revenue pressure grows Bankers are under relentless financial pressure now accelerated by the economic slowdown, regulatory attention to overdraft charges, and decisions by larger banks to waive opera...

03 Aug 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Vivek Iyer

Apple's plans can Shake up BNPL

Apple has set the cat amongst the pigeons by announcing its foray into Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). In an earlier whitepaper, we had taken a view that BNPL is not viable as a standalone product and is m...

03 Aug 2022
Helghardt Avenant

The emergence of niche banking

There is no need for brick-and-mortar banks. The days of traditional banks are gone. The reasons they have not disappeared yet? Three major reasons: They don’t have the right software or skills to se...

01 Aug 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Dhiraj Sharma

Hybrid Cloud : Laying the foundation for using public cloud at your data centers

The cloud has become an important part of the banking landscape, with an increasing number of banks migrating to it to reap the benefits. However, neither a private nor a public cloud can fully meet t...

29 Jul 2022
Cloud Banking out of the Box
Paul Shumsky

How To Build A Future-Fit Cloud Banking System?

Cloud Banking – an Introduction: Cloud banking is a potential game-changer and a catalyst for enterprise business transformation that would be so effective for financial institutions in near future. B...

28 Jul 2022
Mark Aldred

Could the FCA and Fintech Rewrite the Rules for Branch and ATM Cuts?

On 26th July 2022, the FCA ended its consultation on whether its guidance on how banks close branch and ATMs services should be changed. This consultation was significant because it acknowledged curr...

28 Jul 2022
Financial Services Regulation
Kenneth Arakelian

An Open API Digital Gateway Offers a CX Advantage

The cloud computing revolution transformed the digital world, and infrastructure became software. Thanks to this evolution, the time and cost between idea and launch was slashed in half. For the finan...

27 Jul 2022
Raj Dasgupta

CFPB Open Banking Rule – Examining Privacy and Security

The development of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) “Open Banking Rule” is causing concerns in the world of financial services. The CFPB’s new focus on open banking is part of the effor...

26 Jul 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

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