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This network brings together professionals involved in the oversight and management of their company's financial risks and exposures as well as solution vendors, in order to discuss risk issues including interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk and commodity price risk, among others.

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Jagdish Udayakumar

The Crisis that helped the launderers!

The Covid crisis has been challenging one for all of us, it has presented with opportunities for both good and bad. The pandemic provided the necessary impetus to drive the Digitalisation agenda withi...

18 Mar 2021
Thomas Pintelon

4 ways to improve financial fitness

Despite significant efforts by schools and media to give more attention to financial skills, the level of financial literacy in the general population remains low. Basic financial budget management ap...

17 Mar 2021
Thomas Pintelon

How banks and insurers increasingly push risks towards their customers

In past blogs we have raised awareness of the lack of tooling for clients to properly manage their finances and associated risks. Personal (PFM) and Business Finance Management (BFM) modules are being...

08 Feb 2021
Thomas Pintelon

Improving traditional credit scoring with a forward-looking approach

Question: Do you know how much your total committed credit exposure is? Traditional credit registries In Belgium when a natural person requests a credit, banks and credit institutions are obliged to...

06 Jan 2021
Domile And

ESG after COVID-19

ESG awareness has been growing slowly in the past decade, however in the past couple of years there has been a significant shift in the uptake of ESG investing, talks about the ESG philosophies and co...

22 Dec 2020
Matt Neill

How to deliver successful KYC automation

The continued pressure to increase efficiencies within KYC and reduce the cost of compliance has resulted in ‘KYC automation’ becoming a hot topic for the industry. Clients often ask us what their pri...

14 Dec 2020
Nick Green

New horizons: Credit risk data in 2021

Nick Frazer | December 2020 Changing data usage and significantly increased portfolio risk posed great challenges for risk and procurement professionals during 2020. Now, as businesses reopen and we m...

08 Dec 2020
Keith Stanton

Covid 19 and the effects on Fraud Prevention - Part 3 - Social Engineering

In my previous blog (click here) I detailed how the Fraud threat landscape for cards has changed significantly, with a reduction in card fraud in some of the major markets as consumers are spending l...

28 Oct 2020
Jesse Chenard

Brexit uncertainty creates the perfect conditions for trade fraud to rise. Technology has the answer

As Brexit’s final transition date edges closer, Britain’s businesses have warned that they are running out of time to make preparations for trade, should a no-deal be reached. At the same time, the

26 Oct 2020
Keith Stanton

Covid 19 and the effects on Fraud Prevention - Part 2 - Payments Fraud

As I outlined in my previous blog (click here to view), we have seen a rapid movement to card channel payments as cash usage has declined during the pandemic. In the UK, as early as April this year c...

25 Oct 2020