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This network brings together professionals involved in the oversight and management of their company's financial risks and exposures as well as solution vendors, in order to discuss risk issues including interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk and commodity price risk, among others.

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Alex Richter

KYC loopholes in children’s financial products

As technology evolves, more and more children are gaining ready access to the internet, with Ofcom’s latest research estimating that 55% of children now have their own smartphone. Meanwhile, the marke...

22 Aug 2022
Nick Green

Bureau data contracts: 4 questions you should be asking

Negotiating the right price and quality of data for bureau contracts is essential for credit providers. Despite this, many organisations are unaware that there are differences in pricing and do not h

28 Apr 2022
Chris Pogue

How banks can protect themselves from cyberattacks in light of the conflict in Ukraine

We live in an increasingly unstable world, a fact which has been exemplified by the unfolding of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Unfortunately, nationalist tendencies can lead to heightened east vers...

12 Apr 2022
Yahya Mohamed Mao

Managing risk capability in financial organizations

The ability to understand and control risk allows organizations to be more confident in their business decisions. The culture of risk analysis is characterized by the alignment of risk management with...

07 Apr 2022
Tony Crivelli

The 3 simple steps to better FX rates for your business, forever.

In the world of foreign currency and cross border payments, SMEs are the worst off every time and frankly, I’m tired of it. In my 25+ years working closely with SMEs, their needs and knowledge g...

05 Apr 2022
Vaibhav Grover

Is your transformation risk-proof?

This article is co-authored by Vaibhav Dubey, Priyanka Mishra, Suresh Thevar & Vaibhav Grover Banking continues to be in the forefront of driving digital and process transformation. Many banks are...

21 Jan 2022
Alex Robinson

Workforce behaviour modelling: get proactive about insider fraud

Unsecured systems and processes can be remarkably easy to exploit. Just imagine a banking call centre, where employees process payments on behalf of customers every day. Before the world changed in e...

01 Dec 2021
Alex Robinson

Is Business Email Compromise the King of Scams?

Globally, there’s been a great deal of media attention on payment scams affecting consumers, and rightly so. In late September of last year, the U.K. Financial Ombudsman Service received more than 5,0...

17 Nov 2021
Debbie Hayes

The Financial Industry Needs to be Built on a Foundation of Trust

Anyone who is paying attention knows the financial industry is going through an unprecedented digital transformation which has been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, cyberatta...

20 Oct 2021
Steve Goddard

Fraud: a ‘national security threat’…why?

In March, a bakery owner in South West England received a curious SMS from her bike courier. The baker, whose canelés are famous in her city, supplies pastries to nearby cafes and other bakeries. She...

13 Oct 2021

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