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Jayanth Jagadeesh

Building Competitive Advantage in 2020

The new decade demands a more focused outlook to building economic moats. Up until a time, ‘product and pricing innovation’ were the popular means of differentiation and competitive advantage among th...

21 May 2020
Jayanth Jagadeesh

Technology Adoption Trends Worth Paying Attention To

Banks today are looking beyond ‘product and pricing innovation’ for differentiation and competitive advantage. The new aspiration is to champion the trifecta of Customer Experience (CX), Omnichannel e...

21 May 2020
Alessio Balduini

Open banking: Enabling SMEs to drive recovery in a post-Covid economy

The latest data from Bank of England projects a contraction of 14% of GDP on an annual basis with an astounding 25% contraction in Q2 alone. This could result in a loss of 15-20% - or up to a million ...

14 May 2020
Andrew Beatty

Navigating Change: Components and Microservices Give Banks Flexibility for the Future

“The only certainty is that nothing is certain,” wrote Pliny the Elder about two millennia ago. Few would challenge this sentiment, particularly these days – in fact this perspective may be more relev...

07 May 2020
John Burgos

Top 5 Digital Banking Myths: Community Banks Need to Abandon

Digital payments are already here, whether we are ready for it or not. With every passing day, there are FinTech companies continually pushing the digital payment envelope. New ideas and services are ...

06 May 2020
Nataly Sturza

Neobank’s COVID-19 communication: 5 strategies and examples

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the reviewed companies Everyone who uses online banking and fintech services (pretty much all of us these days) might have noticed changes in their interfa

05 May 2020
Tim Simon

Lessons in P2P Lending Profit and Sustainability

Consider the positives in the way that we do things, against the background of the current pandemic. For the sake of us all, it is important to try to keep things going, learn and make all the positi...

04 May 2020
Andrew Beatty

Banks Need to Learn What Big Tech Teaches

In the banking industry, the core system contains vital records for the business. It is the beating heart of the operation, so its “life expectancy” had better be built for the long haul. McKinsey est...

23 Apr 2020
Hannah Preston

People want Subscription Management from their Bank

Few people could imagine going back to a life without binge-watching Netflix, creating Spotify playlists, or backing up files on Dropbox, Drive, or iCloud. However, there is a flipside to subscription...

21 Apr 2020
Nick Ogden

The Start

The announcement this am that the UK Government is supporting tech startups with up to £1.2Billion is great news, and as I predicted last week, matches the existing approach used by the BCR, the Banki...

20 Apr 2020