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Frances Zelazny

Money 2020: The Last Word

It’s pretty much the last word for Money 2020 as next year is 2020 and it is with this in mind that I am thinking about the conference and the industry, where we have journeyed from and opportunities ...

12 Nov 2019
Freddie McMahon


INTRODUCTION Innovation is about changing the status quo in a way that adds value to stakeholders. To demonstrate adding value requires measurement. With this clear definition of innovation, lets app...

11 Nov 2019
Bo Harald

Banks have it all

Blog nbr 400. The benefits of moving faster to a Data-driven Economy are clear. The mission in short: better service, mega-shift in productivity, sustainability through less waste and CO2, fact-based...

06 Nov 2019
John Doyle

Treasury Select Committee and IT Failures

The Treasury Select Committee have made some observations as a result of their concerns about bank IT failures. It’s an interesting view and one that reflects the way that the industry is already mov...

28 Oct 2019
Reghunathan Sukumara Pillai

Transforming organization and culture to scale digital

For implementing digital in any Bank/Financial Industry/organization, there has to be shift in the organization culture. Leaders in every department have to move out of the comfortable glass door and ...

27 Oct 2019
Peter Larsson

What’s Next for Nordic Payments? The Rise of Real-Time and Cross-Border

The Nordic region has long been considered a pioneer of digital payments, with some of the lowest cash usage levels in the European Economic Area. But where it has struggled to modernize services is i...

19 Oct 2019
Deborah O'Neill

Why robots and AI will never rule banking

Around the UK, alarm is growing from a belief that robots are taking away jobs. This fear is misplaced. From the steam-powered cotton mills of the industrial revolution to the rise of ATMs in the 1970...

18 Oct 2019
Matthew Phillips

The evolution of fraud and security - Is it a numbers game or can it be calculated?

Financial services remain a favoured target of skilled cybercriminals, which has left the industry scrambling to keep pace. Yet, if we consider the recent advancements in technologies such as artifici...

17 Oct 2019
Chris Holmes

Will stablecoins be able to sail into the mainstream?

The main barrier for cryptocurrencies earning mainstream use has been the volatility of their value; frequent news stories of Bitcoin’s value falling significantly over a short space of time no longer...

11 Oct 2019
Jayanth Jagadeesh

Banking Avengers - have you met them?

At a family gathering, I asked my 14-year-old niece, who her favorite Avenger was? She paused, and replied, “I like Shuri for the smarts and Natasha for the fighting skills”. I smiled, and told mysel

09 Oct 2019