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Ketharaman Swaminathan

Three Strike Rule To Eliminate Cybercrime

In his ET WEALTH column entitled If it seems too good to be true, it probably is, Dhirendra Kumar describes the following asymmetry between victims and perpetrators of cybercrime: "Individual vi...

23 h
Stan Cowan

Fraud Risk Should be Part of Your Risk-Based Pricing Strategy

Risk-based credit pricing can be a great way to expand community-based financial institutions’ loan portfolios while providing the communities they serve with a way to repair credit and obtain needed ...

01 Dec 2022
Financial Risk Management
Liam Chennells

Fraud is causing Companies House to crumble. It needs a stronger footing.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the UK has a fraud problem. Bosses at UK Finance, HSBC and NatWest have recently called out Companies House for, once again, facilitating business fraud. W...

30 Nov 2022
Philip Chethalan

Why KYC is an effective tool against Digital Fraud in Money Services Businesses (MSB)

MSB services have come to the rescue of many, who can’t access banks immediately and want to transfer money or carry out trade exchanges. So, it surely provides time and place convenience. We all know...

30 Nov 2022
Online Banking
Stan Cowan

Safeguarding Zelle and P2P Transactions with Real-time Fraud Protection

Changes in the financial regulatory environment always bring upheaval, but recent initiatives by United States Senators to reduce P2P transaction fraud could add significant challenges for smaller ban...

27 Nov 2022
Sara Costantini

From fintechs to major financial institutions – we all have a role in fighting fraud

At this time of year, many of us will be out getting gifts for loved ones and buying in food to host families and friends for the Christmas period Spending always spikes in the holiday time and in th...

24 Nov 2022
Open Banking
Simon Luke

Why casinos are still failing to crack down on money laundering and how they can tackle it

Many of us have seen Ozark - where dirty money is directly cleaned through a casino - but just how much of this is based on truth? Historically casinos have been a target for money launderers. They ar...

24 Nov 2022
Jonathan Hancock

‘Fighting Fraud: Breaking the Chain’

A review of The House of Lords Fraud Act 2006 and Digital Fraud Committee’s new report, ‘Fighting Fraud: Breaking the Chain’ “Fraud is the most commonly experienced crime in England and Wales today a...

23 Nov 2022
Exposing Financial Crime
Philip Chethalan

What is Identity Fraud? Definition, Types, and Examples

Identity fraud is the unauthorised use of a person’s personal information by another person to commit a crime or deceive or defraud that person or a third party in order to take advantage of the pleas...

18 Nov 2022
Gian Mahil

Can Pay-By-Bank apps stop payment fraud ?

Pay-by-Bank solutions are suddenly the fashion in the payments world. Solutions are available from HSBC, JP Morgan, Barclays, JP Morgan, Mastercard and World Pay to name a few. How do they work and do...

17 Nov 2022
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Luke Mathews

Four key questions to help you identify fraudulent use of your business’s fuel cards

Fuel fraudsters continue to ‘skim a little off the top’. The post pandemic e-commerce boom has fueled a marked increase in demand for logistics services. As a result, global fuel and fleet markets ha...

15 Nov 2022
Financial Risk Management
Pablo Ferrezuelo

Why Deepfake Fraud Losses Should Scare Financial Institutions

Fraudsters have become adept at using deepfakes and have the potential to cause significant fraud losses with this terrifying technology. Learn how deepfakes are being used to defraud customers with e...

14 Nov 2022

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