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John Bertrand

Addressing Payment Fraud and Bank Accounts in the new COVID 19 world

UKFinance reported fraud grew 28% in 2019 to £456 million with Faster Payments, 73% of that total, growing at 33%. UKFinance noted 76% of the fraud comes from the internet and the banking industry cov...

07 Aug 2020
UK Faster Payments
Matt Smith

Why Monitoring News to Detect Insider Trading is Now Essential

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, global regulators are warning financial services firms that they may need to enhance their trade surveillance activities to ensure they detect potential financial c...

06 Aug 2020
Financial Services Regulation
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Ten Ways To Protect Yourselves From Fraud

There are a lot of fraud-like situations, where there’s no fraud in the strictest sense of the term, but consumers feel defrauded. Let me give a few examples: Price of a certain item is 225 (in which...

04 Aug 2020
John Cant

But it worked in Harrogate!

I have nothing against Harrogate, well not consciously at least. However, over recent months there has been much discussion about unconscious bias in many walks of life - including mention in this art...

24 Jul 2020
Data Management and Governance
Micah Willbrand

How lenders are successfully fighting fraud during the Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 has caused upheaval to all our lives. With the economic impact still uncertain but likely very significant, it’s clear we’ll be living with the consequences of the outbreak for a substantial ...

25 Jun 2020
Analytics in Banking
Adam Krug

Key Questions to Ask When Investing in a Client Onboarding Solution to get it right first time

30 years ago, financial services built everything in-house. Nowadays, with so many off the shelf software products for trading and transaction systems – accounting, HR, CRM to name a few – the challen...

24 Jun 2020
Financial Services Regulation
René Hendrikse

Could selfies be the key to fighting COVID-19 fraud?

From social media scams to fake government texts, phishing links in business emails and false phone calls, fraud has risen sharply since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 2,500 scams had b...

23 Jun 2020
Digital Identity Management
Jay Floyd

COVID-19 and Fraud: Banks must adopt their fraud strategies to combat growing threat

The current COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in its global reach and implications for consumers and businesses worldwide. Across the globe, millions of people have been locked down in their homes, w...

19 Jun 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Adam Krug

Case Management for solving Fin Crime Risk

2019 saw the FCA dishing out the highest level of fines ever, totalling nearly £400m in a twelve-month period. This included hefty penalties relating to anti-money laundering failings. However, in t

09 Jun 2020
Financial Services Regulation
Joe Bloemendaal

Fraud in finance: who can defend our digital identity?

Over the last few months, we have been presented with more e-commerce and online offerings than ever before. From online shopping to virtual gym classes, the pandemic has accelerated the move towards ...

08 Jun 2020
Digital Identity Management
Shirish Netke

PPP is Not a Free Lunch for Banks

During the post-prohibition era in the 1930s, bars offered free lunches to their patrons to get them to buy drinks. 40 years later, Milton Freidman famously summed up the study of economics with the q...

04 Jun 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Alex Dixon

A strong base for Client Lifecycle Management and KYC allows banks to adapt to changes

Covid 19 has highlighted a need for firms in the business world to be adaptable to rapidly changing conditions. In Financial Services, changing regulations and requirements from regulators mean that d...

15 May 2020
Financial Services Regulation