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Terry Hubert

Putting an End to the Trade Digitisation Waiting Game

As we see different industries exploring how digitisation can improve their business practices, it’s particularly exciting to consider how innovative technology can enhance global trade practices. How...

5 h
Bo Harald

Also the Product Passport should be a Verifiable Credential

Proposal to the EWC consortium (the large scale EU pilot led by Sweden and Finland). As: 1. EWC is focusing on the all-important organisation wallet (general purpose and interoperable for states, mun...

6 h
Innovation in Financial Services
Joris Lochy

Uniting Forces: A Holistic Approach to Financial Crime

Financial institutions face increasing challenges in combating financial crime. While technology has significantly advanced (e.g. thanks to AI), the methods employed by criminals have also evolved, be...

20 h
Exposing Financial Crime
Alex Ford

Regulating AI: Opening up the RegTech conversation

Regulating AI: Opening up the RegTech conversation with AI experts and regulators with Women In RegTech New York (WIRTNY) and Rise, by Barclays. Setting the scene As the development and adoption of A...

17 Jun 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Tachat Igityan

Beyond Borders, Beyond Fraud: Securing the Future of Finance

The contemporary banking system operates in a dynamic and interconnected global landscape. While this presents vast opportunities, it also introduces novel challenges to financial security. According ...

14 Jun 2024
Srinathprasanna Neelagiri Chettiyar Shanmugam

A Deep Dive into DORA's Threat-Led Penetration Testing Requirements

Welcome back to my blog series on DORA regulation !!! In this blog, I will dive into the specific topic of Threat-Led Penetration Testing (TLPT). Key Players in the TLPT Ecosystem: Understanding the r...

11 Jun 2024
Banking Regulations
Edvards Margevics

How Project Agora is Set to Revolutionise Global Transactions

The important of cross-border payments cannot be underestimated. They are essential for facilitating international trade, promoting economic growth, supporting globalisation and enhancing financial in...

11 Jun 2024
Robert Kerrigan

Eyes on the prize - payments regulation needs a re-focus

In March 2024, there were 16 million account-to-account (A2A) payments made in the UK, powered by open banking. If the future of payments is A2A, then the future is here now. Adoption is accelerating...

11 Jun 2024
The future of Payments in Europe
Harriet Christie

2024 so far - Recordkeeping Revamps and Regulatory Rigor

The typical narrative is that as time passes, digital regulation becomes more stringent. Accountability becomes a greater requirement as technology continues to advance and occupy a more meaningful pr...

06 Jun 2024
Barley Laing

The damaging impact of poor quality data in the financial services sector

It has been estimated by MITSloan that the cumulative cost of inaccurate data is 15 to 25 per cent of revenue for most organisations. This is because poor quality data wastes resources, undermines eve...

06 Jun 2024
Data Management and Governance
Vipin Kumar Sharma

Stock settlements just got faster in the US, but can they be even quicker?

In the past, buying or selling a stock meant waiting two business days for the trade to settle (T+2). This meant a two-day gap between agreeing on a price and actually receiving the stock and mone...

28 May 2024
Post-Trade Forum
Helena Wood

Driving the next generation of fraud reforms

With a General Election announced for 4 July, now is the perfect time for a stock take on the progress made over the past decade in relation to tackling fraud. For the most part, this was a decade in ...

28 May 2024
Exposing Financial Crime

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