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Banks nowadays are in stiff competition for human resources with fintech. The financial technology sector often offers higher pay. Still, the prospects of many such start-ups are difficult to forecast – they are as likely to occupy a solid niche as they are to go bust. Stable companies in Latvia are only a handful. Primarily, fintech players active in Latvia are headquartered in foreign countries – the United Kingdom, to name one – despite maintaining offices in Riga and employing staff in Latvia

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Yogendra Singh

Maximizing Capital Efficiency: Collateral Optimization in Basel III Post-Crisis

Introduction: In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, regulators implemented Basel III to fortify the global banking system. Among its many provisions, collateral optimization emerged as a crit...

10 Apr 2024
Sandeep Gupta

The future of banking is composable

Will the banking industry continue to evolve at an increasing rate year on year? In the 21st Century, the answer to this question seems to be inextricably linked to the progress of technology and regu...

02 Apr 2024
Chris George

Trust the funds: How new challenger banks can earn the confidence of customers

Centuries of history and decades on the high street mean that traditional banks, like the UK’s ‘big four’ of Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC, and Natwest, are often perceived by customers to be the most trustw...

21 Mar 2024
Nick Green

Financial crime prevention: Credit provider's cutting-edge approaches

Credit providers understand the critical challenge with the rise of complex financial crimes, from cyber theft to money laundering. Criminals are using advanced technologies—the same ones that make di...

19 Mar 2024
Priya Kumari

The Resilience of Credit Unions: Shaping the Future of Consumer Loans

Introduction While credit unions have experienced a slight slowdown in growth, they have proven to be more resistant to market fluctuations compared to banks. Despite facing challenges, credit unions ...

15 Mar 2024
Shailendra Malik

RBI’s cautious approach kept India safe from BNPL issues

NatWest in UK last week announced that it is ditching its BNPL products and many experts not are attributing this due to the over crowded market and banks may gradually become less interested in thes

11 Mar 2024
Ross Kolodyazhnyi

Banks Risk Losing Billions of Dollars in a Few Years

In a world where people learn to use their thoughts and brain chips to control technology, plastic cards and 2-day transactions still prevail. Such a strange combination, don't you think? It often see...

07 Mar 2024
Helena Muller

Three Areas of Tech Shifting the Industry Right Now

Change has been a constant in the financial services industry, but there is no doubt that the pace of change has accelerated in the past couple of years. Remaining competitive and relevant is increasi...

26 Feb 2024
Naina Rajgopalan

FinTech Revolution: Disrupting the PSU Banking Landscape in India

The rapid advancement of financial technology, or FinTech, has significantly transformed the financial services industry, particularly impacting traditional banking. The Indian financial sector, tradi...

23 Feb 2024
Julija Jevstignejeva

Understanding CESOP: the European strategy for combating VAT fraud in e-commerce

In an era where digital transactions are the backbone of the global economy, ensuring the integrity and transparency of information on cross-border payments and card transactions has become critical

22 Feb 2024

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