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Abhishek Bhasin

Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Lenders and Small Businesses Alike

The success of a small business depends on a healthy cash flow. Access to working capital is a much-needed lifeline for these businesses as they are constantly managing and juggling their cash flows. ...

7 h
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Aleksandra Kitina

The Transformative Impact of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer in the financial services industry, revolutionising traditional banking practices and unlocking new opportunities for innovation and efficien...

22 Jul 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Garima Chaudhary

How to Get Started with GenAI in Financial Crime Compliance

There’s a new subset of artificial intelligence/machine learning (ML) that are taking over news feeds called Generative AI aka Gen AI. As compared to where traditional ML model output predicts, classi...

22 Jul 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Jose Pierre

The Future of Wealth Management: Navigating Economic Trends and Technological Disruptions

As we navigate an era marked by rapid technological advancements and shifting economic dynamics, the wealth management industry finds itself at a pivotal juncture. The traditional models of wealth man...

19 Jul 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Ruban Phukan

Enhancing Fintechs long-tail partner enablement with AI

Did you know that 95% of Microsoft's commercial revenue comes from its partner ecosystem? This success hinges on effectively enabling a critical group within that ecosystem: long-tail partners. Long-...

17 Jul 2024
Erica Andersen

Navigating Personal Data in LLMs: A GDPR Perspective

In a recent talk I attended, a legal expert advised against inputting personal data into AI models. But is this blanket statement truly accurate? The reality is far more nuanced, especially when we co...

16 Jul 2024
Artificial Intelligence
Kaustuv Ghosh

AI and Emerging Risks to Banking and Financial Services in ASEAN and other frontline markets

Introduction This blog is based on an article co-authored along with Matthew Lamons, CEO of The Intelligence Factory and is an edited version of the same article. As a matter of introduction and co

16 Jul 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Eldad Tamir

Essential investment strategies for beginners

Embarking on an investment journey can be exciting yet daunting, particularly for young and new investors. Starting early is crucial, allowing time to benefit from compound interest and to recover fro...

14 Jul 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Kaustuv Ghosh

The Boundaries of Cross-Border Transactions Will Shift-AI and Remittances

Let’s talk about AI and remittances. Despite the enormous size and tremendous importance of the money transfer industry, little is heard about how AI is used or is proposed to be used. There are the u...

14 Jul 2024
Asia Financial Services
Raktim Singh

Vision Transformer in Computer Vision: Transforming the way, we look at Images

Vision Transformers, or ViTs, are a groundbreaking learning model designed for tasks in computer vision, particularly image recognition. Unlike CNNs, which use convolutions for image processing, ViTs ...

12 Jul 2024
Technology for Social Good
Luke Allchin

The Big Switch: Why Are U.S. Consumers Switching to Digital-Only Banking?

The evolving demands of modern banking consumers will force incumbent banks in the United States to adapt in order to remain competitive in a rapidly changing banking landscape. In recent years, the b...

11 Jul 2024
Intelligence to bank on
Harriet Christie

The Generative Generation - AI, chatbots and financial compliance

In March 2023, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler described Artificial Intelligence as “the most transformative technology of our time, on par with the internet and mass production of automobiles". When ...

11 Jul 2024

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