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Freddie McMahon

Towards AI Agents: addressing rule-based governance deficiencies

In the corporate governance landscape, the structural integrity of documented policy and procedural rules stands as a linchpin for organisational order and control. The analogue nature of these docume...

17 Apr 2024
Artificial Intelligence
Hirander Misra

Interoperability: the misused word in Carbon Credits Markets Technology

According to the World Economic Forum, there is a $4-5 trillion dollar climate financing gap hindering a climate-resilient future, yet financial capacity building is also being hindered by fragmented

10 Apr 2024
Climate Fintech
Raktim Singh

Role of Sustainable Tools in Banking

The role of sustainable tools in banking is fascinating for many reasons. Firstly, banks are actively participating in financing initiatives beyond their practices to provide loans and investments spe...

25 Mar 2024
Technology for Social Good
Nameer Khan

On International Water Day, How can Fintech Stem the Flow of Climate Change?

Every year, March 22nd marks a somewhat solemn reflection on the state of the world’s water security. The bedrock of all known life, water is a fundamental need for all communities, depicted throughou...

21 Mar 2024
Innovation in Financial Services
Alex Kreger

Focus on customer experience for digital transformation success in banking

In a world where the digital revolution is reshaping every corner of our lives, the banking sector stands at a crucial crossroads. The pandemic has not just accelerated the digital transformation in b...

19 Mar 2024
Digital Bank Transformation
Flavia Sales

She has the power: Women Leaders in Sustainability and Energy Transition

A just transition to net-zero is impossible without sustainable mindsets fuelling sustainable strategies. But who is responsible for shaping this thinking? Research suggests women have a huge part to ...

08 Mar 2024
Women in Technology
Maria Patschke

ESG in Finance: How to unleash innovation through precision data management

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting has evolved beyond just compliance, emerging as a catalyst for innovation and competitive advantage. Financial institutions now incorporate ESG cr...

07 Mar 2024
Raktim Singh

What is an Augmented Connected Workforce

All companies across the industries are facing these three types of challenges. These are 1. The right talent who can work in the given environment 2. Correct real time data to make decisions and 3. E...

06 Mar 2024
Nameer Khan

Hurricane Category Six Considered by Scientists - Here’s how Fintech can help stop the seventh.

The traditional five-category Saffir-Sampson scale for measuring hurricanes may not show the true power of the most destructive storms, scientists claimed in a paper published earlier this month. The...

27 Feb 2024
Climate Fintech
Raktim Singh

Role of Technology in Circular Economy

Technology emerges as a driving force in shaping the Circular Economy in this evolving dance between progress and environmental stewardship. Going beyond models of production and consumption, technolo...

02 Feb 2024
Technology for Social Good
Diederick Van Thiel

AI Leadership Learnings from the World Economic Forum 2024

In a blogpost from May 2023, I explored how AI is reshaping the dynamic world of finance. Like many others I also concluded that the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) already has had a prof...

29 Jan 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Raktim Singh

Technology for Social Good

In a world where Technology has become deeply ingrained in our lives, its ability to bring about change and contribute to the betterment of society goes beyond mere convenience and efficiency. The tru...

27 Jan 2024
Technology for Social Good

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