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Shikko Nijland

Digital Sustainability: call to action against global data pollution

I'm convinced this year will be a decisive turning point in the war against a creeping yet potentially devastating type of pollution. This is the 'data pollution' which threatens to overwhelm our digi...

12 h
Data sharing
Domile And

ESG after COVID-19

ESG awareness has been growing slowly in the past decade, however in the past couple of years there has been a significant shift in the uptake of ESG investing, talks about the ESG philosophies and co...

22 Dec 2020
Financial Risk Management
Darshna Shah

A Data Scientist’s introduction to sustainable finance

A marked change in atmospheric carbon has always been incompatible with Earth’s stability, and has been a feature of all 5 mass extinctions. In previous events in has taken volcanic activity up to one...

01 Dec 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Sophie Dionnet

Alternative data, AI, and ML: The road to socially responsible recovery

With a total shutdown of certain sectors of activity, it was not surprising that in June, leading economic forecaster EY Item Club predicted that GDP would shrink by 8% this year. Though the drop was ...

24 Nov 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Chandan Goel

Parallelising with TERADATA - The right way

Background and Motive Data predominantly is core to any and every organisation and so does Data Engineering. Especially in financial/banking industry where data’s availability and its fast processing ...

19 Nov 2020
Farah Miller

Commodity trading and ESG: using technology to support sustainability in the natural rubber industry

Investing in ESG Investment decisions based on ESG criteria are growing and for an increasing number of asset managers, ESG inclusion in their decision-making is ever more apparent, as they see this ...

11 Nov 2020
Sustainable compliance
Michael Boukadakis

Enablers or Disruptors: Where Do FinTechs Fit?

In the first half of 2020, $2 trillion in cash landed in deposit accounts of U.S. banks and credit unions, according to FDIC data. From corporate borrowing to cash-hoarding and stimulus checks, the un...

06 Oct 2020
Disruption in Retail Banking
Hirander Misra

Society 5.0 needs Digital Asset Fintech Hubs

Japan’s “Society 5.0” refers to the fifth stride in human civilization evolution to create a “super-smart” future society which leverages the technological innovations of the current fourth industrial...

28 Sep 2020
Bigger than Technology
Miloslav Hoschek

6G Critical Infrastructure and Quantum Secure technologies in mid of 2030's

The spectral technologies in mid of 2030s such as THz communication, molecular communication and quantum communication will dramatically improve the data rate. The blockchain will become an important ...

11 Sep 2020
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Adrian Sargent

Bank Capital Requirements for Climate Change

All you may have already seen the Finextra article with reference to Green RWA Asssocation, the theory ids bansk need to hold capital for all risks, therefore our paper proposes a methodology to alloc...

09 Sep 2020
Banking Regulations
Joris Lochy

Innovation is key to solve climate issues - part 3 - The IT and Tech sector as change enabler

This blog is the last article in a series of 3 blogs on how climate issues can be solved through a worldwide roll-out of technological innovations. This last blog focuses on how the IT/Tech sector can...

07 Sep 2020
Sustainable compliance
Joris Lochy

Innovation is the key to solve our climate issues - part 1 - Introduction

Disclaimer: this blog is not directly associated to the financial services and Fintech sector, but as it forms an introduction to a 2nd and 3rd blog, which are indeed related to these sector, I have p...

23 Aug 2020
Sustainable compliance