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Gleb Kozlov

Four Snapshots Shaping Cross-Border Remittance Market in 2022

Over the past two challenging years, the remittance industry proved to be amazingly resilient and investment in fintech in general has reached unprecedented levels. 2022 begins with a promise of a fre...

26 Jan 2022
Trends in Financial Services
Arseny Kostenko

Is 2022 Finally the Year of the Virtual Card?

Virtual cards are one of the hottest topics these days. Card networks, banks, fintechs and industry analysts talk about virtual cards virtually every day, all day. They monitor virtual cards adoption,...

20 Jan 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Carolyn Kostelny

2022: A year of regulatory developments, possible deviations, and certain delays

While 2021 wasn’t the busiest of years in terms of regulatory reporting go-live implementation, important developments did take shape. Among the more important of these developments was the publicatio...

20 Jan 2022
Banking Regulations
Barley Laing

Direct mail: the standout communications channel for financial services in 2022

Direct mail has long been a vital communications channel for financial services. It’s used to engage with customers and prospects on everything from information on fluctuating interest rates to new lo...

19 Jan 2022
Data Management and Governance
Anna Kuzmina

Fintech trends. Developments, technology and the search for new value.

Over the past 10 years a real revolution in finance has taken place. Infrastructure changed, the whole world moved to smartphones with accessible and cheap internet. It allowed hundreds of fintech com...

18 Jan 2022
Lisa Terziman

Variable Recurring Payments - the whats and the whens around the hottest topic in payments

Open banking payments are already shifting the way consumers and businesses pay and get paid. And the numbers are starting to finally back up the open banking hype with over 3 million successful payme...

18 Jan 2022
The future of Payments in Europe
Steve Lemon

Fintech’s set to have a big year in 2022 – here are three reasons why

It's fair to say that today fintech has become firmly entrenched within society and our economy. I like to say that it’s ‘crossed the chasm’: as founders, we spent the early days explaining to people ...

17 Jan 2022
Luigi Wewege

6 Newbie Tips for Comparing Cryptocurrencies

While cryptocurrency is still a mystery to some, there’s no doubt that it’s here to stay. You may be thinking of cryptocurrency as a good way to invest in something that will grow over time. However, ...

17 Jan 2022
Cryptocurrency Insights
Aman Behzad

Indonesian fintech’s spectacular 2021 is just the beginning

Following years of steady funding growth, 2021 was the year that Indonesian fintech exploded. This year saw Southeast Asia's largest economy attract fintech venture inflows of over $1 billion, mintin...

12 Jan 2022
Fintech World
Nataliya Zheleznova

Financial and Banking Predictions for 2022: Top 3 Tech Trends

It is no surprise that the pandemic has pushed business owners to accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Digitalization seemed obvious and inevitable with all the lockdowns, restrictions,

12 Jan 2022
Yahya Mohamed Mao

Fintech Marketing 2022: The challenge of questioning the status quo

Fintech as a combination of technology and financial services is changing the way financial companies work, collaborate, and interact with their customers, regulators, and other stakeholders. Fintech ...

11 Jan 2022
Joseph Brown

Conversational Banking Is So Much More than “What’s My Account Balance?”

From summoning a ride to your exact location to same-day delivery to your doorstep, a primary target of technology today is convenience. And innovators are coming for your keyboard. In the near future...

11 Jan 2022
Digital Banking Trends