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Vivek Dubey

The New FinTech Galaxy and Role of Embedded Finance

Inventing new concepts, ideas, technologies and utilizing them to an extent that has not been thought of earlier is the way forward. Embedded Finance is one example of human intelligence which has giv...

10 Apr 2021
Embedded Finance
Joris Lochy

A good business plan is the foundation of every new idea

Having a true "blue" (introvert and analytical) personality type, I often feel envy towards charismatic (often extravert) entrepreneurs and more specifically the ease with which they can set...

05 Apr 2021
Innovation in Financial Services
Jo Jordan

The Essentials to Start an Online Business

The primary objective of any business is to generate revenue. You don’t need to obtain a diploma to know this. But what are the essentials needed when you’ve had an epiphany and wish to bring an idea ...

05 Apr 2021
Vivek Dubey

Top FinTech Companies that are redefining the Payment Domain

The financial community of the world has traversed into an era of electronic transactions. It is estimated that only about 8% of the world’s currencies exist in physical form, the rest is stored as di...

02 Apr 2021
James Bessenbach

What the hell is Banking as a Service? And what is it not?

With the surging number of new banking and fintech business models emerging on the scene, it can be hard to keep them all apart. The term “Banking as a Service”, especially, still has many scratching

30 Mar 2021
Embedded Finance
Joris Lochy

The partnership manager - A new key role in every bank and Fintech

Thanks to Open Banking, embedded banking and banks positioning their apps as super-apps, the financial sector becomes more and more an ecosystem of parties collaborating together to execute upon a cus...

29 Mar 2021
Open Banking
Moritz Spangenberg

Why the future belongs to banks, and not Fintechs

With emerging Fintech services taking the world of finance by storm, it might seem like banks are in for a struggle. If customers grow to expect the same level of agility and innovation from them as f...

27 Mar 2021
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Hans Hagen

What kind of partnership do YOU need?

Most businesses have some problem they need to solve at any given point in time. These days, getting stellar growth may be a challenge, and the cost of acquiring a new customer seems to go only one wa...

24 Mar 2021
Innovation in Financial Services
Josh Rix

Open Finance - Reducing the complexity of insurance

One of the biggest challenges when purchasing insurance is the complex nature of the product. Many customers are put off by the sheer volume of data they must enter, only to receive lengthy policy doc...

23 Mar 2021
Open Banking
Helen McHugh

Alleviating the complexities of the payment ecosystem

The payments ecosystem is a complicated multi-layered pathway of entities – which can include a BIN sponsor (issuer), processor, programme manager, card bureau, scheme (for example such as Visa or Mas...

18 Mar 2021
The Payments Business
Manuel Silva Martinez

Lending as destination

Lending is at the core of what we do as fintech investors. But our approach to investing in lending start-ups has changed over the years, integrating learnings from the past to bet on the winners of t...

17 Mar 2021
Daria Leshchenko

Three things fintech gets wrong about customer support

Fintech products are gaining popularity and pose real competition to traditional banking. According to the 2019 FIS PACE study, 73% of consumer banking interactions are digital. Fintech startups hav

15 Mar 2021
Customer Service 2015-2019-2025