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Arka Roy

The Top 5 Development Tips for Building a Metaverse

All eyes are glued toward the metaverse and its revolutionary uses. But, what are the creators thinking when developing one? The metaverse community is growing at a frantic pace. Market forecasts have...

23 Jun 2022
Blockchain Geek
Thomas Pintelon

A Roadmap for Hyper-Personalized Lending

In a previous blog "Are credits not too commoditized?" in February 2020, we already raised the concern that loans in general and mortgages in particular have become too much of a commodity p...

22 Jun 2022
Trends in Financial Services
Carla Venter

FinTech on Sale: The Upcoming Shopping Spree

In 2009, former Fed chair, Paul Volcker, said that the ATM has been the only useful innovation in banking over the previous 20 years. How much innovation have banks done since? Does the current marke...

22 Jun 2022
Joris Lochy

Is SNBL more sustainable than BNPL?

In my blog "Buy Now Pay Later - A credit in disguise? ( I raised already some concerns about the Buy Now Pay L...

16 Jun 2022
Pierre Dutaret

The future of work

Digital is completely transforming the way people work across the globe and allowing people to become more interconnected. Machine automation takes away the stresses attached to manual labour and boos...

16 Jun 2022
The future of Payments in Europe
Shabnam Wazed

Scoring an open goal – how lenders can evolve their models and consumers can create credit histories

By Shabnam Wazed, Founder and CEO of AGAM International Banks and lenders have historically focused extensively on a borrower’s current financial information when evaluating their likelihood of repayi...

15 Jun 2022
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Asaf Myrav

Insurance-linked investments are opening up new opportunities for diversification

The current volatile economic environment, with the war in Ukraine, interest rate uncertainty, and the lingering effects of COVID, has enforced the need for investors to diversify their portfolios wit...

14 Jun 2022
Alternative Investments
Abhinav Paliwal

7 must needed attributes for BNPL

BNPL is not the same as traditional lending. It creates a rare win-win-win for Consumers, Merchants & Banks. Here are 7 key attributes that make BNPL work as it is meant to 👇�� All these parame...

14 Jun 2022
Banking and Lending Solutions
Ralph Rogge

Top tips to drive financial inclusion and better cash management for SMEs

Cash is king! Cash is more valuable than profit, revenue, stock or receivables, and remains critical for any businesses. It's an unavoidable necessity to pay for staff and suppliers and provides you w...

10 Jun 2022
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Blockchain Loyalty Programs - Sizzling Or Fizzling?

I’ve been asked many times to share my take on the latest status of Rakuten Coin, an altcoin that I wrote about in How Blockchain Can Crack The Holy Grail Of Loyalty Programs four years ago. That is n...

06 Jun 2022
Chris Principe


CRYPTO to CBDC - Payments have gone through significant innovation in recent history. Each time innovation has improved the convenience, speed, and security of money. Let’s review these money mileston...

31 May 2022
The future of Payments in Europe
Carla Venter

Sequoia warns start-ups: It is not the strongest, most intelligent that survive

You may have seen Sequoia Capital’s recent presentation to start-up founders, titled “Adapting to Endure”. I first saw it here. It’s more than 50 slides, so here’s my summary in under 1000 words – f...

31 May 2022

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