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Discussion around current trends in regulations for banks globally

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Maysam Rizvi

How Fintech is Helping Consumers with Rising Rates and Financial Challenges

In recent years, there has been a continual rise in base rates, which began in December 2021 and is expected to continue into 2024. At first glance, these increases appear as calculated policy decisi...

18 Sep 2023
Luigi Wewege

The Evolution of Regtech: Insights From Youverify

The dawn of the digital era brought with it many exciting advancements in technology, but it also ushered in an era of increasing complexity in the world of compliance. In a time of unparalleled regul...

18 Aug 2023
Mete Feridun

Practical Insights from the Basel Commission’s proposed changes to its Core Principles

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) issued a public consultation on revisions to the Core principles for effective banking supervision ("Core Principles") on 6 July 2023, refle...

08 Jul 2023
Steve Morgan

Merging Banks Through a Transformation of Sales and Service Operations

Bringing together two financial organisations to offer better value to customers, greater organisational efficiencies and to be a platform for ongoing innovation is quite simply the toughest challenge...

05 Jul 2023
Daniel Schlaepfer

Complex Rules Beget Costly Unintended Consequences

A new report from Acuiti Management Intelligence has found that almost half of EU and UK-based proprietary trading firms are considering moving to a different jurisdiction to avoid increasingly burde...

05 Jun 2023
Johnny Steele

Model risk management: not just for risk models

The PRA’s new supervisory statement extends banks’ model risk management obligations “across all models” - not just capital and stress testing. What steps must banks take to comply? Despite last year’...

25 May 2023
Barry Cashman

UK regulators take aim at archaic data management practices

The increasing availability of data in the finance industry provides firms with the opportunity to gain deeper insights into market trends, customer behaviour, and exposure to risk. With the help of a...

24 May 2023
Robert Houghton

Everyone’s unfairly guilty, until proven innocent in the eyes of financial regulators

The recent raids by French prosecutors that targeted the Paris offices of five major banks including HSBC and BNP Paribas on suspicion of fiscal fraud is a serious matter, and it’s one that should not...

19 Apr 2023
Steve Morgan

What EU 6th AML/CFT Rules Mean for Banking Technology

While Ukrainian war sanctions have dominated the debate about how banks should tighten KYC-systems, there is a parallel major overhaul of the European Anti-Money Laundering and Combating of Financing ...

13 Apr 2023
Ravishankar Poonjolai

UK Consumer Duty Regulation – Impact on buy side firms

The Consumer Duty regulation sets higher and more defined standards of consumer protection across UK financial services sectors and requires FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated firms to put th...

13 Apr 2023

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