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Matt Beattie

Implementing a remediation programme: Critical success factors

As financial institutions move to integrate, automate and streamline their systems (all in the face of a toughening regulatory environment), process flows and the underlying data points are coming und...

09 Feb 2021
Andreas Hobbelin

Anti-money laundering - Statements that echo's over 10 years after

Over 10 years ago, one statement got international attention, another statement didn’t even get national attention. Still both statements echo’s today, although differently. The then Head of United Na...

21 Jan 2021
Alistair Catto

Meeting the requirements of AML 5 and 6

Recent analysis conducted by LexisNexis highlighted that many financial institutions are struggling to complete their implementation plans for the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD). Even m...

11 Jan 2021
Richard Blore

A Renewed Focus on Outsourcing and Third-Party Risk from the Financial Stability Board

Those of us who work in financial services are keenly aware that third-party risk management (TPRM) continues to be a key area of focus for global financial services regulators. Recently, we have seen...

21 Dec 2020
Retired Member

Six solution considerations to accelerate ISO20022 based Payments

ISO20022, also known as the universal financial industry message scheme, is the platform proposed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to develop all financial messages. It is n...

17 Dec 2020
Joris Lochy

Getting licensed - A business in itself

With regulators worldwide becoming more and more demanding and processes to get licensed becoming more and more costly and complex, obtaining a license from a regulatory authority has become a full bu...

23 Nov 2020
Joris Lochy

How too much compliance might actually increase the risk of financial service companies?

Following the financial crisis, bank control authorities (like the FCA in the UK or the FSMA in Belgium) and compliance departments within banks have grown exponentially. As a result, regulatory costs...

13 Oct 2020
Chris Ibbitson

No time for downtime in financial services

No enterprise has ever wanted unplanned downtime of their services; and that is especially true in the financial services industry. Over the last two years, there have been multiple banking system fa...

23 Sep 2020
Adrian Sargent

Bank Capital Requirements for Climate Change

All you may have already seen the Finextra article with reference to Green RWA Asssocation, the theory ids bansk need to hold capital for all risks, therefore our paper proposes a methodology to alloc...

09 Sep 2020
Shirish Netke

PPP - A Lifeline and Industry Threat ?

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) offers a case study in government activism. It’s vital: At a time when the economy is reeling from a global pandemic, PPP is designed to support a variety of busi...

06 Aug 2020