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Discussion around current trends in regulations for banks globally

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Nish Kotecha

ESG’s “Waterloo” moment

ABBA, one of the most successful bands in history performed in London recently. Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid looked real, authentic and amazing for their years. The crowds loved it. Regrettably...

05 Jul 2022
Joost Van Houten

Banks must join forces to fight money laundering

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in financial services is pushing the eternal battle against money laundering into a new phase. For some time, in a bid to curb the ...

20 Jun 2022
Mete Feridun

EU Sustainable Finance Framework: What does it mean for banks?

The European Commission's (EC) Action Plan on sustainable finance is a major policy objective by the European Union (EU) to promote sustainable investment. As per the plan, banks are expected to fina...

29 May 2022
Rafal Andzejevski

Fintech sector’s overreliance on chatbots is a mistake

A recent study has found that 73% of consumer banking interactions are now digital, as people and businesses increasingly choose direct banks over more traditional banking institutions. Some of the k...

26 Apr 2022
Daniele Casamassima

Comply or Resist: Can Crypto Remain Decentralized Throughout Geopolitical Conflicts?

Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine has led to numerous sanctions from Western countries. 12 days into the conflict, it became the most sanctioned country, which deeply affected its economy and 14...

17 Mar 2022
Alastair Lauder

FCA warns UK financial institutions of UBO adherence

Following the start of the Ukrainian crisis, the FCA sent letters to all UK financial institutions, warning them the new Economic Bill will be fast-tracked. This bill includes a new register meaning f...

17 Mar 2022
Jonathan Wood

How to strengthen your supply chain security to comply with new PRA regulation

Banks are on high alert for cyber attacks. The European Central Bank recently told them to prepare for possible Russian-sponsored cyber attacks as tensions with Ukraine increase. This follows a surge...

23 Feb 2022
Zeeshan Anwar

The FCA proposes a New Consumer Duty

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes In May 2021, the FCA published a consultation paper (CP21/13) on a “New Consumer Duty” in an attempt to stop consumers from being provided with misleading information...

24 Jan 2022
Carolyn Kostelny

2022: A year of regulatory developments, possible deviations, and certain delays

While 2021 wasn’t the busiest of years in terms of regulatory reporting go-live implementation, important developments did take shape. Among the more important of these developments was the publicatio...

20 Jan 2022
Barley Laing

The Pandora Papers underline the importance of PEP checks

The recent release of the Pandora Papers has shone a light on the sometimes unethical or corrupt practises of the politically connected and the super-rich. For those in financial services the Papers h...

10 Nov 2021

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