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Discussion around current trends in regulations for banks globally

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Sassan Danesh

Transforming BoE’s Data Collection: The evolution of regulatory reporting

Finance is very much a data business with financial firms critically dependent on good information. They need fast access to comprehensive data, which provides them with insight in order to provide se...

02 Jun 2020
Adrian Sargent

The influence of regulation on liquidity: from problem to solution.

Writen by Colin Weir Associate at Carlyle - Executive Search insights provided by Adrian Sargent The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted that financial stress events can occur with little prior warning an...

30 May 2020
Mete Feridun

Integration of Pillar 3 Disclosures into Regulatory Reporting: New Challenges and Opportunities

The Basel Committee’s revised Pillar 3 framework of 2015 was intended to address shortcomings in the consistency and comparability of firms’ regulatory disclosures. Introducing standardised disclosure...

12 Feb 2020
Shirish Netke

US Treasury's Strategy 2020 - A Risk-based Approach to AML

Last week, the US Department of Treasury published its 2020 Strategy document that "employs a whole-of-government approach to guide the public and private sectors in addressing 21st century illi...

10 Feb 2020
Philippe Carrel

LIBOR to survive the RFRs

Neither IBORs nor RFRs; firms should ready up to work with both types of benchmarks and reference rates for the foreseeable future. The quantitative finance focused publications of 2019 have highligh...

21 Jan 2020
Mete Feridun

Regulatory and corporate returns are once again on the regulatory spotlight: What should firms do?

On 7 January 2019 the Bank of England (BoE) published a discussion paper (DP) on the way it collects data from financial institutions in response to the June 2019 Future of Finance report undertaken b...

10 Jan 2020
Brian Costello

Creating a rich financial future for all

A US financial regulator opened an investigation last month into claims that Apple's credit card offered different credit limits for men and women. Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple tweeted tha...

10 Dec 2019
Mark Gibson

AML-CTF Failures can Kill Banks and Careers

Westpac Bank in Australia is facing one of its gravest crises from systemic AML/CTF failures over a 5-year period that contravened the AML/CTF Act on over 23 million occasions. Heads are rolling at W...

02 Dec 2019
Andrew Stevens

Why banks' latest clash with the CMA proves the consumer is king

Last week, HSBC and Santander agreed, following CMA action, to refund customers after they both broke a legal order relating to unarranged overdrafts. Part 6 of the CMA’s Retail Banking Market Invest...

02 Dec 2019
Mark Gibson

Comparing Rules Engines vs Machine Learning for AML-BSA-CFT

We have been asked to explain the differences between rules-engines and machine learning for anti-money laundering/banking secrecy act applications on numerous occasions. This question typically arise...

08 Oct 2019