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Riten Gohil

Why Orchestration Tech is the Future to Unlocking Identity

Is Identity Broken? Identity is broken, or many will have you believe so, in reality it sort of works allowing hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses around the world to activate and access ...

11 Jan 2021
Finextra site news
David Fagleman

Make it a new year’s resolution to be more careful with what’s in your wallet

Digital enthusiasts commonly portray a future in which technology has eradicated crime. Indeed, one of the most loved arguments for a cashless society is that without physical money criminals will be ...

05 Jan 2021
Digital Identity Management
Steve Cook

Digital Identity - Prove you are not a fake?

In today's world of biometric authentication and digital identity, proving that someone is real is a serious challenge for online and mobile services. Deepfakes, 3D masks, and even fake photos of peop...

16 Dec 2020
Michael Bevan

A primer on using AI for ID document verification

Today’s AI-driven KYC platforms help banks, fintechs, insurers and more onboard customers and catch fraud at a higher rate—with less dropoff—than ever before. Through the sequential use of proprietary...

11 Dec 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
John Erik Setsaas

Basics of digital onboarding: what are the consequences of bad customer onboarding?

A business which asks for too much information or is confusing about their data needs will simply alienate the customer. Customer onboarding has always been important, but in the new digital world, wh...

11 Dec 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
John Erik Setsaas

Basics of digital onboarding: why you need to know who your customer is

“The human face is, after all, nothing more nor less than a mask.” Dame Agatha Christie, the famous murder-mystery writer, once said. Our face is just a mask in an ocean of masks, and it only shows wh...

10 Dec 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
John Cant

You've been quiet - are you Dormant, Deceased or just Gone Away?

When a financial sector customer becomes less active it is often an important signal that they have reached a new stage in their lifecycle, and critically need specific handling. We will look at some

08 Dec 2020
Data Management and Governance
Barley Laing

ID Verification is no longer an obstacle to global growth

The global growth of banks and challenger fintechs based in the western world has long been restricted because of issues related to effective identity (ID) verification. The stumbling block has been l...

04 Dec 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Bo Harald

Public-private not-for-profit network for verified data needed in all countries

Why, how and what described in the somewhat busy picture below. It works well as animated and walked through. But I will try with some brief points here: Why? The goal is to remove friction from the e...

16 Nov 2020
Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services
Michael Bevan

Best practices for a successful KYC remediation project

In the past two years regulators in some jurisdictions (most notably the Nordics, UK and the Netherlands) have started to increasingly focus on the quality and completeness of existing client records—...

09 Nov 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Nick Miller

The Market is Hot! Is your brand ready? A checklist for preparing your brand for IPO success.

“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” U.S. President Harry Truman famously said it to his war contracts team. CEO’s prepping for an IPO deploy it with their marketers. Headlines fl...

09 Nov 2020
Marketing in Financial Services
Stephan Wolf

When Process Creates Potential: New Opportunities for Banks in Client Onboarding

By adjusting their onboarding processes financial institutions can enhance their client experience, reduce costs and pave the way for new cross border services, explains Stephan Wolf, CEO, Global LEI ...

09 Nov 2020
Digital Identity Management