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Steve Morgan

AML must get a tech boost in 2022

Banks seem to struggle on applying anti-money laundering controls, despite their obvious determination to not break the law and support initiatives to stop criminal activities and terrorist funding. E...

20 Jan 2022
Law and Finance
Robert Prigge

Why financial institutions must address digital identity in 2022

According to UK Finance, there was an 84% surge in “impersonation scams” at the start of the pandemic as fraudsters looked for ways to capitalise on COVID-19. With our financial lives now heavily onl...

21 Dec 2021
Information Security
Ben Bulpett

Don’t let holiday hacks distract from the threat lurking inside

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. Online sales are forecast to hit over £32 billion from mid-November to the end of December 2021. However, it’s not all glad tidings; more online shopping...

14 Dec 2021
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Barley Laing

How address verification can solve a number of challenges for those in financial services in 2022

Address verification is often viewed simply as a practice that improves the accuracy of direct mail. However, it offers much more than that to the financial services industry that’s facing a number of...

14 Dec 2021
Digital Identity Management
Ron Benegbi

Lessons From a Founder

One of the most exciting events in an entrepreneur’s journey towards building a successful business is the very first one that occurs. That moment – sitting in a downtown coffee shop, standing at a bu...

06 Dec 2021
Small Business Lending Innovation
Stephan Wolf

Why Financial Inclusion in Emerging Markets is the Backbone of a Strong Global Supply Chain

LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group), Zimbabwe’s NMB Bank Limited, GLEIF, Cenfri and Cornerstone Advisory Plus recently collaborated to launch the first iteration of GLEIF’s digital business identity in...

17 Nov 2021
Financial Inclusion
Barley Laing

The Pandora Papers underline the importance of PEP checks

The recent release of the Pandora Papers has shone a light on the sometimes unethical or corrupt practises of the politically connected and the super-rich. For those in financial services the Papers h...

10 Nov 2021
Banking Regulations
Barley Laing

Steps to drive global growth while adhering to local AML and KYC regulations

It is convenient and much more efficient for people to conduct financial business on the web. On the flip side, the growth in online transactions has led to a substantial increase in fraudulent activi...

20 Oct 2021
Banking Regulations
Matt Tyrrell

The CDR is a great first step, but Australian small businesses need more

The Consumer Data Right, first introduced by the Australian Government in 2017, seeks to promote innovation and competition by giving “consumers greater access to and control over their data”. The ro...

14 Oct 2021
Open Banking
Kartik Swaminathan

Centralised and Digitised KYC Platform

A Centralised & Digitised Know your Customer ecosystem is quite beneficial in the new age digital economy. It helps quickly onboard customers and avoids duplicates w.r.t submission of documents. T...

05 Oct 2021
Digital Identity Management
Guillaume Forget

All Trains Cancelled: How an e-Sig Failure Derailed a €3bn Transport Deal

On 21st September, the Swiss-based train manufacturer, Stadler, announced that it lost a €3bn contract with the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB due to a legally impermissible electronic signature on th...

04 Oct 2021
Digital Identity Management
Robert Prigge

The top 5 tips for staying AML compliant

In recent years, anti-money laundering (AML) has become an increasingly sophisticated criminal activity. It’s estimated that between 2% and 5% of global GDP is laundered each year, and identity theft ...

24 Sep 2021