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A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

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William Perry

The value of personalisation to today’s Finserv customer

The modern finserv customer has high expectations. Accustomed to the ease of mainstream consumer services, they expect the same levels of experience to be replicated across their financial services jo...

14 Sep 2023
Bo Harald

Our sacred mission

Our sacred trust infrastructure mission the incoming autumn will be to: 1. Make it crystal clear to all organisations (especially the in the public and SMEsectors) and most citizens how immensely ser...

07 Aug 2023
Rebecca Trivella

Driving loyalty through Gamification: How to incentivise cardholder spend

Boosting cardholder spend is at the core of every card issuer's strategy. It's simple – the more a cardholder uses their card with healthy spending habits, the better it is for the issuer. However,tra...

31 Jul 2023
Nick Delis

360 communications: the key to alleviating exhaustion in the insurance industry

Nick Delis, Senior VP of International and Strategic Business, Five9 Insurance companies are working around the clock to meet soaring demand, operating in a high-stakes, high-stress environment. With ...

18 Jul 2023
Rebecca Trivella

Gamification: When does it make sense for card issuers?

Credit card promotion used to be a straightforward path. Today’s journey is more like a labyrinth. Cardholders need persuading to choose your card, activate it, make their initial purchase, and use it...

07 Jul 2023
Alex Ford

Why banks need RegTech solutions to succeed

RegTech solutions have become increasingly critical for banks looking to accelerate digital transformation initiatives to power operational efficiency and ultimately, growth. While compliance teams

01 Jun 2023
Thomas Pintelon

Tips and tricks for making investment tools more transparent in these high inflation times

In these times of high inflation - significantly higher than interests on savings - investing your excess money (wisely) is crucial to avoid losing purchasing power. Hundreds of books and courses try ...

25 May 2023
Jose Pierre

Quantum Computing, AI: Unleashing the Power of the Future

In the realm of cutting-edge technologies, two groundbreaking fields have captured significant attention: quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI). While they are distinct in nature, both po...

24 May 2023
Ritesh Jain

Beyond Disruption: Fostering Growth and Innovation Without Sacrificing Existing Businesses

Over the last few decades, "disruption" has become a prevailing mantra in the business world. Companies have been urged to disrupt industries, disrupt competitors, or even disrupt themselv

05 May 2023
Bo Harald

ChatGTP quite good at shortening my earlier post

Governments and enterprises will adopt a global trust infrastructure, resulting in citizens and organizations receiving general-purpose identity wallets that can obtain, deliver, and pass on verifie

09 Apr 2023

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