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Regulatory Reporting

Financial cyber defence: gearing up for DORA

04 Apr 2024

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is a new European regulation designed to fortify the cybersecurity landscape and ensure financial firms can effectively manage digital risks. Coming into effect in January 2025, financial entities have a matter of months to ensure their cybersecurity capabilities align with a number of new DORA requirem...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Financial Institutions Embrace Cyber Fusion Centers for Unified Approach to Evolving Risks

13 Feb 2024

Financial institutions face an evolving threat landscape that requires enhanced visibility across all assets, regardless of location or infrastructure. This presents a range of considerable and rapidly evolving challenges, and, as a result, organisations need to continuously assess how all the moving parts in their security operations are organise...


How cyber fusion could unlock dormant value in security tech stacks

17 Jan 2024

The challenges of cybersecurity and compliance are reaching unprecedented levels of complexity, particularly in the finance sector. Concerns have expanded beyond traditional criminal activities to encompass politically-motivated hacktivists aiming to bring down banking systems or expose sensitive information. Their machinations have injected a new...