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MD at Tec 8 Limited
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Bio Working with large banks and FinTech companies to provide banking with business solutions for the digital age across transactional banking. Covered many aspects of banking including FX, MM, payments, real time activities including liquidity. Holistic reviews of cash management for bank and client, both retail and business, direct corporate ERP bank linkages and Open Banking/PSD2. (Please see 'A Step by Step Approach' to Open Banking and You'. ( Includes the new technologies (Blockchain), digital money (cyber currencies) and security against cyber-crime. Career History Extensive expertise and management in banking and technology, from both bank and IT supplier experience: Citi, Misys (Finastra), FIS global, SAP and Cognizant.



APP Fraud is now virtually free to the banking industry

14 h

The effects of fraud are not merely financial. As with other crimes against the person, victims suffer deep emotional distress – people have been known to commit suicide. The victim-blaming approach taken by banks is often a bigger contributary factor to their trauma than the actual financial loss causes people deep trauma. In the new world of op...

The Payments Business

Customers have 50 percent chance of reimbursement after APP fraud

08 Apr 2021

A consultation by the PSR (Payment Systems Regulator) to PSP(Payment System Provides)/Banks to prevent Authorised Push Payment Scams (APP) at source and to provide better support to the victims is underway. APP scammers use Faster Payments as their payment channel of choice, 80% of APP fraud. To do so scammers need a bank account. Contingent Reimbu...


Financial Services Regulation

A Rude Awakening: fraudsters are now fearless

08 Mar 2021

Faster payments is the fraudsters’ preferred method of payment as the money arrives almost immediately in the payee’s account. To receive that payment therefore, the fraudster has to open a bank account. The current dysfunctionality is each bank holds the client’s information in confidence and does not share insights on risk on that account to oth...

UK Faster Payments

Reducing Instant Payment Fraud requires transparency, unity and technology

10 Feb 2021

Society and Law has reached a check point where the new digital world is almost beyond the current laws and banking practises. Let’s take a look at fraud in Faster Payments, UK’s instant payment initiative, which is being replicated in over 50 countries, and soon to become available for cross border payments. Faster payments fraud totalled £330 mi...