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Bio Currently, I am employed at Codelegs Ltd. in the UK, contributing to innovative developments in audio watermarking. Concurrently, I actively engage in my cryptocurrency ventures, some of which have succeeded significantly. Career History I am a developer and product owner with over a decade of hands-on coding experience and expertise in cryptocurrency technologies. I excel in both project management and coding, and I am capable of handling a wide range of projects with ease. Notably, I have created projects such as LOBSTR, StellarTerm, and StellarX. Additionally, I serve as an advisor in various projects, offering my insights and expertise. You may have come across some of my presentations at cryptocurrency conferences, particularly those focused on the Stellar network, where I share my knowledge and experiences.


Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services

Soroban Smart Contracts and Their Impact on the Stellar Blockchain

02 Apr 2024

The release of the smart contacts platform Soroban on the Stellar blockchain in February 2024 marked the most impactful upgrade in the network’s 10-year history. Stellar is a decentralized, public blockchain that gives developers the tools to create experiences that are more like cash than crypto — it has been actively developing since 2014. Built...

Law and Finance

Understanding Smart Contracts: a practical guide

22 Mar 2024

There have been a lot of inventions over the course of history that revolutionised the way people handle their business processes. From clay tablets in Mesopotamia as early as 9000 BCE to paper in China at about 100 CE all the way to computers in the second half of the 20th century. What is the next thing that would make us rethink our ways and ra...