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Ivan Tsang

Blockchain Technology for Commercial Banks - Opportunities and Challenges

Opportunities The decentralization, distributed accounts, smart contracts, and other features of blockchain technology will reconstruct the existing centralized financial infrastructure. Firstly, ba

12 h
Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services
Narmatha P

7 Viable NFT Business Investment Ideas in 2022

Ideas are the lifeblood of Business. Capture every fleeting idea and drive for change ~ Richard Branson (a British business magnate). Every Business's heart is a product/service idea that persuades t...

21 Jan 2022
Blockchain Observations
Charles X

Impressive Top 8 NFT Business Ideas In 2022

Introduction The digital world is evolving as years pass by. The technological marvel is going to great heights and it is still evolving to be something that is highly recognizable by everyone. Numer

18 Jan 2022
Blockchain Observations
Amita Choudhary

The Benefits of Merging Fintech Firms

Today, it is common for businesses in the financial tech (fintech) industry to engage in co-op agreements. Financial technology has so much potential and so many opportunities for growth that this sho...

11 Jan 2022
Dmytro Spilka

Game Over for Meme Stocks as Analysts Predict Retail Sell offs

2021 was certainly the year of the meme stock. January of last year played host to one of the most memorable short squeezes in stock market history as a group of Reddit-based retail investors collabor...

06 Jan 2022
Louisa Murray

2021 - That was the year that was

It would have been great to say, well at least this year we saw the end of the pandemic. As I write this, we have more reasons to be optimistic that we are closer to the end, but we are still going to...

31 Dec 2021
Fintech World
Dmitry Dolgorukov

AI Tech for Financial Inclusion and Better Marketing: What You Need To Know

The finance industry has long been riddled with criticisms of biased lending. Studies show that minority groups often face discrimination when applying for loans. Usually, this results in higher inter...

24 Dec 2021
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Peter Shubenok

How Digital Transformation Can Help You Work With ‘Gray-Zone’ Clients

Lending to 100%-verified, reliable clients is straightforward — the risk is clear and, so too, are the terms. However, not every customer who approaches your business will fit neatly into this box. So...

20 Dec 2021
Digital Bank Transformation
Alejandro Gutierrez

DeFi’s Liquidity Pool Party is Getting Started (and everyone’s invited).

Until recently, accessing liquidity was like an exclusive pool party in the Hamptons. It was not for everyone: you had to know a banker or someone from Wall Street to get in. Entry requirements wer

16 Dec 2021
Marius Costin

A look at this year’s Black Friday around the world

In the lead up to Black Friday, industry leaders expected that numbers would well surpass previous years. When looking at markets such as Europe and Latin America, the sales holidays have remained the...

16 Dec 2021
Narmatha P

Start To Build an NFT Platform like Bored Ape Yacht Club

Limited, rare, and exclusive are the apt phrases to describe the success of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Which is the most popular collection that offers exclusive memberships for investors? It is Bore...

15 Dec 2021
Blockchain in NFT Platform and IDO
Amita Choudhary

Types of Finances Explained

The term finance refers to the management of money and involves managing funds through lending, investing, borrowing, saving, budgeting, and planning. Finance is how you manage your funds along with a...

07 Dec 2021
Finance 2.0