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Konstantin Rabin

Citi banks to work with most promising Isreali fintechs

Citibank is one of the most active larger banks that actively tries to follow the trends and the demands of their customers and for the longest time, the prime request for their customer has been more...

8 h
Konstantin Rabin

The new age of Fintech - What you need to know about data aggregators

Earlier last month, news feeds were abuzz about a major acquisition within the financial industry, when Visa purchased fintech startup - Plaid, for a substantial sum of $5.3 billion. Although major n...

11 Feb 2020
Joris Lochy

Financial inclusion - A word with many meanings

In recent years, the usage of the term "Financial Inclusion" has risen exponentially. As with any buzzword, it is used and misused by many companies to boost their corporate image and get su...

10 Feb 2020
Financial Inclusion
Keith Stonell

Let’s get this gig on the road

The “gig economy” is growing rapidly. Technology acceleration has enabled businesses like Deliveroo to pioneer its working model in the UK. The increasing number of contractor jobs has risen from 1.3...

10 Feb 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Bernd Richter

The EU pension dilemma: Pan-European Personal Pension to the rescue?

Pension is known in the western world as income at age and what pays the bills, when one retires from his/her job life, what was put aside during work life. But not many actually understand how much i...

08 Feb 2020
Trends in Financial Services
Sudhesh Giriyan

Outlook 2020: Digital trends that will shape the remittance industry

Developments in the digital space are changing the dynamics of the remittance market, driving it on a steady upward curve. According to the World Bank, in 2018, remittances to low- and middle-income c...

03 Feb 2020
Konstantin Rabin

Why are companies increasingly choosing trading algorithms?

Trading is a complicated process that requires time, attention and resources. While the gains that come from it is what convinces so many people to dedicate a huge part of their lives to trading, as t...

30 Jan 2020
Financial Inclusion
Tim Scammell

Turning Numbers into Actions

Today's executives are facing mounting pressures from a variety of new sources. The Traditional demands of product evolution and revenue generation remain unchanged. However, the wide-ranging ramifica...

29 Jan 2020
Financial Transformation
Tom Blacksell

New data sources: How they can help the SME invisibles

Tying to expand any business takes investment, but with smaller businesses often lacking sufficient cash, securing additional funds can be the solution to grow and become more productive. Unfortunatel...

22 Jan 2020
Financial Inclusion
Konstantin Rabin

Goldman Sachs on its way to dominating the fintech market

2019 saw a lot of big companies getting into fintech and trying to develop their own innovations or invest in the right startups across the world. We’ve seen some companies do it right and many do it ...

21 Jan 2020
Konstantin Rabin

How Fintechs are disrupting tax reporting services

In discussions around fintechs, we often discuss various financial services but taxation is often left out of the conversation. While the benefits of fintechs that cover the unbanked are unanimously c...

16 Jan 2020
Finance 2.0
Jonathan Westley

Two years later and Open Banking is putting consumers firmly in control of their finances

Two years on from the launch of Open Banking in the UK and we’ve seen a wave of innovation which has transformed the way we all manage, move and make the most of our money. Experian is behind many of ...

15 Jan 2020
Innovation in Financial Services