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Marcus Treacher

Why banking infrastructure is broken blog #4 – how will the fabric of money change?

The increasing digitalisation of our world is impacting all of our everyday lives - and money is no exception. At its core, what money is and its capabilities are. We’re seeing government, big tech, t...

19 May 2022
Banking Architecture
Antti Karjalainen

Financial Institutions Should Introduce Automation – Just Make Sure it’s the Right Kind

Over the past several years, the intersection of finance and technology has grown, helping to expand markets and drive innovation. While this presents an exceptional opportunity to automate companies ...

05 May 2022
Open-source Financial Services
Vinny Kaimal

Financial Innovation Success: Building a Metrics Framework

The financial industry is no stranger to innovation investment. Even before the onset of the pandemic, banks and their fintech partners had unveiled many successful innovations – from digital wallets ...

02 May 2022
Innovation in Financial Services
Campbell Shaw

Purchase intelligence could be the key to helping consumers through the cost-of-living crisis

Energy bills, food prices, national insurance and inflation are all on the rise causing mounting financial pressures and concerns for consumers. As the cost of the weekly food shop goes through the ro...

26 Apr 2022
Online Banking
Marcus Treacher

Why banking infrastructure is broken blog #3 – who will run the payment rails of the future?

In this instalment of ‘Why banking infrastructure is broken’, we’ll take a look at payment rails. We’ll explore the issues with payment rails today, what needs to change and setting the right foundati...

13 Apr 2022
Banking Architecture
Marcus Treacher

Why banking infrastructure is broken blog #2: why banking infrastructure must change

As technology has evolved and opened up new possibilities for the way businesses and consumers interact with their financial service provider, neo banks, fintechs and increasingly non-financial brands...

06 Apr 2022
Banking Architecture
Marcus Treacher

An introduction to… Why banking infrastructure is broken

The rise of fintech is dramatically reshaping the financial services market. The emergence of new technologies and capabilities has bought about enormous change across the entire landscape, change tha...

29 Mar 2022
Banking Architecture
Pooja Golakonda

Can digital currency sustain the test of technology and costs?

Generations over a period of time moved from a metallic currency to coins and then to paper notes which ultimately got legalized in the form of Cash (i.e. Govt printed bank notes) issued by the Centra...

24 Mar 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Alina Jennings

What are the key challenges facing commercial and retail banking in 2022?

Looking to the rest of 2022, companies and individuals will have reflected on the past 12 months and look forward to the upcoming challenges of 2022. As with all industries, there will always be chal...

21 Mar 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Mohammad Abidi

Upgrading legacy post-trade infrastructure: 3 key technology considerations when integrating SaaS

While front-office technology has enabled trading in nanoseconds, post-trade processing remains manually intensive, opaque, restrictive and slow. Interoperable SaaS platforms can provide efficient, f...

18 Mar 2022
Capital Markets Technology
Lior Lamesh

A banker’s guide to smart blockchain innovation

If there is one thing we can expect from 2022, it’s that banks will continue to size up the blockchain space, the same space they were once so eager to avoid. Another seeming inevitability is that th...

08 Mar 2022
Pete McIntyre

Digital Assets, Crypto, Blockchain - what's this got to do with Treasury and Intraday Liquidity?

Blockchain, Digital Assets, Crypto, Tokenised Assets, Digitial Currencies, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). I’m sure that I’ve missed out many nouns and adjectives that are used to cover this ...

17 Feb 2022
Treasury Management

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