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Domenico Scaffidi

ISO 20022 Migration: Why Banks Need To Move Fast

SWIFT’s decision to delay migration of cross-border payments to ISO 20022 by 12 months has important strategic implications for the industry. With multiple market infrastructures moving to ISO 20022 o...

11 h
Standards Forum
Hirander Misra

Are UK Banks profiting from the current coronavirus crisis and failing SMEs?

A UK business could be eligible for a Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS), as set out by the UK Government. However, it appears that despite the Government’s best intentions, this sc...

02 Apr 2020
Finance 2.0
Tim Simon

Keep Calm and Carry On...Doing Business!

Most of us have never experienced times like these before but, while the medics deal with the health crisis, we - the financial services and FinTech sectors - have a crucial role to play in minimising...

26 Mar 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Breana Patel

How To Improve Risk Management Processes In The First Line Of Defense For Large Banks

The Three Lines of Defense model, abbreviated as 3LOD, is a modern tool for enterprise risk management that has shifted corporate philosophy. This model creates an environment where everyone in an org...

17 Mar 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
David Ratnage

All Digital Lending Approaches are Not Created Equal

With on-demand services and faster decisions, digital lending platforms are changing the face of commercial lending. But digital approaches differ – and as banks transform their operations to keep up ...

16 Mar 2020
Capital Markets Technology
Bob Lyddon

Protecting global financial markets from Eurozone systemic risk

The Euro is a currency without a Eurozone sovereign legal person backing it. Swathes of Eurozone financial assets are rated and accounted for as if there was such a legal person, whereas the backing f...

28 Feb 2020
David Ratnage

Choose Change for Faster, More Accurate Credit Decisions

When you're assessing the creditworthiness of borrowers, you need technology to help you not only do it efficiently and get it right but also give you flexibility. So, is your credit assessment soluti...

27 Feb 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Roger Vincent

The Internet, not Open Banking, is Revolutionising Finance

The future of finance is open. But not because of Open Banking legislation, but because the internet has unshackled information flows. In the future, financial information will flow horizontally acros...

27 Jan 2020
Open Banking
Vivek Iyer

Leveraging Data in Commercial Lending

Digital Transformation in Commercial Lending is proceeding apace with banks rolling out initiatives in multiple areas like Re-imagining customer experience, Empowering Relationship Managers, and adopt...

20 Jan 2020
Analytics in Banking
Breana Patel

How Lenders Can Reduce Compliance Risk For Unfair, Deceptive Or Abusive Practices UDAAP

The prohibition of “unfair or deceptive acts and practices” by federal banking regulators is not new. First introduced via the 1938 Wheeler–Lea Act, with a significant expansion in 2004, the concept h...

02 Dec 2019
Financial Risk Management
Eli Taranto

Breaking the Taboo About Offshore Banking

Offshore banking has always carried an air of subversion about it, but following the release of the Panama Papers in 2016 the industry was catapulted into an entirely new and highly critical light. Si...

25 Sep 2019
Banking Regulations
Ujwal Santuka

Consumer Trends For Financial Services in 2019

With the phenomenal growth in innovative fintech tools this year, financial marketers are expected to meet and fulfill every customer need and want. They are increasingly faced with the task of engagi...

12 Jul 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation