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Gerwin Woelders

The deceptive certainty of proven technology in banking

Some people are super enthusiastic and passionate about the possibilities of new Tech. In many cases however, they will be asked if it is proven technology. Which competitors use this new Tech already...

21 Jan 2021
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Kirston Winters

2021: Brexit, no equivalence and the day of the SEF

The transitional period ended on 31 December with no relief for European Union (EU) firms on the derivatives trading obligation (DTO) from the European Commission (EC) and only limited adjustments fro...

21 Jan 2021
Peter Larsson

Nordic payments evolving

One year ago, I posted an article What’s next for Nordic payments? Rise of real-time that is cross Nordic border – the P27 initiative that now has become a de facto infrastructure with a real plan go...

31 Dec 2020
SEPA and European Payments
Rolf Hauge

Trade Finance updates for 2021, no more delays please

I shared my thoughts this time last year about the upcoming SWIFT Releases originally scheduled for 2020 and the importance of early preparation. Earlier this year, the planned SWIFT changes for Trad...

03 Dec 2020
SWIFT Matters
Bob Lyddon

Unicredit ejects the pilot as it prepares to be stuffed in merger with Monte dei Paschi

Jean-Pierre Mustier is to step down as CEO of Unicredit Group, in which he restored Faith and Hope over the last few years. He baulked at Charity: agreeing a merger with Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS...

01 Dec 2020
Matt Neill

7 steps to planning client onboarding and CLM change

2021 will be a challenging but critical year for financial organisations wanting to deliver change within client onboarding and client lifecycle management (CLM). Covid and the fear of a global recess...

24 Nov 2020
Operational Risk Management
Sophie Dionnet

Alternative data, AI, and ML: The road to socially responsible recovery

With a total shutdown of certain sectors of activity, it was not surprising that in June, leading economic forecaster EY Item Club predicted that GDP would shrink by 8% this year. Though the drop was ...

24 Nov 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Banks Or Fintechs: Who Is Ahead?

In Why Banks Will Never Catch Up With Fintechs, I shared my thoughts on why I believe that Banks will never be able to catch up with Fintechs in terms of the User Experience of their websites and app...

30 Oct 2020
Tomasz Blicharz

The Business Model tests for cloud banking platform

Taking into consideration the initial set up of the financial institution what business measures (out of the traditional calculated ratios like ROI, IRR, etc.) should be taken into account in the deci...

08 Oct 2020
Cloud Banking out of the Box
James Maxfield

The Economic Imperative of Post Trade Resilience in Capital Markets - Why & How

As the world reflects upon the impact of the last 6 months and starts to revise strategy based upon the ‘new normal’ that it now finds itself in, we look at what C-level leaders should be doing to cat...

23 Sep 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Kirston Winters

IBOR transition update: EuroSTR has an August holiday?

After the recent uptick in EuroSTR (a.k.a. €STR) volumes in late July driven by the major CCPs switching from using EONIA to EuroSTR for discounting all Euro OTC interest rate products we looked at Au...

21 Sep 2020
Financial Services Regulation
Claus Christensen

3 Principles to Successfully Digitise Corporate Onboarding in Banking

Paper processes used to take days. Digital journeys usually take minutes. Mobile app processes should take seconds. Since mobile technology has entered everyday life, our standards for what constit...

03 Sep 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation