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Serter Kazim Solak

Bridging Data Science and Engineering for Sustainable Banking Experience

In this article, I am going to explain how bridging the gap between data scientists and engineers may help your company unlock the full potential of the data. I will demonstrate collaborative strategi...

10 Apr 2024
Alex Ford

The rise of Corporate Digital Identity in banking

The rise of Corporate Digital Identity in banking Corporate Digital Identity (CDI) is revolutionizing the Client Experience in Institutional and Commercial banking. Enabling fast, accurate identity v...

28 Mar 2024
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Parth Prafulbhai Sonara

SWIFT ISO 20022: Technological Advances and Challenges

It is predicted that by 2025, ISO 20022 will handle 80% of transaction volumes and 87% of transaction value globally. In Europe, the adoption deadline was extended to November 2022. ISO stated that t...

26 Mar 2024
Innovation in Financial Services
David Ratnage

Digitalize to Diversify in Commercial Lending

When the going gets tough for commercial lenders, the tough get diversifying. In challenging macroeconomic conditions, there’s no guarantee your traditional customer base will weather the storm. But d...

20 Mar 2024
Banking and Lending Solutions
Richard White

What benefits could ISO 20022 bring to trade finance?

A continued push for digitisation, transparency and automation in trade finance prompts the question about the impact a migration of Swift messaging from MT to an ISO 20022 standard (MX) would have on...

18 Mar 2024
Innovation in Financial Services
Richard Bennett

Exploring the Global Impact of the 2023 US Banking Crisis

It is around a year since Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic failed, and while its effects were by no means as far reaching as those in the global financial crisis over 15 years a...

18 Mar 2024
Financial Risk Management
Riaz Syed

What financial institutions need to know about coreless banking

Coreless banking represents a groundbreaking paradigm shift in the world of banking, aiming to revolutionize how financial institutions operate. In a nutshell, it is about embracing a system that giv...

07 Mar 2024
Open Banking
Steven Hatton

What does a Financial Institution need to consider when looking for a technical partner?

In today’s world of collaboration between the Financial Institutions and Fintech there could be a number of reasons for looking to partner with a technical provider rather than attempt to create a new...

07 Mar 2024
Financial Transformation
Ross Kolodyazhnyi

Banks Risk Losing Billions of Dollars in a Few Years

In a world where people learn to use their thoughts and brain chips to control technology, plastic cards and 2-day transactions still prevail. Such a strange combination, don't you think? It often see...

07 Mar 2024
Terry Hubert

The Evolution of Standards and the ISO Journey in Trade Finance

Trade finance, essential for global commerce, facilitates 80-90% of trade transactions, serving as a primary driver for economic growth. However, its heavy reliance on paper contrasts with the digital...

05 Mar 2024
SWIFT Matters
Ivan Heard

Gen AI isn't the only tech driving automation in banking

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has surged into the mainstream and is poised to revolutionize operations in the banking sector. Several factors have fueled this surge, notably the exponential growth in d...

29 Feb 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Indra Chourasia

What it takes to navigate AI inflection point: Prompting the change in technology management mindset

The dust storm from the Generative AI frenzy started after the launch of ChatGPT a year ago appears gradually settling down. While bringing the phase of excited delirium to a halt, it also amplifies a...

29 Feb 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

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