Sehrish Alikhan

Open Banking 2023: A global review

Sehrish Alikhan - Editorial Assistant, Finextra
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Sustainable investment app Clim8 shuts down
Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

  "clean energy, clean technology, smart mobility, clean water, the circular economy, and sustainable food." Consumers and Business need to get their head around the fact that this will not fly. Clean energy in the form that will deliver enough consistant energy simply does not exist. Nuclear is the only option currently that will get rid of coal if that is what we fumbling Westerners are worried about. Certainly China and India are not. Our communities are unravelling because there is not enough power, due to the ignorance arrogance or otherwise of politicians and so called climate scientists.  Take a look at how much polution is created through the manufacturing of EV and Lithium Batteries, and of Solar Panels and Wind Turbines. And the subsequent cost to the environment for disposal of these after their life cycles.  Fision might hopefully one day be a direction.  "raised more than £10 million in equity rounds and also secured millions more through a series of crowdfunding campaigns."  And if that wasn't enough then it is pointless. There are no venues for this and those companies that claim to have "evolving solutions" are just cashing in on the weak individuals who feel they have to "save the planet". It does not need saving because it is not failing. Verified by researching what optimal CO2 densities are, and that is "above" 450 ppm.    
Top US regulator hits Binance with law suit
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Ketharaman Swaminathan

  If CFTC knew that Binance was violating CFTC rules and did nothing about it for years, then, contrary to its claim, CFTC HAS tolerated willful avoidance of US law.