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Bio Raj is the CEO of BlueFlame AI, the generative AI platform for alternative investment managers. Career History Raj draws on a wide-ranging background encompassing sales, marketing, software development, corporate growth, and business management. Throughout his career, he has played a central role in developing top-tier tools in alternative investments and cybersecurity. Formerly Chief Strategy Officer at ACA, Raj oversaw corporate development and M&A, also serving as Interim Co-CEO, Chief Innovation Officer, and Head of RegTech and ESG. He was the founder of Aponix, later ACA's cyber division, a leader in the alternatives sector. Raj's experience includes roles as a quantitative software developer at Kepos Capital, Highbridge, and Goldman Sachs Asset Management. He holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Columbia University, along with CISSP and CFA credentials.


Alternative Investments

Mapping the AI Path for Alternative Investment Managers

06 Dec 2023

Alternative investment managers recognize the potential of AI and have spent 2023 experimenting with the multiple tools available. Unfortunately, while everyone has seen the power of ChatGPT and personal tools, most have struggled with how to make this usable in their work lives. In many cases there have not been clearly enough defined objectives,...