Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan

Banking Industry Market Lead at Pegasystems
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Bio Steve Morgan is Pega's Global Industry Lead for Financial Services. Career History Steve has a background in both management consultancy and executive roles in the financial services industry. He has led transformation programs at JPMorgan, Barclays, NatWest and Deutsche bank, and was COO for mortgages and COO for Retail and Commercial Lending at ANZ bank.


Going green

The future of banking is environmentally sustainable

17 Mar 2022

As COVID-19 prompted people to think about their impact on the planet, banks have reviewed their approach to environmental, social & governance (ESG) with fresh eyes. KPMG’s 2021 ESG risks in banks report notes there is increasing demand from investors for sustainable products, as well as growing pressure from regulatory bodies to consider ESG...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Voice AI: how it can be used to reduce fraud

15 Mar 2022

Voice AI has the potential to revolutionise how banks reduce fraud and speed up the resolution of fraud claims. There is agile software on the market with integrated voice AI capabilities, creating opportunities that will allow banks to tackle crime, maintain regulatory compliance and improve customer service. While voice AI is still in its early ...

Frictionless Payments

What’s Next for Travel Payments and Trade post Omicron?

04 Mar 2022

There’s no doubt that both Omicron and the crisis in Ukraine are having impact on both travel and trade. Global trade, payments and expenditure patterns both for retail and corporate clients will continue to shift rapidly. No predictions here on global politics or pandemic mutations, but I think it is clear where we are headed on both cash and dig...

Law and Finance

AML must get a tech boost in 2022

20 Jan 2022

Banks seem to struggle on applying anti-money laundering controls, despite their obvious determination to not break the law and support initiatives to stop criminal activities and terrorist funding. Even the biggest banks have problems, as the UK’s financial regulator reported in December 2021. The regulatory pressure to focus on know-your-custom...