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The risks from Cyber cime - Hacking - Loss of Data Privacy - Identity Theft and other topical threats - can be greatly reduced by implementation of robust IT Security controls ...

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Aare Reintam

Preparing for DORA

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) will enter into force on the 17th January 2025. After this point, banks, other financial institutions, and all organisations providing services and produ...

19 Jul 2023
Michael Berman

Strengthening Cybersecurity Defenses: The Significance of Vendor Cyber Monitoring

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity, financial institutions face an ongoing battle to protect their systems and data. That battle extends beyond their own systems and data to those of t...

18 May 2023
Aileen Allkins

Fending off the fraudsters: how organisations can protect themselves from cyberattacks

In 2015, a senior executive at Mattel received an email from the company’s newly appointed CEO. The note requested the processing of an overdue payment to a familiar manufacturer. In acting on the ema...

04 May 2023
Aare Reintam

Achieving Zero Trust in Finance as Digital Ecosystems Grow in Complexity

Those of us who work in the cyber security industry have been talking about Zero Trust for more than a decade now. During that time, it’s fair to say that the financial services industry has become re...

03 May 2023
Ameesh Divatia

Protecting and Sharing Financial Data is not Easy — Here’s How to Do It

Data represents both a huge opportunity and a significant risk for companies in the financial services industry. On the one hand, data sharing and analytics can help organizations uncover a wide array...

24 Apr 2023
Luke Watts

Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace: Which is Better?

Microsoft Office used to be the only office software that mattered (at least in the business world). Now, Microsoft is working to sideline its traditional office software in favour of its cloud-orient...

21 Dec 2022
Philip Chethalan

Best Practices, Challenges and Trends in Employee Onboarding for BPOs

Employee Onboarding effectiveness defines whether your employee will be engaged or disengaged at work, depending on the impression created on them. Poorly managed onboarding can lead to abandonment, e...

25 Nov 2022
Tristan Hinsley

5 Reasons to Use Cybersecurity Performance Management (CPM)

Over the last half decade, industry insiders around the world have watched cybersecurity budgets balloon astronomically to fight the ongoing threats facing businesses everywhere. The rise of ransomwar...

30 Sep 2022
Steve Bradford

The allure of fraud – and how to protect against it

2022 has so far seen an insatiable appetite for stories of fraud. From ‘The Tinder Swindler’ Simon Leviev fooling potential love interests into giving him millions of dollars to escape his "enemi...

31 Aug 2022
Boris Bialek

How to create a zero trust environment in financial services

It wasn’t that long ago that security professionals protected their IT in much the same way that mediaeval guards protected a walled city – they made it as difficult as possible to get inside. But onc...

30 Aug 2022

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