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Suman Rao

How design thinking can transform user experience in wealth management

Design thinking is, at its core, a process of empathizing with the user. The methodology has been successfully used in many industries to drive human-centred innovation, resulting in the creation of p...

30 Nov 2023
Alex Kreger

Digital Customer Expectations in Banking

In recent years there has been growing discussion on the ability of financial institutions to adapt their services to the expectations of digital-first customers. What should financial businesses cons...

13 Nov 2023
Alex Kreger

Prevent Sabotage of Customer Experience in Digital Banking

Almost every financial institution invests a lot of effort and money into improving customer experience (CX) in the banking service they provide. This is the main way to ensure a competitive advantage...

12 Oct 2023
Alex Kreger

Banking Innovation: Do Not Let Your Mindset Stop You

Our perception of the world is determined by the rules instilled from childhood. And often, this mindset becomes an obstacle to innovation in banking service design. Many simply do not notice the oppo...

25 Sep 2023
Alex Kreger

Prepare for a UX Marathon in Banking Because Design Sprints Will Not Help

There is one similarity in the world of sports and banking services design. I'm talking about two approaches — sprinting and marathon running. Picture two renowned athletes, Usain Bolt and Eliud Kipch...

18 Sep 2023
Pavlo Farb

How to build secure banking apps and digital wallets

Thinkers always win, don't they? Industry leaders who think strategically and plan are more likely to achieve their goals. A product that meets user expectations, ensures safety of their assets and se...

14 Sep 2023
Donica Venter

The Exponential Adoption of Digital Banking

Embarking on this article, we join Jan Ludik, CEO of Traderoot, as he delves into the rapidly expanding realm of digital banking and the indispensable role that fintech innovation plays in driving its...

25 Aug 2023
Pavlo Farb

Preventing Fraud in Digital Banks

By offering a wide range of advantages over traditional payment methods, financial wallet applications are becoming increasingly popular both among customers and fraudsters. Only in 2021 e-wallet loss...

31 Jul 2023
Konrad Litwin

Preparing For a Run: Ensuring Financial App Performance Quality During Unpredictable Circumstances

When it comes to testing the performance of their applications, retailers have somewhat more of a predictable workload. They already know the busy times – Black Friday and the week before Christmas,

12 Jun 2023
Alex Kreger

Ten UX Strategies for Next-Gen Digital Banking Products

We see hundreds of new skyrocketing fintech startups and challenger banks. They work hard on usability and design the best financial user experience (UX) to build the next generation of financial prod...

01 Jun 2023

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