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Joris Lochy

The boundary between Data and Code is blurring

In the corporate world, the usage of Excel files is still enormous. Many business tools are still running in Excel, often extended with VBA macros and applications. As an Excel fan myself, I can relat...

19 Oct 2020
Data Management and Governance
Jamie Nascimento

Why -you don’t get fired for buying IBM- is no longer true

(602 words; 2 min) “you never got fired buying IBM”. The old adage that safe bets don’t go wrong is dying out. To get ahead in today’s competitive world, you need the right tech, not just the most pop...

18 Sep 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Kevin O'Neill

6 Ways to Create a Frictionless Client & Investor Lifecycle Journey for Asset Servicing Firms

As digital transformation continues to impact the financial services sector, Asset Servicing (AS) firms are under significant pressure to modernize their processes. To transform successfully, they nee...

17 Sep 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Daniel Thafvelin

Decoding Outsourcing Within the Insurance Industry

Outsourcing, or the use of external competencies, is something that management often considers; What parts of my organization can be outsourced, and what to keep in-house? The question that often

08 Sep 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Jonathan Shanks

Don’t let spiralling cloud costs disrupt your fintech project

The fintech industry as we know it wouldn’t exist without the cloud. No financial app, comparison website or any of the other numerous innovations we’ve seen emerge from the last decade would be possi...

26 Aug 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Ryan Clifford

The customer community: harnessing the power of sideways communication

In a world with more customer choice than ever, retention has become one of the key business metrics – especially for SaaS businesses. A commonly quoted statistic is that it can cost five times more t...

25 Aug 2020
Rupert Fallows

A Commercial Underwriter’s Guide to Automation, Part 1

Front to Back Office Automation Insurance underwriting is a critical differentiator between the leaders and the laggards when one looks at it from an operational performance lens. We’ve drafted this

13 Aug 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Ryan Clifford

Getting personal with APIs to unlock lending

Lending money is a risky business. The biggest challenge for any lender is how to balance service (the drive to serve as many customers as possible) with risk (the possibility of a customer defaulting...

13 Aug 2020
Ryan Clifford

Building for transparency and sustainability in finance

Financial products have a reputation for being difficult to understand when it comes to both terminology and functionality for everyday consumers. Customers often have to deal with an abundance of arc...

05 Aug 2020
Rupert Fallows

Unlocking digital transformation in governance, risk, and compliance with automation

In a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape that's tightly coupled with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, GRC transformation has become extremely crucial to both short term and long term success of an organ...

04 Aug 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Kevin O'Neill

Breaking down Silos: 4 Key Transformation Challenges for Transfer Agents and Fund Administrators

In a recent post, we explored how Asset Servicing (AS) firms are grappling to meet their clients’ and investors’ fast-evolving digital service and real-time reporting expectations. The underlying reas...

29 Jul 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Tejasvi Addagada

BigData Lake for Financial Services - Need to stress on Platform Governance

As Banks and Insurance firms have already embraced Data Lakes for their Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning capabilities, it is important to look for continuous Return on Investment on the pl...

26 Jul 2020
Analytics in Banking