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Bio Guy Melamed is the co-founder and CEO of Exberry, the exchange technology pioneer revolutionizing marketplaces. With his innovation and passion, Guy leads the world's most skilled product strategists in disrupting the industry by bringing top-notch products to the market. Guy Has been selected on as one of 12 Fintech Leaders that are shaping the industry.


Capital Markets Technology

All Market Rise: Maximising Exchange Profit by Modernising Across All Sectors

19 Apr 2024

Imagine a scenario in which a large, successful financial exchange is making profits across all its markets alike, from equities, fixed income and derivatives, to commodities and FX. Yet, sadly, this vision is far from reality. Oftentimes smaller and less liquid markets, such as for fixed income and derivatives, find it difficult to obtain the mod...

Capital Markets Technology

Back to Basics: A Wishlist for Cloud Providers from the Financial Exchange Industry

19 Mar 2024

Greater investment in hardware and networking needed to make cloud-based colocation and multicast a reality As some of the world’s largest financial industry participants gathered in Boca Raton last week, one fact that was hard not to miss was the increasing presence (and sponsorship) of the major cloud providers. These cloud providers are investin...

Capital Markets Technology

Capital Markets Metamorphosis: AI Forging a New Foundation

05 Mar 2024

We're excited to be heading out to FIA Boca! I’m looking forward to insightful conversations and connecting with everyone again. This year’s agenda focuses on the latest developing technologies, including the potential of next-gen AI and tokenisation, promising to transform capital markets. It’s fascinating to observe that, only a few years ago,...

Capital Markets Technology

How APAC Exchanges Can Prepare For Predicted Growth Of Emerging Stock Markets

21 Feb 2024

The market cap of exchanges in emerging markets should exceed the value of U.S. exchanges as soon as 2030, according to Goldman Sachs economists. They have further calculated that as of 2022, the Americas accounted for only 27.4% of equity trading volumes, which is already less than half of the share of APAC’s volumes. India is forecast to achiev...