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Five things to know about test data when developing financial software

21 Apr 2022

With the advent of DevOps, testing plays more of a starring role in developing financial services software, but many still view it as an annoying bottleneck. Within that, the biggest bottleneck of all is locating quality test data (the information against which to carry out a test). Searching or waiting for someone to generate that information is ...


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Questions to ask when modernising IT infrastructure using the cloud

30 Apr 2021

As financial organisations continue their digital transformation, using a cloud-based infrastructure is no longer a choice: it has become a must-have. The debate lies in choosing the right type of cloud environment and the associated tools and processes. There are multiple aspects to bear in mind, and this article does not cover every single one o...



Why code reviews matter when developing financial software, and how to do them well

25 Nov 2020

When developing financial software, code reviews are critical, because whether or not they are mandated by policy or law, they help to find and sort out issues early. After all, introducing software with problems is expensive, time-consuming and a very real business risk. Code reviews encourage better, more consistent coding practices across teams...

Analytics in Banking

Now’s the time to look at best practice around risk modelling

08 Jun 2020

Using advanced mathematical modelling for calculating, predicting and evaluating risk is nothing new. Financial institutions of all kinds have long been using numerical libraries, whether home-grown or from a third party, containing mathematical, statistical and — increasingly — machine learning algorithms. However, the increasing complexity, mark...