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Bigger than Technology

Customer satisfaction and mobile apps: why a new approach to testing and code quality is needed

20 Aug 2019

2019 is a landmark year for the mobile industry: the introduction of foldable smartphones by firms including Huawei, LG and Samsung is one of the most significant developments that market sector has seen for years. As well as presenting design challenges for device manufacturers, it also means that any app running on foldable phones will need to s...

Banking Regulations

Don’t forget software development when preparing for audits

29 Mar 2019

In the compliance and regulation-driven financial services market, we all know that audits are a fact of life. What is perhaps less well-known is that software development is also subject to these audits. It makes sense because after all, software is at the heart of most financial products these days and it can be an area of risk if not managed ...

Innovation in Financial Services

DevOps theory is great, but DevOps good practice is a bigger challenge

09 Nov 2018

DevOps: spend more than five minutes looking at any IT-related website or magazine and it would be easy to assume that it is the saviour of modern-day software development. Based on the concept of breaking down the traditional barriers between software development and operations teams, it promises a more collaborative and transparent working envir...

Financial Risk Management

Keeping up with customer expectations - with Agile ALM

29 May 2018

In the crowded, hugely competitive and increasingly digitally driven FS sector, software is being developed and rolled out faster on an unprecedented level. I’m not just talking about implementing whole new IT systems, but all the software updates and new features that are happening at an increased cadence. The financial firm that fails to keep u...