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Ivan Kot

The Basic Dos of Service Level Agreements

Though service level agreements (SLAs) have proved their importance for business reputation and project success, many IT vendors still doubt that SLAs have any relevance for them. Meanwhile, IT consul...

23 Dec 2020
Business Knowledge for IT
Erik Fogg

Fintech and the Software Testing Challenge

Software testing is regularly subject to trade-offs - that is, attempting to cover as much of a codebase as is possible given time and resource constraints. Sometimes known bugs slip through to releas...

07 Dec 2020
Konrad Litwin

Why code reviews matter when developing financial software, and how to do them well

When developing financial software, code reviews are critical, because whether or not they are mandated by policy or law, they help to find and sort out issues early. After all, introducing software w...

25 Nov 2020
Terry Boyland

The 4 Layers of DevOps for Financial Institutions

There has never been a more essential time to ensure teams work together and deliver features with speed and efficiency. Implementing DevOps practices into your workflows gives your business the struc...

18 Nov 2020
Digital Banking Trends
Rupert Fallows

A Commercial Underwriter’s Guide to Automation, Part 2

Read Previous Blog, Part 1 - Insurance underwriting is a critical differentiator between the leaders and the laggards when one looks at it from an operational performance lens. We’ve drafted this 2nd

10 Nov 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Colin Fernandes

DevSecOps in banking - maturing your approach to modern applications

Companies in the banking sector are undergoing a range of digital transformation initiatives, and while these projects are necessary to remain competitive, they can also bring problems. Making use of ...

10 Nov 2020
Information Security
Yaroslav Kuflinski

Is Your Data Ready for AI?

We’ve already figured out that AI has an immense potential to enhance business processes of many kinds in almost any industry imaginable. AI is poised to redefine conventional business models, enhance...

29 Oct 2020
Business Knowledge for IT
Jussi Karjalainen

Data driven business intelligence begins with data integration

- Top tips for getting your finance and procurement data in order. We are all striving for the ability to make data-driven decisions. Whether it is using data to find patterns, identify emerging trend...

28 Oct 2020
Data sharing
Yaroslav Kuflinski

Facial Recognition for Business: Applications and Adoption Pitfalls

Each time you recognize someone’s face, you’re using an internal form of facial recognition. In a matter of milliseconds, your mind breaks down the parts of their face, puts them back together, and ma...

19 Oct 2020
Business Knowledge for IT
Joris Lochy

The boundary between Data and Code is blurring

In the corporate world, the usage of Excel files is still enormous. Many business tools are still running in Excel, often extended with VBA macros and applications. As an Excel fan myself, I can relat...

19 Oct 2020
Data Management and Governance
Jamie Nascimento

Why -you don’t get fired for buying IBM- is no longer true

(602 words; 2 min) “you never got fired buying IBM”. The old adage that safe bets don’t go wrong is dying out. To get ahead in today’s competitive world, you need the right tech, not just the most pop...

18 Sep 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Kevin O'Neill

6 Ways to Create a Frictionless Client & Investor Lifecycle Journey for Asset Servicing Firms

As digital transformation continues to impact the financial services sector, Asset Servicing (AS) firms are under significant pressure to modernize their processes. To transform successfully, they nee...

17 Sep 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation