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Rebecca Trivella

A New Approach: How Gamification Reinvents Credit Card Launches

Today's customer isn't just looking for another card to add to their collection. What they want is a financial partner that offers an engaging and rewarding experience. No longer limited to traditiona...

15 Sep 2023
Wassim Ghabali

Open Finance Revolution: Marketing’s Unexpected Transformation

It is high time to dive headfirst into a phenomenon shaking up the finance world – Open Banking. It's not just about seamless banking anymore, there's an intriguing twist to this tale - a profound eff...

23 Aug 2023
Nelia Holovina

Engage, Motivate, Succeed: Cases of Tech Gamification in Business from All over the World

The incorporation of games into everyday life has the power to revolutionize how we learn, work, and engage with technology. Imagine turning education into an epic quest, transforming fitness routines...

30 Jun 2023
Vaskar Dey

Revolutionizing Personalized Marketing in BFSI Industry with the power of Location-Based Targeting

In recent times, we observed that the paucity of time has reduced the attention span of customers and intense competition has resulted in shifting of their loyalties. Hence, personalization or targeti...

11 May 2023
Sweta Agarwal

How Sustainability Marketing can elevate Financial Service Institutions brand reputation and revenue

Sustainability, green economy, are not just buzzwords anymore. They hold a deeper value, and in last couple of years especially during and post-pandemic, a large section of population has realized the...

28 Mar 2023
Pulkit Giria

How can marketers manage consent and preferences of the customers to enhance personalization?

Today, financial services marketers are facing great challenges with recent laws and increased customer sensitivity around data privacy while communicating with their customers across channels. Any co...

28 Mar 2023
Mayank Sharma

Towards Purpose led Experiences — A Critical Role of Digital Accessibility in BFSI Sector

It’s like any other day for John. He is sitting in his living room, sipping that morning coffee, when his phone announces a notification “you’ve a new email from Kiti Bank”. Curiously, he asks the vo

24 Mar 2023
Nelia Holovina

The Mad Scientist of Advertising: My Experiments with Free AI-Generating Tools

Picture this: you're sitting at your desk, sipping on your coffee, staring blankly at your computer screen. Suddenly, inspiration strikes! You remember hearing about a free artificial intelligence too...

11 Mar 2023
Elena Berestovaya

Be Picky! - A Working Marketing Strategy for New Forex Startups

At UpTrader, we often come across forex brokers who struggle with stagnant sales growth. To address this challenge, they may try various approaches such as improving their software, adding new assets,...

24 Feb 2023
Colin Grieves

How data insights can help businesses understand their customers during the cost of living crisis

Over the last 12 months, UK households have experienced various challenges, with many forced to cutback on expenditure on non-essential items to deal with the rising cost of living. But is that the co...

08 Feb 2023

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