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Pulkit Giria

How can marketers manage consent and preferences of the customers to enhance personalization?

Today, financial services marketers are facing great challenges with recent laws and increased customer sensitivity around data privacy while communicating with their customers across channels. Any co...

28 Mar 2023
Mayank Sharma

Towards Purpose led Experiences — A Critical Role of Digital Accessibility in BFSI Sector

It’s like any other day for John. He is sitting in his living room, sipping that morning coffee, when his phone announces a notification “you’ve a new email from Kiti Bank”. Curiously, he asks the vo

24 Mar 2023
Nelia Holovina

The Mad Scientist of Advertising: My Experiments with Free AI-Generating Tools

Picture this: you're sitting at your desk, sipping on your coffee, staring blankly at your computer screen. Suddenly, inspiration strikes! You remember hearing about a free artificial intelligence too...

11 Mar 2023
Elena Berestovaya

Be Picky! - A Working Marketing Strategy for New Forex Startups

At UpTrader, we often come across forex brokers who struggle with stagnant sales growth. To address this challenge, they may try various approaches such as improving their software, adding new assets,...

24 Feb 2023
Colin Grieves

How data insights can help businesses understand their customers during the cost of living crisis

Over the last 12 months, UK households have experienced various challenges, with many forced to cutback on expenditure on non-essential items to deal with the rising cost of living. But is that the co...

08 Feb 2023
Nelia Holovina

Five Lessons Business Can Borrow from the Movie Avatar

James Cameron's work on Avatar is an inspiring example for businesses and entrepreneurs today. No wonder, taking into account the success of the movie: Avatar (2009) got nine Academy Award nomina

03 Feb 2023
Kerry Leech

Why Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a key B2B fintech strategy

You’ve probably heard of Account Based Marketing. It’s a highly effective and efficient demand generation strategy — used by leading B2B fintechs — because it hones your entire marketing and sales to...

24 Jan 2023
Saurabh Singla

What are the benefits of Press Release Publication ?

Press releases are a way to communicate important news or information about your business or organization to the public and media outlets. There are several benefits to using press releases: Visibi

05 Jan 2023
Anoop Melethil

Transform the Banking Customer Experience through Hyper-Personalization

Traditionally marketing functions in banks were accountable for building brand awareness and, to some degree, generating revenue. As post-pandemic trends show, functional areas of customer acquisition...

07 Dec 2022
Kerry Leech

Fintechs and art of demand generation: The new playbook

The gated content ‘lead generation’ era is over. Today’s B2B buyers want to consume high-quality content, gather insights, and solicit advice from their peers - before ever talking to sales. In fact, ...

28 Nov 2022

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