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Share opinion and experience on how the payments landscape is changing and learn about the challenges and opportunities facing payments stakeholders in the future.

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Helen McHugh

Alleviating the complexities of the payment ecosystem

The payments ecosystem is a complicated multi-layered pathway of entities – which can include a BIN sponsor (issuer), processor, programme manager, card bureau, scheme (for example such as Visa or Mas...

18 Mar 2021
Ame Stuart

The pandemic and cash usage

A lot is being documented on how COVID has accelerated the digital banking and transformation agenda, as more remote channels have become the norm for everyday banking. Similarly, the pandemic has als...

19 Feb 2021
Chinmay Jain

What problems does payment orchestration solve?

Payment orchestration is a hot topic in digital payments and needless to say, it has become even more relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. Essentially, a payment orchestration platform can help busi...

18 Jan 2021
James Tomaney

Payment Solution Architectures For The Post-Pandemic World

The surge in electronic transaction volumes in 2020 was driven by the switch to contactless card payments and the increase in e-commerce, triggered by the behavioural changes of consumers faced with t...

07 Jan 2021
Joris Lochy

Peer-to-peer payments - A crucial component towards a cashless society

The Corona crisis has led to an exponential decrease in the usage of cash, due to the associated hygienic problems and the enormous rise of eCommerce. While in commercial transactions cash is disappea...

01 Dec 2020
Chris Principe

Who can it be now?

Who can it be now? Who can it be knocking at my door? Go 'way, don't come 'round here no more. Who can it be now? These 1981 lyrics of Men at Work foretold the usage of Facial Recognition (FR) today. ...

30 Nov 2020
Christian Spaltenstein

Addressing Evolving Customer Experiences with API Technology

The strategic necessity for digital transformation has been on the rise as businesses are now realizing its importance to effectively automate day-to-day processes. According to SmartBear’s ‘State of...

05 Nov 2020
Scott Lane

Super app, or just another mobile payments app?

When we talk about mobile payment apps, many think of a mobile wallet app – one you can use to pay for goods and services with merchants who accept mobile payments. Mobile wallets can often offer diff...

03 Nov 2020
Scott Lane

Could 2021 be the year of the payments super app?

Smartphone technologies have been driving payments innovation and influencing customer habits for years. But the digital demands of 2020 have created an exceptional environment for mobile apps and pay...

28 Oct 2020
Duncan Barrigan

Will Covid-19 spell the end for cash?

Bank debit schemes. Contactless technology. Mobile wallets. Payments technology has evolved at an incredible rate. Even before Covid-19 cash was losing its dominance around the world. Now the coronav...

30 Sep 2020