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Victor Kupcis

Create your data-driven economic value – don't let complexity lead you to complications

It's amazing how you can have a lot of information but gain no insight... #dataanalytics should be about bringing people and data together so they can innovate. What do I mean? The DRIP* syndrome i

22 Jul 2022
Analytics in Banking
Boris Bialek

Building banking for the future based on the right tech

Banking used to be a somewhat stagnant, hyper-conservative industry that seemingly took aeons to evolve. However, in recent years, the banking world has seen a huge shift due to pressure coming in mul...

19 Jul 2022
Cloud Banking out of the Box
Den Burykin

Opportunity for payments industry to shake survival mentality

The payments industry had been dealing with a series of rolling crises, tectonic shifts in the global financial system, before the world’s central banks sounded the alarm on stagflation. It feels like...

05 Jul 2022
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Adam French

Banking on Ad Fraud Prevention and Growing High-Street Accounts

Over the past few years, the banking and financial services landscape has transformed massively. Where once the large conglomerates and legacy banks dominated the industry, the rise of ‘Challenger Ban...

22 Jun 2022
Marketing in Financial Services
A Finextra Member

Innovation for Customer Engagement Doesn’t Have to Mean Reinventing the Wheel

Are you doing everything possible to transform your business digitally? Are you striving to innovate in order to achieve maximum agility? To achieve these ends, are you invested in every kind of next-...

20 May 2022
Financial Transformation
A Finextra Member

How to be a platform-based financial organisation

Written by Blair Walker, Product & Strategy, Waracle ‘Platform’ is such a non-descript word to be used to describe an innovative approach for technologically enabled businesses…but it seems to fit...

13 May 2022
Banking Architecture
Hash Choudhuri

Observability: The next phase in the evolution of data monitoring and breach investigations

The pivot by many banking and financial firms to digital by default over the past few years has played out against a huge surge in cybercrime, with the pandemic creating a perfect storm for new method...

10 May 2022
Data Management and Governance
Den Burykin

Open Banking pushback shows consumers need guidance

The Royal Commission into banking misconduct continues to act as a perfect catalyst of the reliable, responsible and independent future of the Australian digital financial and payment capabilities. Th...

09 May 2022
Open Banking
Victor Martin

Developing Mobile App for A Fintech Startup

For years financial institutions and companies are utilizing several states of the art technologies for meeting the needs of their clients. These technologies shaping financial solutions are now refer...

06 May 2022
Business Knowledge for IT
Sergio Barbosa

Banking as a Service helps keep traditional banks relevant and competitive

When we first engage with traditional banks we often hear about the same challenges. Banks today are expected to compete against small, nimble fintechs on the one hand, while also fending off the grow...

27 Apr 2022
Banking Architecture
Konrad Litwin

Five things to know about test data when developing financial software

With the advent of DevOps, testing plays more of a starring role in developing financial services software, but many still view it as an annoying bottleneck. Within that, the biggest bottleneck of all...

21 Apr 2022
Mohammad Abidi

Upgrading legacy post-trade infrastructure: 3 key technology considerations when integrating SaaS

While front-office technology has enabled trading in nanoseconds, post-trade processing remains manually intensive, opaque, restrictive and slow. Interoperable SaaS platforms can provide efficient, f...

18 Mar 2022
Capital Markets Technology

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