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Alex Kreger

Founder & CEO at UXDA
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Bio Alex Kreger is a financial UX strategist, Founder & CEO of UXDA - passionate financial UX design architects and designers who have added soul to more than 100 digital financial services in 36 countries. Career History Most financial brands struggle to overcome the ordinary to make their digital service so stunning that the entire team would be passionate about it and customers would love to use it. UXDA has applied its unique UX methodology to design more than 100 financial products in 36 countries that empower business digital advantage and lead to breakthroughs. The UXDA mission is to humanize the financial industry using the power of design. In a few recent years, UXDA has shared more than 100 long reads to inspire the financial and banking community on customer and user experience in financial services and digital transformation. The total reached audience is 300 000 finance and design professionals from 127 world countries. Alex is also the creator of the unique Financial UX Design methodology: science and expertise-based approach for engineering products that rely on human psychology and the specifics of financial services and digital technologies.


Digital Banking

Banking Innovation: Do Not Let Your Mindset Stop You

25 Sep 2023

Our perception of the world is determined by the rules instilled from childhood. And often, this mindset becomes an obstacle to innovation in banking service design. Many simply do not notice the opportunities that open up in front of them. And those who have broken the usual rules and look at the world differently have an advantage. And we see th...


Digital Banking

Prepare for a UX Marathon in Banking Because Design Sprints Will Not Help

18 Sep 2023

There is one similarity in the world of sports and banking services design. I'm talking about two approaches — sprinting and marathon running. Picture two renowned athletes, Usain Bolt and Eliud Kipchoge. Bolt, the world's fastest sprinter, is recognized by the majority of people. He holds the 100-meter sprint world record with an astounding time ...

Digital Bank Transformation

Banking Customer Experience Improvement in Digital Services

14 Sep 2023

In modern banking landscape, the key to client satisfaction and financial brands profitability lies in the excellence of digital services. Today's consumers demand more than reliable transactions and secure storage of their funds; they seek seamless, intuitive and emotionally resonant interactions with their financial institutions. It is not enoug...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Improve Customer Satisfaction in Banking with UX Audit

04 Sep 2023

Many digital banking platforms are in urgent need of updating. Banks know that changes are needed, and their customers are also demanding and waiting for this. However, not every financial institution can immediately invest the time and enormous resources required to achieve a digital transformation. So where do they start and what can they do to ...

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