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Alex Kreger

Founder & CEO at UXDA
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Bio Alex Kreger is a financial UX strategist, Founder & CEO of UXDA - passionate financial UX design architects and designers who have added soul to more than 100 digital financial services in 36 countries. Career History Most financial brands struggle to overcome the ordinary to make their digital service so stunning that the entire team would be passionate about it and customers would love to use it. UXDA has applied its unique UX methodology to design more than 100 financial products in 36 countries that empower business digital advantage and lead to breakthroughs. The UXDA mission is to humanize the financial industry using the power of design. In a few recent years, UXDA has shared more than 100 long reads to inspire the financial and banking community on customer and user experience in financial services and digital transformation. The total reached audience is 300 000 finance and design professionals from 127 world countries. Alex is also the creator of the unique Financial UX Design methodology: science and expertise-based approach for engineering products that rely on human psychology and the specifics of financial services and digital technologies.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Are we ready for the democratization of finance that DeFi and the Metaverse are bringing?

02 Aug 2022

The lightning-fast development of technologies is fundamentally changing the concept of finance and money. This change is based on a new kind of experience that has become available through digital innovation. To be able to prepare your financial services for the global disruption, or even lead it, you need to explore the future of banking in term...

Digital Banking Trends

Big Tech or Big Curse on the Banking Experience?

14 Jul 2022

An unpleasant thing recently happened to me. My Facebook account was stolen a few days ago despite 2FA. And now Facebook blocked it and needs 30(!) days to explore the situation and maybe unlock my profile. What if the same thing happens to your bank account? Only at critical moments can you feel how much power Big Tech has on your life and how de...

Cryptocurrency Insights

TERRA (LUNA) Disaster: What the financial industry can learn from CX perspective

13 May 2022

The sudden crash of the Terra stablecoins Luna and UST ranked among the top 15 most valuable cryptocurrencies has proven to be a very painful lesson for the financial world. People need trustworthy financial services that are stable and won't make people lose their entire life savings in 24 hours. But, for a financial product to guarantee trust, w...

Digital Insurance Trends

Digital Insurance Trends: Customer Experience Restarts the Industry

17 Feb 2022

More and more companies from different industries are evolving from a product-based marketing mindset to one focused on the customers' experience. This is because in an experience economy of the digital age people don’t buy products or services but the experiences and emotions behind them. Unfortunately, the insurance industry is not exactly assoc...

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