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Alex Kreger

Founder & CEO at The UXDA
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Bio Alex Kreger is a financial UX strategist, Founder & CEO of The UXDA - a well-known UX design agency that has transformed more than 100 ordinary digital financial services into extraordinary ones by using its unique methodology in 32 countries. Career History The UXDA mission is to humanize the financial industry using the power of design. In a few recent years, The UXDA has shared more than 100 long reads to inspire the financial and banking community on customer and user experience in financial services and digital transformation. The total reached audience is 300 000 finance and design professionals from 127 world countries. Alex is also the creator of the unique Financial UX Design methodology: science and expertise-based approach for engineering products that rely on human psychology and the specifics of financial services and digital technologies. The methodology has proven to work on more than 100 financial digital products, developed for multi-billion dollar financial companies, that have become greatly demanded and loved by hundreds of millions of customers globally.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Can Banking for Children Save our Future and How Should it Work?

15 Mar 2021

Almost 60% of all working-age Americans have no retirement savings. Four in ten adults couldn’t cover a $400 emergency expense in the U.S.* Adults struggle to manage their finances, but they want to see their kids grow up as successful people with good financial habits. At the same time, 49% of parents don’t know how to discuss finances with kids ...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

AI-Powered Contextual Banking CX Requires a Radical Paradigm Shift

10 Feb 2021

There's no doubt about the huge potential and possibilities of conversational banking and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in banking. Though it's rarely discussed, its proper integration determines whether it will make customers’ lives better than ever before OR become deadly dangerous if applied without human centricity. A radical paradigm shift is ...

Digital Banking Trends

Post-Covid Digital Strategy: Banking Customer Experience Trends of 2021

04 Jan 2021

The pandemic created a monumental shift from physical to digital by accelerating the natural progress many times over. People have adopted new behaviors that will become habit-forming. Just being digitally developed is not enough to ensure the existence of any financial company. Extreme customer-centricity is becoming a MUST to adapt to the post-p...

Digital Banking Trends

Five Digital Banking Challenges that can be Solved with Customer-Centricity

07 Sep 2020

The digital age has opened more opportunities for development and growth as ever before. This challenges the banks to adopt a new mindset, business approach and innovative technologies to take their services to the next level. Success in tackling these challenges relies on customer trust and loyalty. How to become a loved digital brand that provid...

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