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Lee Williamson

Cashless Street - Valuable Experiment or Shameless PR Stunt?

Last month, an experiment on Beech Road in Chorlton, Manchester, transformed it into the UK’s very first ‘cashless’ street. For one day only the majority of the shops and businesses stopped accepting ...

10 Jul 2014
Retired Member

MMR and Technology - Mutually exclusive?

Earlier this year, FStech magazine looked at technology predictions for the year ahead. I’ve picked out three areas I believe to be very relevant to the UK mortgage market, in this year of the Mortgag...

04 Jul 2014
Innovation in Financial Services
Tim Brew

Is RBS finally on the right track?

As a long time customer of RBS, I think the announcement last week by RBS to spend £1 billion on rebuilding their retail banking business is really great news and gives the bank a massive opportunity ...

30 Jun 2014
Nanda Kumar

A bank account on your shopping list?

That’s the future, if Tesco has any say in the matter. Just a couple of weeks after Facebook announced that it is to offer payments in Europe, banks in the UK now face war on two fronts, in the battle...

27 Jun 2014
Tim Brew

Bank Legacy Transformation

Legacy Transformation - Making the move from a vicious circle into a virtuous circle…. For some time, I have been pondering the position in which most of the major banks around the world have found t...

26 Jun 2014
Sean Bowen

When Real-Time Data Fails to Deliver Instant Insights

The increasing demand for real-time communication, instant insight and customer ‘stickiness’ from clients means today’s businesses have a big task on their hands. Never before has it been possible to ...

23 Jun 2014
Andy Hirst

Big Data is the key to the future of digital services

Nowadays, big data isn’t so much big, as XXXL. Financial institutions are grappling with increased information demand in real time from both customers and regulators, while also finding optimal ways

23 Jun 2014
Retired Member

Prepare Now For Interest Rate Rises or Suffer Later

Just two weeks ago, on the 3rd of June, I spoke at ATMIA’s European ATMs conference in London, and published a blog, on the subject of rising interest rates and the impact this will have on the ATM i...

19 Jun 2014
Kishen Gajjar

Digital banking: Eclipsing the branch, enticing customers?

It’s all over the news. Around the world, banks are closing branches and more plan to follow suit. Their reasoning? “Digital is taking over”. However, this presents its own set of challenges. How do b...

19 Jun 2014
Retired Member

Smart Token wristbands to manage your money Token, by Artefact shows a positive step forward in the quest for real tim...

18 Jun 2014
Retired Member

7-day account switch: customer empowerment or indifference

The UK’s new seven day account switching rule, introduced last year, has important implications for customers and banks alike. But does it really herald a revolution in customer relationships in the f...

18 Jun 2014
Lyndsay  Po

Reimagining the Branch of Tomorrow

Trawling through the mass of articles reporting the closure – or planned closure - of large numbers of bank branches worldwide, you would be forgiven for thinking the end of branch banking was nigh. ...

16 Jun 2014