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Mark Sitkowski

Data Security breach, data security breach... and Juniper

What’s wrong with these people? Is it because mathematics has been dropped from the engineering syllabus at universities, or is it because everyone employs the same incompetent security people to do t...

25 Dec 2015
Grant De Leeuw

Collections in Financial Services: The Self-Service Revolution

Consumer demand, the adoption of new payment methods, competition, regulation, digital transformation and security are powering the self-service revolution in banking. This well-publicised transformat...

23 Dec 2015
Kirsty Berry

Has the adoption of contactless really spurred the UK to spend more on cards?

Contactless bank cards really started to take off in the UK in 2014, with banks issuing more contactless-enabled cards than ever before and more merchants installing networks that could accept them. 2...

23 Dec 2015
Ben O'Brien

7 banking trends to watch in 2016

In 2015, we have seen increased regulatory scrutiny as supervisory bodies look to reform the banking industry and a new culture of supervision and best practice continues to be set by the Bank of Engl...

23 Dec 2015
Travers Clarke-Walker

How to Start a New Bank: Navigating the U.K. Financial Services Landscape

The retail banking landscape in the U.K. has changed dramatically in recent years and it continues to evolve. We have seen the arrival of challenger banks – new, often digital entities focused on cust...

21 Dec 2015
Xavier Marcillac

Why Digital Money Management is Set to Emerge in Asia

The other day, a reputable digital banker asked me, “How many lives does PFM have?” I smiled. Whereas Digital Money Management (also known as PFM, Personal Financial Management) in Europe is arguably...

21 Dec 2015
Richard Broadbent

Getting ahead of the game

In an age driven by technology and innovation, providing services that overlay technology with human touchpoints/interaction where appropriate remains crucial in achieving good customer service, regar...

18 Dec 2015
Dean Wallace

Fintech disruption. Hype or reality?

Earlier this week ACI Worldwide published the findings of a YouGov survey asking ~2000 UK consumers about their attitudes towards banking and new entrants, their payments patterns and behavior. We pr...

17 Dec 2015
Paul Hampton

How banks should approach security in 2016

Over the past few years, data breaches have increased in frequency and size, making the need to protect sensitive information a top priority for businesses worldwide. According to recent reports, ther...

16 Dec 2015
Nanda Kumar

Downsizing: A Blessing in Disguise?

The catastrophic global recession of 2008 sent ripples through the banking sector. Many banks struggled to cope with massive losses suffered because of debt they accrued through somewhat risky investm...

14 Dec 2015
Retired Member


Introduction With Crowdfunding (both debt and equity) accounting for approximately $16bn globally in 2015 (Crowdsourcing, 2015) and FinTech being strongly populated with start-ups operating in the Len...

09 Dec 2015
Ben O'Brien

BoE expect significant investment in stress testing models

Although the latest stress testing results revealed there has been significant improvement in stress testing processes since last year, the results also identified considerable variation across banks....

07 Dec 2015