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Christopher Truce

Building sustainable financial services through collaboration

For financial services, 2016 has been a year of continued innovation and disruption as new entrants have sought to challenge and in some cases replace traditional service providers. Fintech firms beli...

28 Dec 2016
Charles Platt

Capital Markets 2017: Choppy, Robotic and Pragmatic

Choppy regulatory waters and unprecedented political volatility will result in a more pragmatic approach from capital markets firms in 2017, even as they innovate into robo capabilities, automation an...

22 Dec 2016
Retired Member

Retail banks and retailers: do department stores offer a possible blueprint for tech success?

The role of bank CIO has always been a high-pressure one. It is characterised by the need to ‘keep the lights on’, continuously using data and technology to innovate, juggling budgetary restrictions a...

19 Dec 2016
Retired Member

Amazon check-out free shopping and tech-enabled rent to buy: will consumer finance step-up in 2017?

To win and retain customers, retailers and providers of consumer credit compete to offer a hassle-free customer experience. This means efficient checkout processes from retailers and fast and efficien...

15 Dec 2016
Richard Broadbent

Tapping into customer experience of the 20th century

As a consumer today, we expect our banks to know us when we walk through the door and advancements in technology should be making this easier. When I started my working life in the early 90’s, the bra...

15 Dec 2016
Retired Member

FinTech Chatbots - The Millennial Command Line

I have a confession to make - I'm not really a millennial! Despite my liberal use of emojis in my tweets and the word 'awesome', the fact of the matter is I missed out on the crucial millennial cutoff...

14 Dec 2016
Retired Member

If technology and people power can solve the Southern Rail strike - what will it do for Finance?

Yesterday I had to take four buses to get to work in defiance of the Train unions. This gave me the time to think about how we can resolve the impasse between the train company and the unions that is ...

14 Dec 2016
Retired Member

Technology trends in retail banking to look out for in 2017

2016: a year in which blockchain started to enter mainstream speak in financial services and banks increasingly turned to the cloud. Many retail banks embraced technologies to personalise the online ...

13 Dec 2016
Alex Letts

APR: A Pile of Rubbish?

Don't know your APR from your EAR? Well maybe it's time for a human-friendly explanation of all the lending acronyms which, I reckoned, would only take a few minutes to write. It has taken 3 days to m...

13 Dec 2016
Christian Ball

Is Application Design the key to future branch transformation success?

So, what will the branch of the future be like? There is no single answer to this question. Each bank will define its own model, depending on its DNA, its target socioeconomic segment(s), its geograph...

07 Dec 2016
Nanda Kumar

Does IoT impede or support the future of banking?

The internet looks set to advise many aspects of our lives from the moment we wake up in the morning until the moment we go to sleep. Even the humble toaster can be connected to a wireless network whi...

07 Dec 2016
Retired Member

Was 2016 the year that retail banking changed forever?

You can say what you like about 2016 but it’s unlikely to be forgotten. Whereas the memory of most years quickly blur, there’s little doubt that the one just passed will be vividly remembered for a ho...

06 Dec 2016