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Andy Hirst

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VP Banking Solutions SAP at SAP
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Trends in Financial Services

Postcards From The Digital Edge: Innovation Lessons From The Best

22 May 2017

In 1903, the President of the Michigan Savings Bank advised Henry Ford’s lawyer, Horace Rackham, not to invest in the Ford Motor Company. “The horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a novelty – a fad,” he said. Not his best professional moment. Disruption can be unsettling and blindsiding in the short term. But underestimating it can hav...


Two key technologies driving Machine Learning in Financial Services

24 Mar 2017

Predictive powers Many people wish they could predict what will happen next in the world. Many predictions are assigned to the waste bin of time very quickly. With hindsight, unforeseen factors come into play that changed their 'models'. It is because there were so many factors involved to predict. The ability of models to analyse and interpret me...


Machine Learning: Lessons for Banks From Self-Driving Cars

17 Mar 2017

I read a McKinsey article the other day about 'cultural invisibility' - that tipping point when new technologies become so common they're taken for granted and become 'invisible'. Electricity, steam engines, and other twentieth century inventions typically seem to take about 80 years to make the transition. Computers haven't faded from view just y...


Big Data's Three Big Trends in 2016

22 Aug 2016

Big Data’s Three Big Trends of 2016 Last year at Sibos, I talked in depth about some of the key learnings from Big Data projects. At the time, the industry was still getting to grips with the era of data and what that meant for the business of banks. A year on, we are still in a state of transformation, as industry-wide Big Data implications cont...


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