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Kishen Gajjar

Kishen Gajjar

Management Consultant at Infosys Consulting
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Bio Kishen Gajjar is a Management Consultant with over 20 years of experience delivering global strategic and operational change programmes across retail and corporate banking. He is a technophile and has a keen interest in Digital, mobile banking and payments and technology in general



Digital banking: Eclipsing the branch, enticing customers?

19 Jun 2014

It’s all over the news. Around the world, banks are closing branches and more plan to follow suit. Their reasoning? “Digital is taking over”. However, this presents its own set of challenges. How do banks address them so that they reduce their number of branches, while still delivering compelling service offerings? This isn’t a recent phenomenon. ...


The must of trust: preserving customer privacy

29 Jan 2014

“May I have your data?” ”Depends on who’s asking!” Banks need data from customers to provide them with a differentiated service. They won’t get very far though, until they establish themselves as responsible and trustworthy in customers’ eyes. While these individuals are willing to share information for a real benefit—providing historical transacti...



Are mobile wallets being made by the wrong people?

05 Nov 2013

The leaders in mobile wallet technology? Undoubtedly retailers. Starbucks and McDonald’s are already building these wallets in response to customer demand. But with mobile wallet use predicted to rise in 2014, should banks or mobile operators—who are better positioned to offer levels of security customers expect—be building them instead? The cha...


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