Nanda Kumar

Nanda Kumar

CEO at SunTec Business Solutions
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Bio Nanda Kumar has been active in the software realm for over 26 years as a technology evangelist for customer-centric software platforms and solutions, specifically for the pricing and billing requirements of transaction intensive verticals, which include top-tier banks and leading communications serv Career History Under Nanda Kumar's leadership, SunTec has grown to a 650 plus company, with its geographical footprint spanning across six continents. He has also led SunTec to win several prestigious global awards, including the Red Herring Global 100, Deloitte Technology Fast India 50 and Deloitte Technology Fas


Trends in Financial Services

Can customer-centricity solve banks’ productivity problems?

01 Jun 2018

Today banks face a major profitability challenge 2018 is set to be a momentous year for banks as transformative regulations come into play. PDS2, MiFIDII and GDPR have been announced to be earthquakes that will shake the entire banking industry. While we may not yet see their full effects, we are already feeling the tremors. The transformation e...

Banking Regulations

2008-2018, two turning points for the financial services sector

04 May 2018

10 years after the last financial crisis, a new upheaval in banking It’s been 10 years since the global financial crisis, considered by many to be the worst since the great depression. New regulations like the Banking Act of 2009, the FSA Remunerations Code, Know Your Customer (KYC), accompanied by stress tests, have been put in place in this dec...

Digital Banking Trends

High stakes: become a true value aggregator or lose your market share

07 Sep 2017

The top twenty European banks manage a combined total set of assets worth £18.26 trillion, with HSBC leading the charge at £1.84 trillion. This is a vast amount of money for only twenty companies. Traditional banks have almost monopolised the market across the globe for the past hundred years or so. Recent years have seen successful disruption, a...

Trends in Financial Services

Are APIs the new goldmine for banks?

12 Jul 2017

The Post API World The future of banking is being completely altered by the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) which comes into play in January 2018. PSD2 opens the floodgates to financial services innovation. Instead of making banking more complex, PSD2 is forcing banks to open up their systems of record to third parties, including non-traditio...