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Bo Harald

If you do not know where you are going - any road will do..

If you do not know where you are going - any road will do..This springs to mind when witnessing the plethora of alternatives created by today's technology and fragmented doings of both natives and imm...

29 Dec 2009
Innovation in Financial Services
Bo Harald

Happy end for SME-tale in sight - if banks do their part..

We often hear the tragic tale about the SME-sector. Nobody is really interested in them and is competing for their business. Not the banks, not insurance companies, not the accounting profession, not ...

20 Dec 2009
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Happy Birth Day - Online Banking

Our “Online Banking community group” has accomplished 2 years of blogging on 18th Decemeber 2009. Wishing happy anniversary - for every group member. By this time, many blogs have been written on vari...

18 Dec 2009
Online Banking
Navin Rammohan

Possibly branding can save banking!

My favorite definition of branding, one that I read a long time ago goes like this - brands are about people and ideas and great brands are built when people and ideas come together. Sadly, most bank ...

11 Dec 2009
Lachlan Gunn

More paper Fivers in ATMs or a Polymer note instead?

How convenient for the BoE to blame the current problem with old and tired 5 pound notes on the recession, and then push for the high street banks to take action. Weren't they doing exactly the same ...

07 Dec 2009
Navin Rammohan

IT and Channels : The twin engines of banking innovation?

Although channels have been the top focus area for banking innovation in recent years, they haven’t run out of steam. Most banks today have a good vision for their channel strategy – one that builds a...

07 Dec 2009
Matt White

Shaking up digital security

As Finextra community members are well aware, digital security is a hot topic of debate and there's little consensus out there. Enter the Global Trust Council, a non-profit that is proposing a seriou...

03 Dec 2009
Information Security
Retired Member

Investor genetics - not so surprising

There's a new study out that says investor behavior is almost half determined by genetic factors. Twins who were raised apart were compared to twins raised together, in terms of their investing prefer...

02 Dec 2009
Innovation in Financial Services
Ainsley Ward

Are RFID tags the new chewing gum?

I appreciate that this is probably my first foray into Hyacinth Bucket territory, but I've noticed recently that there's been a new addition to the street litter here in Brussels. As the number of cig...

02 Dec 2009
Paul Penrose

Message to BofA: If you want Clarity try YouTube

Bank of America has announced the launch of the Credit Card Clarity Commitment(TM), a one-page summary of customers' rates, fees, and payment information. "Bank of America is investing more in ou...

01 Dec 2009
Finance 2.0
Navin Rammohan

Channels: Really It's More Than Just Channels...

Banks have invested tirelessly in channel and process transformation to improve end-user experience. But you'll agree, only certain innovations, primarily on the channel front, have created visible i

26 Nov 2009
Elizabeth Lumley

I work for Bank of America, DM me!

Bank of America was an early active adopter of Twitter, which they use to monitor and respond to customer service questions. It is interesting to see how Twitter as evolved. For some it is about watc...

25 Nov 2009
Social Banks