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Brett King

A Start-up Boom for the Finance Sector?

In 2010 we had a bunch of innovative ideas become mainstream and start to impact the banking arena (for a full coverage see my post in Huffington.) However, 2011 promises to be more disruptive becaus...

29 Dec 2010
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

2011: The year for mobile banking

Research published recently by Forrester shows that mobile banking provision in Europe is gathering pace. This refers to all three of the main mobile banking services – mobile web, mobile app and text...

22 Dec 2010
Brett King

The Top 14 innovations in the banking arena for 2010

2010 was a bumper year for innovations in the retail banking and payments space. Below are some of the top innovations this year. Let me know how you rank these in respect to their ability to be real

17 Dec 2010
Innovation in Financial Services
Elizabeth Lumley

2010 - Consensus? We don't need no stinking consensus...

So, does anyone think 2010 was a really weird year? It didn't have the 'OMG! Western Capitalism is dead!' drama of 2008, nor the limping, walking wounded vibe of 2009. Hey, 2010 even saw the return of...

17 Dec 2010
Retired Member

A Social Strategy for Kiva - Part 2

In Part I of this post we blogged about how Kiva stands to benefit greatly by adopting a more social design and, more importantly, incorporating game-like mechanics to expand its user base and create ...

15 Dec 2010
Finance 2.0
Brett King

Lucky to be a customer? Not at Metro bank

I met yesterday with the inimitable Vernon Hill, founder of Metro Bank, and with Metro's Chairman and co-founder, Anthony Thomson. It is interesting to hear Hill's view of why Metro is able to dominat...

10 Dec 2010
Bo Harald

Blame it on the banks 2

Translating part of a Facebook note by Liisa Jaakonsaari (MEP - Finnish Social Democrat): "The crisis in Europe is not because of EU or the Euro. Rather it can be said that EU and the euro are in...

08 Dec 2010
Retired Member

Taking the cards out of Cartes and going mobile

A trip to Paris is always a gastronomic experience and the opening of the Cartes trade show today was no different. On the night before the event opened, Google unveiled ‘Gingerbread’ - the latest ver...

08 Dec 2010
Bo Harald

Blame it on the banks 1

In the late 80s there was a big growth boom in Finland - fuelled ao by ending tax break on profits on selling enterprises and strong credit expansion when the savings banks (inexperienced corporate le...

07 Dec 2010
Tim Tyler

Should 'social' mean 'shared'?

I've been considering how banks can leverage social media sites recently, and was not that surprised when looking further that there is very little 'bank' presence in these areas. Having just read the...

06 Dec 2010
Innovation in Financial Services
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Credit Cards Come A Full Circle

Legend has it that the credit card was invented in the 'fifties when one Mr. Frank McNamara had forgotten his wallet at home and had no cash to pay for a party he'd thrown for his important customer

03 Dec 2010
Alex Noble

Voice biometric security after the UK DWP ends trials

An interesting story last month on, that the UK Department of Work & Pensions has abandoned its trials of voice biometrics as an anti-fraud tool.This is not a snap decision, as Silico...

02 Dec 2010