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Henry Hilska

Could Blockchain Transform the Direct Selling of Insurance and Annuity Products

It is hard to avoid hearing about Bitcoin these days as mention of the meteoric rise in value of the crypto-currency has become so prevalent in both the traditional and social media. What is less pr...

23 Dec 2017
Innovation in Financial Services
Dharmesh Mistry

20:20 or blurred digital vision?

Forecasts for the upcoming year have become an industry staple, but how often are these predictions correct? In this post I review forecasts made at the start of the year so that you can judge who got...

21 Dec 2017
Anne Leslie-Bini

Betting on 'banking with backbone'

In a recent blog post, I floated the idea that it might be time to renew the ‘purpose’ of banking by incentivizing ethical behavior, and I asked whether challenger banks – such as Monzo, Metro, Tand...

20 Dec 2017
Disruption in Retail Banking
Campbell Shaw

Shifting hackathons into next gear to tackle Open Banking

Hackathons have become important drivers of change across the business world. The financial services industry has often had a love-hate relationship with them. Advocates recognised their importance; c...

20 Dec 2017
Open Banking
David Donovan

Banking as a Platform of Trust

Why it’s key to customer centricity and staying relevant in the digital age We are in an age of currencies going digital, fintechs receiving major funding rounds, large non-bank platforms such as Amaz...

19 Dec 2017
Digital Banking Trends
Nikita Blinov

Retail Banking: the Importance of Being Proactive

Proactivity in digital banking has been acknowledged as important by a number of respected organisations. Efma and Accenture announced the winners of their fifth annual Distribution & Marketing In...

14 Dec 2017
Matthew Phillips

Balancing customer satisfaction with the cost of cash

Access to cash is a staple requirement for today’s on-demand generation of consumers. Cash is still relied upon as an essential form of payment, accepted and exchanged in the most places, and always t...

14 Dec 2017
Karen Wheeler

How banks can build better engagement with business customers

With a new year just around the corner, December is typically a month in which people take the time to reflect and remember upon the year gone by. Dealt its fair share of political and economic twists...

13 Dec 2017
Trends in Financial Services
Anthony Walton

Profitability and the future for US Banks

McKinsey has produced a paper about the next generation of banking in the United States, describing the challenges faced in customer service, innovation, and maintaining profitability in a changing wo...

11 Dec 2017
Trends in Financial Services
Bo Harald

Finland 100 years

Finland celebrates its 100 years of independence this year. Being attacked in 1939 by the Soviet Union was a particularly painful part of the journey. The progress after the war - from an agrarian cou...

09 Dec 2017
Disruption in Retail Banking
Monica Hovsepian


It’s the time of the year that you either love or dread – get-togethers, office parties, decorations, lists for Santa, Starbucks holiday cups. Plus, your email starts exploding with offers for pre and...

05 Dec 2017
Kunal Patel

Open Banking - Consumer Impact

I have read quite a lot on Open Banking over the last couple of years, what it means to the industry, the players and more importantly the consumer. The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is re...

05 Dec 2017
Open Banking