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Sharing ideas on digital transformation, loan automation, reducing credit risk and growing small business customer relationships.

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Mindaugas Mikalajūnas

It isn’t AI that’s biassed — it’s banks and VCs

AI has been getting a bad rap when it comes to possible bias. Amazon’s AI recruiting engine, ironically developed to eliminate possible human prejudice, appeared to be biassed against women. It downgr...

05 Jul 2022
Ivan Zhiznevskiy

Fintechs don’t have to rely on VCs to raise money…

There’s a long-standing belief among Fintech founders that you need VC (Venture Capitalist) investment when starting out to make the biggest splash. But this just isn’t the case. I know this from fi...

25 Apr 2022
Ron Benegbi

Lessons From a Founder

One of the most exciting events in an entrepreneur’s journey towards building a successful business is the very first one that occurs. That moment – sitting in a downtown coffee shop, standing at a bu...

06 Dec 2021
Thomas Pintelon

Some new techniques to unlock asset-based lending for company financing

Most SMEs have significant cash tied up in assets, for example inventory, machines, equipment, real estate or financial assets. Using these assets in an easy and flexible way for lending could unlock ...

22 Nov 2021
Retired Member

Acquiring and growing small business customer relationships - And where they go if you don't

The small-medium business (SMB) lending space is hard. For most credit unions, regional and community banks, small business lending represents high risk for low margins, even though it is in their DNA...

08 Apr 2021

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