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Open Banking regulation, innovation and technology and it's potential to revolutionise the Financial Services Industry.

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Marcus Martinez

Is mobile banking contributing to app fatigue?

Since the advent of the internet in the late 90’s, despite some initial scepticism, Banks are increasingly present in cyber space offering new products and services. The maturity of the internet-banki...

21 Nov 2019
Marcus Martinez

SMEs: Too small to serve, too big to ignore

The first wave of Open Banking was characterised by a steep learning curve for the nine largest UK banks. The new technology standard created challenges in all organisational aspects. Banks will have ...

14 Nov 2019
Marcus Martinez

Customers Don’t Care About Open Banking

So you are not (yet) part of the select group called CMA9 and you are asking yourself: “Should I wait to be invited or just joint the movement? Is this Open Banking standard really a game changer?” Ev...

07 Nov 2019
Denis Novikov

How can banks win in the SME market: contemporary mobile banking trends

SMEs represent a tremendously large market for banks. According to the BankingCircle, in Europe, small and medium enterprises make 99% of all businesses and create more than 85% of all new jobs in th...

05 Nov 2019
Marcus Martinez

The misplaced fear of digital

Every year there is a new buzzword that dominates the conversations in the financial services industry. A few years ago it was Big Data, then omnichannel. After that, it was Blockchain and now Open Ba...

28 Oct 2019
Christopher Gorst

The Recipe Behind the UK’s Fintech Success

Until now, the UK has been way ahead of the game in terms of fintech innovation. Indeed, the UK is apparently the fifth most innovative country in the world and was named as a leading European tech in...

22 Oct 2019
Paul Shumsky

Why Retailers Are Building Digital Wallets

The retailers that stand to gain the most ground in today’s fast-evolving industry are those that build a streamlined online and in-store shopping experience that is second to none - and digital walle...

02 Oct 2019
Matt Schofield

PSD2 is Here. These are the 3 Things You Need to Know.

The third iteration of the Open Banking specifications, released earlier this year, are now being adopted by the major UK banks. The Regulatory Technical Standards on Strong Customer Authentication an...

24 Sep 2019
Ross Garrett

Will open banking bring us closer to true customer centricity?

Open banking - the concept of using an open API technology to enable third-party software providers and banks to build new, customer-centric financial applications and services - has the potential to ...

23 Sep 2019
Steve Morgan

Are Open Banking Partnerships All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

When Open Banking and the open APIs it allows came on the scene, it presented a huge opportunity for financial institutions to broaden the type of services on offer their customers. As a result, a pri...

19 Sep 2019