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Open Banking regulation, innovation and technology and it's potential to revolutionise the Financial Services Industry.

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Andy Wiggan

It's crunch time for open banking in the UK

As the proverb goes, ‘patience is a virtue’, and that’s something many of us are having to keep in mind this week as we await the Joint Regulatory Oversight Committee’s (JROC) report on the future of ...

05 Apr 2023
Brad Goodall

What must happen to get Open Banking done right in the UK and Europe?

While Open Banking has been a game-changer for the UK’s financial services sector, the rest of Europe has yet to fully embrace this concept in the same way. This has resulted in a lack of consistency ...

28 Mar 2023
Benny Boye Johansen

API Quality is more than meets the eye

As Saxo is working to create the vision for our next version of OpenAPI, we are looking for many sources of inspiration as to what needs to get improved. One initiative is a collaboration with the Dep...

24 Mar 2023
Richard McCall

FTX was crypto’s canary. Financial institutions ignore its demise at their peril

Despite a raft of recent issues, financial institutions remain determined to dive deeper into crypto. This presents real risks to institutions – and that it is imperative that they take precautions to...

08 Mar 2023
Robert Sullivan

Why clamping down on APP fraud is a delicate balancing act for the PSR

On 25 November 2022, the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) closed its consultation on new proposals to help address Authorised Push Payment (APP) scams. Before it proceeds to implementation, we encoura...

21 Feb 2023
Kamal Misra

Turn up the BaaS: How banks are rising to the occasion to embrace a discerning business model

Among the myriad tracks signifying evolutionary dynamics, mutualism finds resonance among researchers and biologists as an exploratory construct for behavioural validation. For the unversed, mutualism...

19 Feb 2023
Adam Preis

Unleashing the value of open banking

The market opportunity for developing seamless, secure, and scalable services across the UK Open Banking landscape continues to grow. More than 6.5 million users access services through open banking a...

16 Feb 2023
James Lynn

Open banking is vital to combat the rising cost of living – how can we improve consumer trust in it?

We all know dealing with the evolving cost of living crisis is going to require a coordinated effort across government, business and local communities. The fintech industry also has a vital role to pl...

24 Jan 2023
Andrea Varga

Making quicker and more informed decisions: what role does 'open finance' play?

With the UK economic forecast looking increasingly bleak, small and medium-sized businesses are facing some real challenges. Taking into account the current financial landscape, it’s perhaps no surpri...

24 Jan 2023
Farouk Ferchichi

The U.S. is One Step Closer to Making Open Banking a Reality

The CFPB paved the way for open banking rulemaking. Now is the time to expand on it. This year at Money 20/20, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Rohit Chopra laid out plans to fina...

19 Jan 2023

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