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Open Banking regulation, innovation and technology and it's potential to revolutionise the Financial Services Industry.

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Ron De Bos

Why Open Banking Heralds a New Era of eCommerce Merchant and Bank Collaboration

What do banks fear most? You might think it would be another Black Monday on the stock market, the spectre of runaway inflation, or maybe a digital heist that ruins their reputation. In reality, quit...

14 Mar 2022
Lawrence Byers

Open Banking: Has the penny dropped for UK lenders?

Fueled by the pandemic, the lending landscape has changed drastically in recent years. Amongst other things, the meteoric rise of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services and increased up-take of online bank...

28 Feb 2022
Duncan Barrigan

VRPs - the next phase of open banking

Open Banking in the UK has been progressively building momentum in the four years since its launch. There are now over five million regular users, with 2021 seeing a 60% increase in new customers - m...

21 Feb 2022
Andrew Beatty

For a Better Financial Outlook the Future of Banking Must Be Personal

In 1776, Adam Smith proclaimed in the Wealth of Nations that “Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production.” [1] Since then, academics, governments and others have tried to predict and m...

11 Feb 2022
Martin Wilson

Four years of Open Banking: 2022 may be the best year yet

January marked four years since the introduction of Open Banking. Although industry take up was initially slow, 2021 proved to be a catalyst for the initiative. In the past year, there has been a 60 ...

10 Feb 2022
David Ritter

Delivering on the potential of open finance

Not long ago, “open banking” seemed like something unimaginable. As new digital technologies increased, the level of cyber risk also evolved. So financial data, always considered highly sensitive, bec...

13 Jan 2022
Rolands Mesters

“Happy Birthday, Open Banking!”

Open Banking is celebrating its 4th birthday today in the UK. Four years on, and it is still growing and developing into an exceptional alternative to traditional banking. This is great news for all O...

13 Jan 2022
Rolands Mesters

How open banking cures financial hangover

January is known as being the most depressing month of the year and a large reason for this is the leftover financial strain put on us due to the holiday season. For many people the winter holidays a...

05 Jan 2022
Rolands Mesters

Can we please stop using screen scraping for bank connectivity?

Disclaimer: I’m incredibly biased. I’m a strong advocate for real bank APIs and I’ve commented before on just how flawed I think screen scraping is. Screen scraping is still being used to this day, de...

14 Dec 2021
Anna Serebryannikova

Open Banking: Offering Businesses Technology Capabilities

The open banking industry is thriving. It can significantly alter how banks and their clients interact, offering both scale and considerably greater speed. Open banking connects banks, third parties, ...

10 Dec 2021

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