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Open Banking regulation, innovation and technology and it's potential to revolutionise the Financial Services Industry.

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Riaz Syed

What financial institutions need to know about coreless banking

Coreless banking represents a groundbreaking paradigm shift in the world of banking, aiming to revolutionize how financial institutions operate. In a nutshell, it is about embracing a system that giv...

07 Mar 2024
Sophie Proctor

Exploring the Advantages of Pay by Bank: A Introduction To Getting Started

Pay by Bank, that includes the popular Account-to-Account (A2A) payment method, introduces a streamlined, cost-effective, and instantaneous payment solution for both merchants and consumers. Our blog ...

29 Feb 2024
Boris Bialek

Navigating the Open Banking Landscape: Technologies and Strategies for Transformation

Open banking, also known as open finance, is transforming the banking industry with financial institutions embracing greater transparency and collaboration, while also driving product innovation. In f...

28 Feb 2024
Helen Child

How solving interoperability will unleash cross-border Open Banking innovation

The opportunities that a truly global Open Banking ecosystem would create for businesses and consumers are almost limitless. The more interoperable the ecosystem is, the greater the possibilities are ...

21 Feb 2024
Sophie Proctor

Understanding consumer protection and commercial VRPs

The emergence of Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs) marks a significant milestone in the realm of open banking payments. These innovations are not only elevating security standards but also enhancing ...

09 Feb 2024
Sophie Proctor

How PropTech can use Open Banking for greater results

Across the UK and Europe, property technology (PropTech) is rapidly gaining momentum, enhancing the way properties are bought, sold, rented, and managed. Yet, there's an untapped potential in these ma...

30 Jan 2024
Helen Child

Happy Sixth Birthday to Open Banking!

Open Banking celebrated six years young on the 15th of January, making this the perfect time to give the industry a JROC (Joint Regulatory Oversight Committee) update. As we look ahead in Open Bankin...

29 Jan 2024
Megan Harrison

Three ways Open Banking can benefit travel money businesses

Open Banking is shaking up the fintech and payments world, no doubt you've heard of it. It's a framework that enables banks and financial institutions to securley share financial data with other regul...

10 Jan 2024
Jeremy Light

UK Open Banking Payments in 2024

A year ago, I believed UK Open Banking payments were on a roll. Total payment initiations for 2022 were 68 million payments, an increase of 171% over 2021, showing a strong foundation for Open Banking...

09 Jan 2024
Raktim Singh

What is Open Banking

In the contemporary digital landscape, Open Banking represents a paradigm shift in managing financial transactions. It helps create an environment where financial institutions can securely share the d...

27 Dec 2023

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