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Open Banking regulation, innovation and technology and it's potential to revolutionise the Financial Services Industry.

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Joris Lochy

From app to super-app to personal assistant

In July of this year, KBC bank (the 2nd largest bank in Belgium) surprised many people, including many of us working in the banking industry, with their announcement that they bought the rights to bro...

17 Aug 2020
Lisa Fretwell

Data holds the key for lenders to say 'yes' to home buyers

When Chancellor Rishi Sunak stood up in parliament to increase the stamp duty threshold to £500,000 until March next year, he intended to wake the UK’s property market from its slumber. The Covid-19 p...

30 Jul 2020
Richard Price

Building on data trust to drive competitive advantage

As the world begins to slowly emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown, banks that have temporarily closed their retail premises and offices, pushing the majority of customers online, continue to reassess th...

14 Jul 2020
Adam Bialy

Where are we with Open Banking?

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation across the financial services industry in a way that it was not wholly prepared for. It has placed fintechs much further ahead in the race to adapt and ...

09 Jul 2020
Joris Lochy

Marketplaces in the financial industry - Here to stay?

Marketplaces are hip and trendy on the internet and will likely evolve even more in the near future. In some markets (like food delivery, transportation, commerce, holiday…​) they already represent do...

30 Jun 2020
Lisa Terziman

Building a PSD2 compliant channel: challenges and opportunities for financial institutions

PSD2 obliges ASPSPs including banks, e-wallets, prepaid cards and other companies that offer payment accounts to provide at least one channel for secure communication with third party providers (TPP)....

30 Jun 2020
Adedeji Olowe

TrueLayer joins Open Banking Nigeria, to drive acceptance of API driven finance in Africa

TrueLayer, the leading provider of financial APIs, has joined Open Banking Nigeria, the industry-formed advocacy group driving the adoption of open banking in Nigeria, to develop the open Application ...

22 Jun 2020
Richard Price

Creating data trust as the basis of open banking innovation

Richard Price, UK&I Sales Director, TIBCO Software More than ever before, banks need to stay relevant, as traditional financial services companies are competing with far nimbler challenger brands ...

05 Jun 2020
Lisa Terziman

3 reasons why lending companies should use open banking

The financial environment is changing significantly in Europe and beyond, putting pressure on the lending market. Current conditions raise demand for instant credit products which forces lenders to go...

22 Apr 2020
Hakan Eroglu

The NEW NORMAL in banking and payments has come to stay

Open Banking as an accelerator for digital transformation in times of change The current ongoing pandemic caused by the novel Coronavirus Covid-19 is having a global economic impact – without any doub...

20 Apr 2020